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"Welcome back." Daniel jumped into Laotian arms the moment he saw the Alpha had come back from work. Gently, Laotian had caught him immediately.

"I'm home. How was your exam?"

"It was okay, I think I have a 90% chance of passing. There are some questions that were difficult for me but all is good as long as I passed."

"hmmm, that's good. Let's eat outside to celebrate."

"Okay, where are we going to eat? It's been a month since the last time I got out. I  wonder if it's okay with my belly this big?" Daniel is worried someone he knew might see him. His relationship with Laotian is a secret and if he goes out and someone saw them together,  bad rumors might spread and his reputation would be worst than before and might even implicate Laotians too. Daniel thought but this will be his first date with Laotian.

"I will not let anyone hurt you." Laotian hugged Daniel to ease his worries.

" Okay." Daniel agreed immediately after hearing the Alpha's assurance.

Before going out Laotian had changed into a simple casual outfit and Daniel into a maternity dress and pants and a jacket on. With the dress on, Daniel's bulging stomach was not so visible but wearing a maternity dress gave it off.

"where are you taking me on a date?"

"somewhere nice but first let's eat."  After letting Daniel enter the car first, Laotian also went inside and they finally went off with the Alpha driving.

Laotian owns 4 hotels in the city and one of them is located in a mountain near the border to the next city. It's an exclusive hotel and security is top-notch. The hotel also has its own high-class restaurant it lets you eat in peace with the amazing view of the faraway main city. Only the wealthiest person can afford a room at the hotel or even dine one meal. Common visitors are politicians, famous actresses, and actors,  wealthy businessmen,  and even royalties that visited the country frequented in the hotel. Sometimes this is where the rich men and women hide their mistresses because of the high secrecy. Not a single reporter could get in. They are also top-notch and even the janitors are educated.

Laotian and Daniel arrived at the hotel entrance. When Laotian came out of the car,  the staff were all surprised to see the boss have come to visit. Every month there is a schedule where Laotian visits every business property he owns to do an all-round inspection. Before he visits, all the staff are notified but today Mo Laotian visited without a notification. One of the staff immediately contacts the head department informing that Boss had come to visit.

When the head management heard about this, he immediately informed all departments head to come and greet the boss. Most of the time Mo Hanlu was the one visiting and they did not have to feel so pressure but now Mo Laotian had come in a surprise visit. He's thinking maybe he had done something wrong but whatever recalling he did cannot find what mistake he had done.

Rushing into the lounge, Mo Laotian was indeed there but with someone. They were holding hands and both wearing simple clothes like they were there as a customer.

"Mr. Mo, Good evening I deeply apologize for only coming now." I was not informed that you were visiting. "The head manager apologizes sincerely in a professional manner.

"Hmm, I just came as a customer today." Mo Laotian simply said before nodding. The head manager felt relieved before his eyes landed at the little creature next to Mo Laotian. The head manager is also an Alpha and he could smell the faint sweet scent coming from the Omega.

"Yes, yes of course." The head manager said after slightly recovering from his shock. It was widely known that Mo Laotian despises Omegas that's why when it's time for him to visit. Omegas in the staff needed to take a day off, but now, the boss had brought an Omega and it seems that the Omega is pregnant. Still shocked, he immediately called the head chef and asked to prepare the most delicious meal for the boss and his partner then the head cleaning staff to prepare Mo Laotian's room. 

As they walked, people naturally kept their distance from the couple. This is because Mo Laotian had a domineering aura that kept people from comfortably being close to him. He's like a modern emperor walking towards his thrown.

"Laotian, You're scaring everybody," Daniel whispered. They were walking towards the elevator holding hands with the head manager following them. Some people purposely walked faster and avoided them so they end up being the only ones riding the elevator. 

"Am I?" Laotian asks not realizing what he did. He naturally has this intimidating aura that even Daniel felt scared just a moment ago. It's the feeling when your teacher caught you cheating during an exam and all your classmates stare at you while the teacher scolds you and threatened to call your parents. It's really uncomfortable.

" Yeah,  You're scaring me too. " Daniel scratch his nape awkwardly smiling. When they ride the elevator the head manager did not go in with them and had taken the other elevator, he was still in shock from seeing the pregnant Omega with the Boss. He never heard the Eldest Young Master of the Mo Empire had married.

