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At Mo Laotian's Mansion.

Daniel took his time cleaning his body from head to toe. Although he had taken a bath already and been doing nothing but sitting all day he couldn't stop feeling sticky from the sweat. He always had the urged to rub his skin till its red during the past few days and he easily feels hot which is why David had always brought him refreshments. Most of all he likes playing in the water.

After taking a long bath he dried his hair and body and put a lot of products on his face and body. Mo Laotian had bought all of these products for him to use that's why even though he wasn't used to it he patiently applied all the steps after every bath he took.

When he was all done. Daniel had put on maternity pants and an oversized sweater so his stomach won't be that obvious since the person must be coming from the university and might be one of his professors. Daniel's stomach is now 4 months and 3 weeks old and is now very much showing already. If someone from school sees him, his grandfather might discover this. Daniel still isn't ready to reveal his situation yet so as much as possible he wanted to hide it. Adding to the reasons is that his twin sister might do something to him if it was discovered that his pregnant. Daniella is very good at making up stories so Daniel was afraid his twin sister would make up bad stories about his baby and Laotian. If it was him he could tolerate being slandered but his future baby and Laotian, he couldn't stand hearing bad rumors about them.

This baby and Laotian had given him a chance to live a life he never expected he would live. Although it was scary and had a lot of responsibilities ahead,  Daniel was willing to take it.

" Master Daniel, someone from the university had come for you. " David called after knocking three times at the door.

" Okay, thank you. I'll be down in a second. " after taking a final look at himself in the mirror and made sure his tummy would not be obvious, Daniel finally went down to the living room where the person from the university waited for him.

" Mr. Sullen I'm Ferdinand Mendrez, Nice to finally meet you. I'm here to bring you your exam papers. " the middle-aged man greets and shakes Daniel's hands. It was weird why the middle-aged man said that but Daniel shake his head and nodded smiling. He couldn't wait to get this exam to get over with. He gets stressed out the longer he doesn't take it.

Without much talking the two were lead into the study room to take the exam. Daniel had to take 6 exams in a different subject but it was compiled into a booklet. Daniel started his exam with the middle-aged man sitting comfortably on the other end of the table minding his own business.

In fact, the man was Mo Laotian's uncle from his mother's side that owns the University. It was the first time his nephew had ask something from him and he was very curious as to whom the eldest young master of the Mo Empire had personally requested to let an art student take a special exam. Normally the school doesn't let a student take a special exam without a valid reason, his nephew didn't explain to him all the details so the first time he heard Laotian, it immediately ticked Mr. Mendrez's curiosity.

At first, he wasn't so interested in it but after discovering that this student was living in his nephew's private mansion he already knew this kid must worth more than just a friend. In the Mo Empire, it is wildly known that this nephew of his had never taken interest in any other humans and specifically despises Omegas, anyone aside from his closest friends and family is simply insignificant in Mo Laotian's eyes, yet here he is taking a submissive Omega under his roof. Mr. Mendrez glanced at Daniel,  the fact that the little creature not too far away from him was an Omega is already big news. If his sister and brother-in-law discovers this they would definitely cry from happiness.

Hours had passed and finally, Daniel had finished taking his exam in content after checking a few times.

" Thank you Mr. Mendrez for allowing me to take a special exam. I am very grateful to the university. " Daniel thank the old man gratefully not knowing that this man was actually the owner of the university.

" Hmm, it is my duty to give students like yourself chances. No need to thank me. Keep track of your grades online, for now, enjoy your semester break. " the old man didn't stay too long and bid farewell to the little Omega after saying a few words. In reality, the old man just came from abroad a week ago and later has a flight to China for business. He was very busy but he still personally went to see Daniel himself out of curiosity.

" Thank you, I will. Please have a safe trip Mr. Mendrez " Daniel immediately went inside after seeing that the man had left with his car and driver. Daniel had taken off his pants and change into a comfortable short that doesn't squeeze his stomach too much. The baby inside Daniel had yet to move but the doctor said at this time the baby would hear his voice and feel his emotions. Sometimes Daniel would talk to the baby, he could feel that the baby likes it especially when it hears Laotian's voice.

Daniel walked into the bed and flipped the music on as he took his book and started to read. Daniel stayed at Laotian's room despite having his own room next to the Alpha. Daniel sleeps next to Laotian and he takes shower there and some of his clothes are there. The first 3 days Daniel started living at the Alpha's mansion, Daniel and Laotian sleep separately but without knowing the Alpha just sneaks inside his room at night to abduct him and bring him back into his room. The Alpha had stated clearly to him his purpose. At first, Daniel was hesitant but later on, he decided to take a chance. Sleeping in the same room same bed came naturally to the two and had no problem at all. They were comfortable with each other's skin unlike some new lovers do.

* * *

To be continued.