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* * *

Daniel was surprised hearing what the Alpha just suddenly said. He squeezed the Alpha's hands before he responds.

" We already did the deed and have this little devil growing in my stomach. I don't see why not? " Daniel smile rubbing his belly and glanced at Laotian. Hearing the Omega's responds Laotian smiled and took Daniel into his arms for a hug.

" Wait, but before this, I don't want to hide anything from you. I don't want to implicate you in the future and I don't want this to be the reason why if we have future misunderstandings. " Daniel pull away from the alpha's embrace and bravely said. This was the matter 3 years ago that had traumatized him and cause his reputation within the Sullen family to fall.

At first, Daniel's relationship with the Sullen wasn't as bad as the present. It was because of that incident that causes him to drift away from fully being accepted in the family.

" Whatever it is I will understand. " Laotian held Daniel's hand and urged him to continue talking.

" I don't have a clean reputation. Although my grandfather knows nothing about this, the family knew it. " Daniel paused and chewed on his lips before continuing.

" My twin sister Daniella doesn't like me very much and had tried everything to ruin me. I-It started by talking bad things behind my back then bullying me when nobody is around until it becomes worst when we were 16. She spread a rumor about me always sleeping with old men and get money from it in the past when I was still staying at my adoptive parents. Everybody immediately believed Daniella and I couldn't do anything. "

"Daniela acted sweet and innocent in front of everybody so no one thought she was lying. Because Daniella had said it, it must have been true. And then, One day I was suddenly k-kidnapped on the way home and had brought me into a hotel room. . . T-there were 4 old men wearing almost nothing, and they did something horrible to me and... I was only lucky grandfather's assistant John had rescued me before those old men had done worst. Even so, I was already traumatized. I didn't like men touching me as it would remind me of that night, I felt so disgusted with my body. At first, I didn't know it was Daniella that had plotted against me because we're still kids and I couldn't believe she was that evil to frame me. When I came home that day from being rescued the story had completely been twisted. My cousins were already saying that I got what I deserved and that I'm a slut. Even my biological parents were disgusted by me. I was too traumatize and didn't argue back. Grandfather had poor health and nobody dares to tell him and including me. Eventually, I left the mansion and started living on my own. " Daniel continued talking until he stopped. He had mixed emotions talking about his past but he felt relaxed that he finally had someone he could share this secret with. Meanwhile, Mo Laotian had been releasing more and more heavy aura as he listens to Daniel talking. He wanted to destroy those who had plotted against Daniel and had made his life miserable in the past. He had a blind date with this woman Daniella before and he knew there's something about that woman that he doesn't like. She acted weak and innocent horribly that he saw through it right away.

" T-that night. I was with Daniella. She told me she wanted to apologize but she ended up putting a heat-inducing drug twice the dosage on my drink and left me. " Daniel finally finished talking and suddenly Laotian hugged him and held Daniel's cheeks to face him.

" If she wasn't so jealous of you we might not end up like this. Maybe for that, I should thank her. " Laotian joked but the thick cloud on his mind had yet to subside.

" But I still prefer not being pregnant though. " Daniel pouted causing Laotian to squeeze the Omega's cheeks.

" Even if you aren't I'll still impregnate you sooner or later. " Laotian said confidently and locked the Omega's lips into his own. The kiss lasted longer and deeper. Both were out of breath when they finally separate.

" So, you believe me? "

" You're the mother of my child. Who else would I believe if not to you? " Daniel smiled at the Alpha's respond and hugged him breathing the words " Thank You. "

* * *

Two weeks had passed and finally, Daniel's morning sickness had finally ended. His health had become stable, though he had gained a few pounds it still wasn't considered him being fat. In the past, it's very difficult for Daniel to gain weight but now he actually did because David was very good at cooking and very strict with his food intake. He wasn't allowed to eat junk foods and had switched to eating different kinds of fruits instead that it made his skin glow and felt smoother.

Daniel flips the page after reading the previous one. He had been studying for days now and hoping he could ask the university to give him a special exam. He had not been going to school ever since he started staying at Laotian's place so he could only ask his classmates to send him notes. The semester was almost over but Daniel had made himself busy with studying since he couldn't do anything aside from it. Painting and cleaning are absolutely forbidden as per Mo Laotian and second by David. Daniel couldn't do anything but pout.

