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* * *

Mo Laotian stroke Daniel's hair as the later was peacefully sleeping against his chest. He held Daniel with gentleness as he remembers their passionate activity earlier. Daniel was so small compared to his body but he still pushed the Omega to his limit that he ended up fainting after. He had cleaned the Omega's body after their activity and took a shower himself before joining the little figure on the bed.

He couldn't stop thinking that he should apologize for being rough when the Omega wakes up. After laying next to Daniel for a couple of minutes Laotian finally got off of the bed and went downstairs to see his brother, Mo Hanlu. He caught his younger brother peeping at them earlier in his room when he was doing it with Daniel.

" What is it? " Laotian immediately asked when he saw Hanlu staring into space while eating ice cream. If someone had described it,  it's like Mo Hanlu's soul was sucked out of his body.

" B-brother! " When Hanlu heard his brother talked he almost threw his ice cream away. He subconsciously looked at his watch and sigh helplessly. Of course, it would take 3 hrs for his older brother to be satisfied. He's truly a monster. Actually, he didn't expect he would witness such an activity when he was about to report a problem to his brother. And besides who would leave the door unlocked when they're doing something like that? He was so shocked that he ran as fast as he could to his car to hide. After one hour of hiding in his car, he realized his brother didn't chase after him. He was so certain that his brother had looked at him like he was going to murder him at any moment.

" What was it that you need me for? " Laotian asked again.

" Oh! Oh, that!  I've had it resolved it already. Don't worry! Don't worry! Haha " Mo Hanlu awkwardly laugh. He couldn't look at his older brother at the moment. Because he kept remembering the image he had seen earlier. It was actually very scary.

" Anyway, I'm going now. Have a good time okay? Okay! " Mo Hanlu nodded to himself and rushed out with his ice cream. Why did he even stayed there and waited for his older brother to finish!?

* * *

Daniel woke up with his face against someone's chest. He immediately blushes after realizing it was Mo Laotian. The Alpha's arm was securely wrapped around his small frame and his chin comfortably laying above Daniel's head while the latter lay on the former's bicep. Daniel wanted to struggle out but he didn't want to wake the Alpha up as it would be so much embarrassing for him if that happened.

He only just met the Alpha again but he actually had sex with him right away. To think that he was conscious while doing it made him so embarrassed. His body didn't reject the Alpha and he wasn't trembling from his trauma at all.

Daniel breathes in the Alpha's scent and slowly wrapped his arms to the sleeping Alpha. He couldn't understand why he was comfortable with this scary person and he couldn't deny that he liked what they did earlier. He didn't regret doing it again with the Alpha. He felt extremely good that it's almost unbelievable.

" I'm sorry " Daniel closed his eyes ready to sleep again when he heard the Alpha apologize.

" Was I too rough? " Laotian asked apologetically as he squeezed the other to his embrace.

" No, I loved it. It felt good." Daniel shyly responds burying his face against the Alpha's chest. Hearing the Omega's respond Laotian could not hide the smile on his lips. If somebody saw him they would definitely faint from the shock. No one had ever seen Laotian smiled before, even Mo Hanlu had never seen his older brother smile. Mo Laotian has always been a cold person since they were little. The only smile Mo Hanlu had seen on Laotian's face is his signature evil smile when he wanted to destroy someone.

" Am I moving too fast? " Laotian asked again.

" No, I-I also wanted it. " Daniel respond honestly as he never liked to lie very much. He's been lying for a very long time and now he didn't want to lie anymore especially to a person like Mo Laotian.

" Is your body okay? " hearing Daniel's respond he suddenly towered Daniel as he gently caresses the Omega's belly. Daniel nodded and suddenly the Alpha's lips locked against his. Daniel didn't expect his relationship with the Alpha would progress so quickly but he accepted it wholeheartedly. If he could fall in love with the Alpha how nice would it be. He was the father of the child growing inside his belly and if they could fall in love with each other it would truly make Daniel happy.

" Are you hungry? " Daniel sucked on his lower lip and nodded shyly.

" Hmm okay. I'll go find something that would fit you. " Laotian pulled away from Daniel and walked towards his wardrobe. A couple of seconds later the Alpha had brought a sweater and boxers.

" I don't have clothes smaller than this. " Laotian spoke passing the clothes to Daniel who stood there with the blanket covering his naked body. Daniel accepted the clothes gratefully and run into the bathroom. Laotian sat on the couch waiting for Daniel to finished. When the Omega came out of the bathroom Laotian could not help but find the Omega adorable. The sweater was so huge for Daniel that it looked like a dress on him. If he didn't know he would think Daniel was not wearing anything underneath as the sweater covered his boxer's.

" Do I look okay? " Daniel asked worried that he might look funny.

" No, it is okay. " Laotian simply said and pulled the smaller one out of the room.

When they arrived at the dining table with a different aura than before David couldn't help but smile and be happy for the Eldest Young Master. Earlier when he saw Second Young Master Hanlu running away from his brother's room he had already figured out what might the poor guy had seen. He wasn't so sure about it at first but now seeing the two acting comfortable with each other plus those visible dark love bites in the omega's neck, he knew his hunch was right.

" Tell me if there is something that you don't like. I'll someone to remove it immediately. " Laotian said worried that the Omega might not like the smell of other foods on the table.

" No I'm okay thank you. " Daniel simply smile at the alpha picking up foods that looked delicious. Thankfully Daniel didn't get sick and was very satisfied with the dinner.

After dinner both went to the garden to get some fresh air. They were holding hands and silently walking around the garden and pool area. It was starting to get colder but Daniel didn't feel cold after Laotian covered him with his jacket. They walked into the gazebo before stopping to take a sit. Daniel leans into the Alpha's shoulder while they were still holding hands. It was so peaceful until Laotian suddenly said something.

" let's start dating. " the Alpha suddenly. Actually, he wanted to say let's get married and date along the way but he feels that the Omega might not agree to it.

Although he said this, the back of his mind already decided to marry the Omega no matter what. He may be making decisions on impulse but he felt that no one would ever make him feel as he feels towards Daniel again. Besides, they already have a child growing inside Daniel and it won't be weird if they marry. Eventually, they will be forced into marriage when the news comes out so why not date and see if they could fall for each other. He's already interested in Daniel and he didn't feel wrong to try and date him.

* * *

To be continued.