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"I want to make it up to you. I want to apologize for what I did back then. We were young and I did reckless things."

Helpless cries and moans could be heard from a certain room. A few minutes ago a God-like man was silently taking a rest. His body had become dangerously hot from a drug he had obliviously taken. His desire to dominate had become so strong, he was slightly shaking. He took off his suit feeling the heat. He stubbornly refused to fall into the temptation of touching himself. His body had taken 3 times a normal dose of a heat-inducing pill and his mind is currently going mad. He is battling against his desires when he noticed a small figure had suddenly intruded into his private room.

"H-help me." A helpless cry could be heard from the intruder. The man laying on the bed was about to kick the intruder out when his desires had taken over him. The intruder was coincidentally in heat and was releasing a sweet intoxicating scent that made the icy man go even mad.

Without a word, he grabbed and tossed the intruder into the middle of the bed and tower over him. Both their eyes were hazy and their desires had taken over their bodies.

In this world, something would definitely and undeniably happen between an Alpha and Omega in heat. With the current situation, a dominant Alpha with a strong desire to dominate had taken a submissive Omega beneath him who's waiting to be dominated.

"I-It's hurts." The Omega curled his body enduring the pain that he's feeling. Earlier he was still okay but after a couple of hours, he had become into this helpless state. Suddenly two men had brought him into a dark room, the Omega knew something was wrong so while his body aching, he escaped and somehow manage to find this room instead.

The Alpha acting on instinct had taken the Omega's small figure into his arms. Both were breathing were in labor and lust had driven them to start kissing. The Omega clings the Alpha's arms as they continued to kiss their passion like they were lovers.

Moans would escape from the Omega's mouth whenever the Alpha suckle and bites on the Omega's sensitive skin and punish nubs. The Alpha had already taken the Omega's whole clothes off and is now being eaten alive. It's the first time the Omega had someone touch him. He could not explain what he's feeling. The only thought running on his mind is that he wanted it. He wanted to be penetrated and be ejaculated inside his needy womb.

"h-hurry! " the Omega touched the Alpha's erection and begged with teary eyes. Maybe because of the touch, the Alpha's small sense of control snapped and aggressively flip the Omega over. The wet swollen entrance of the Omega had made his penis ache so much like it's going to burst. Without waiting another second he took his penis into the Omega's wet organ. The moment he slides inside the virginal hole, he almost came with the pleasure brought by Omega's tightness.

Meanwhile, the Omega screams in pain, the hard and long object inside him had stretched his narrow channel widely. He wanted to get away but the Alpha's hands had prevented him from doing so pulling his hips closer to their connection. The room was dark and both of them could not see the red liquid slowly gush out from the deep connection trailing the Omega's inner thighs and drip into the white mattress.

Silent sobs escaped from the Omega's lips as he felt the stinging pain from the sudden penetration. The Alpha noticed this and despite being driven by desire he forced himself to remain unmoved. He was sweating by just burying his length into the Omega so when the Omega had calm down, he slowly pulled out with a groan and thrust back in.

He continued doing the act until eventually, the pain that the Omega had felt, disappeared. As time has gone long the Alpha's movement becomes faster and harder, almost barbaric. It had been making the Omega scream helplessly. After the Alpha comes and knotted him successfully, they would start another round satisfying their undying desires.

"ahhh... ahhh..." the Omega clings to the Alpha's arm twisting his own in the process as the later thrusts from the back, biting and kissing the Omega's delicate skin. The Alpha knots him again coming deep inside. The Alpha had never been generous with his seeds as he is at the moment. Omega already felt so full but his body still wanted more. Dry and fresh semen already covered his body and he felt like he could not come anymore. He felt wet and sloppy. He could not move his legs and the man above him had completely taken over his body.

Slowly the Alpha finally pulled out flipping the Omega over. The Alpha spread the Omega's thigh apart, the only light that slightly lightens up the room was coming from the city lights outside the building but despite that, the Alpha could clearly see how widely stretched the Omega's entrance had become because of him. In reality, if he was on his right mind he would have punched himself but because he was currently out of his mind he once again took the Omega thrusting his still hard rod on those wet widely stretched swollen organs.

Nothing was running on his mind except the goal of impregnating the person underneath him.

* * * 

To be continued.