Daniel sips the strawberry juice given to him earlier by David while he watches the surrounding garden. At first, he honestly didn't know what Laotian does but after discovering the Alpha was a billionaire and wealthier than the Sullen he couldn't help but feel worried. He suddenly felt like he came back to the situation he had before with Paul. The only difference is that Laotian didn't care. Being with the Alpha had made Daniel happy and forgot that he was brokenhearted. He couldn't believe he had actually moved on from Paul. He truly did love Paul before but thinking about him now doesn't hurt Daniel anymore. Although he was still angry he was okay with Paul marrying Daniella. Moving on from Paul is as fast as Daniel falling for Mo Laotian.

Sometimes he thought did he truly loved Paul?? Why was it so easy to move on? And regarding Mo Laotian, Daniel still couldn't call it Love but he can't deny that he liked the Alpha. Even though the Alpha was older by more than 10 years it felt like it wasn't a problem at all.

Unconsciously Daniel dialed Laotian's number. He suddenly wanted to paint but all his material was back at his apartment, he had done sketching and color pencils but it wasn't enough. Laotian absolutely forbids him from going outside without him so he didn't have a choice.

Meanwhile in a meeting that has been running for 5 hrs now a certain phone had rung loudly across the silent room. The only person talking in front of the projector had stopped. Suddenly all of them fished out their phone hoping it wasn't theirs. Their heart each calmed down realizing it wasn't their phone that is ringing. On another second the man who was silently sitting in the middle of the table talk with a surprisingly gentle tune.

" What is it? " everyone in the room except Mo Hanlu had their mouths open. It was the first time their boss accepted a call during a meeting and even talking gently to top it. Who could have called that without a second thought their boss had willingly paused the meeting?

" I want to paint. " Daniel complained to the Alpha on the other end of the phone.

" It is bad for your health. " Mo Laotian argued with the person on the other end of the phone. Everybody was listening to the conversation with curiosity until Mo Laotian waved his hands and had actually called meeting adjourn before leaving the room with all except Mo Hanlu confused.

" Young master Hanlu,  who was that on the phone? I was so surprised to witness our boss like that. You seem to know a lot Young master Hanlu,  please tell us. " when Mo Laotian left the room everybody swarmed Mo Hanlu hoping they could squeeze out some juicy information. But to their surprise, this loose mouth Mo Hanlu had actually kept his mouth tight close. He couldn't say that his older brother had been corrupted by a disease called love. He himself could not accept it.

" Please don't pressure me!  Huhuhu I've had enough of this already. " Mo Hanlu run out of the room screaming that made everybody more confused.

* * *

" It won't I promise. I'll use watercolor instead. I'm so bored and I already memorized the things I've studied. If this continues like this I'll end up being fat and lazy. " Daniel continued to complain. Laotian rubbed his temples sighing.

" How about I send someone from the university to let you take your final exam? " He couldn't let the omega paint for the time being as it would harm the Omega's health said by the doctor.

" What? Really? You can do that? " Laotian heave and a sigh of relief at Daniel's respond.

" Yeah. Be ready I'll send someone to the house later. If you're not ready we can schedule it some other time. "

" No. No. No. I'll take it. I'll take it now, please. "

" Okay, be good and prepare yourself. "

" Okay okay. Thank you so much. " Daniel excitedly thank Laotian. He was absolutely unaware that this special exam had been scheduled already two weeks ago.

" hmmm "

" Okay, I won't disturb you anymore. Did I interrupt something? "

" No, I was free. "

" okay thank goodness I didn't disturb you. Any way you can get back to work now. Thank you so much again. "

" hmmm " Laotian just simply nodded and waited for Daniel to end the call. Laotian stared at his personal cell phone for a couple of seconds before making another phone call using his business number. After passing his request to the person, he had a few chats before ending the phone call.

" Hanlu, resume the meeting in 5 minutes. " Mo Hanlu had been in the room for a couple of seconds now and he heard his older brother having a few chats with their uncle on the other end of the line.

" Hmmm okay, " Hanlu said dragging his body out of the room like he didn't want to do it. He wanted to accept that his brother is possibly in love now but as soon as his brother acts like what he did, Hanlu could not get used to it. His older brother used to be so cool like an untouchable god. Mo Laotian was his Idol and he couldn't believe his perfect older brother would get infected by this fatal disease. But on the other hand, he could not blame his brother nor Daniel. Fate just simply brought them to each other. If he were to choose a wife for his brother he would definitely choose the cute and innocent Daniel but at the moment he was still getting used to it. He couldn't follow Mo Laotian as often as he could before now that his brother has a lover and more likely a future wife. Mo Hanlu was simply heartbroken like his lover have been snatched away from him.

* * *

To be continued.