Meanwhile inside the elevator just when its door closed, Laotian held Daniel's chin lifting it as he bent down and kiss the Omega's moist lips. The kiss lasted a couple of seconds before Laotian talked.

"You do not have to be afraid of me." Daniel's eyes were haze after the heated kiss. He subconsciously pulled Laotian again for another kiss clinging into the Alpha's neck. Daniel and Laotian limit kissed so many times these past weeks that both already knew where to move and where it felt good like their movements were in sync. When the elevator stopped with a ting Daniel was pulled back into reality and immediately gently push Laotian away covering his mouth. He was red all over and slightly panting. Laotian's arms were still on the Omega's waist as the door opened, finally, slowly he let's go Daniel and walked out of the elevator like nothing had happened. The head manager was waiting at the side and froze covering his nose when the two came out of the elevator. Earlier the Omega only had a faint scent but now he was excreting pheromones. It was not beneficial for him to be affected by the boss's partner so he kept a slight distance while following the two and while still covering his nose with a handkerchief.

Laotian notices the head manager and he immediately stiffens. He was so used to Daniel's pheromones now and did not notice that it had a different effect on other Alphas. Suddenly pulling Daniel against his chest he glares at the people around them.

"All Alphas are dismissed." Laotian commands with his icy voice thinking next time he should not make a move on Daniel especially in public places.

Without delaying things all Alphas immediately left covering their noses. A few seconds later only Betas were left in the area. The head chef was also an alpha so the next head took over. Few of the waiter's also left, other customers who are also an alpha were requested to transfer with a full refund. No one argued back and silently complied. They never knew Mo Laotian would be so possessive when it comes to his lover. They always thought that because it's Mo Laotian, he was such a capable man that all man and woman would want him as a lover, he would act indifferent and would disregard his partner anytime anywhere. He literally has everything and not a lot of people could compete with him so he did not need to be possessive on things.

"I'm sorry Laotian, I could not control myself when we do things like that, but you did not have to do that." Daniel hugged  Laotian apologizing. He had yet to calm down.

"It's okay. I did it because I wanted to." Laotian comfort Daniel as he leads him to their sit. The table was the closest to the glass windows and the beautiful lights coming from the city could be seen in the view. It was so beautiful that Daniel was in awe.

"I've heard of this place before from a friend. I did not know the Mo Empire owns it." Daniel said amazed.

"This one is under my name," Laotian said while instructing the waiter to serve Daniel a fruit juice.

"..." Daniel fell silent for a second before talking. " You're brother was not really kidding when he said you're a billionaire huh? I thought saying you're a billionaire was too exaggerating."

"He said that? When?"

"It's a secret between the two of us." Daniel smiled showing his pearly whites. That time Mo Hanlu had come for Daniel while his older brother was not around. He brags about Mo Laotian's capabilities and praises his brother to the heavens. Daniel could see how much Mo Hanlu admires Laotian that he even helps him win Daniel's heart. Even as to enumerate all Laotian's achievements to impress him.

Daniel giggled remembering what Mo Hanlu said making Laotian curious although Laotian already had ideas what had Hanlu said behind his back. He knew his little brother very well.

"Laotian, be gentle with your brother. He really loves you you know."

"If he said something he should not to you I will disown him," Laotian said with his icy expression.

"He did not. He just said good things about you, nothing else."

"I will still force out of Hanlu's mouth what exactly he had said to you."  Laotian insisted making Daniel helplessly sigh. The two continued to talk happily while they ate enjoying the view and food. They've talked a lot of things and they never seem to run out of topics to talk to. Laotian was not the talking type like Daniel but he enjoyed listening and responding to Daniel's questions and stories.

On the other side, the employees were quietly observing the couple, amazed by how gentle the Eldest Young Master of the Mo Empire had been in front of the Omega. All of them were shocked to see that the Omega with the boss is pregnant, and seeing how the boss was so protective towards the Omega it would not be so odd to think he was the father. The news had already spread within the building, people had different reactions especially those who knew Mo Laotian very well. Although people inside the building have seen Daniel with the Alpha and had talked about them being together, Mo Laotian was confident no one would spread a rumor outside that's why he was not worried that the two elders would know.

When the two had finally finished, Mo Laotian carefully help Daniel from his seat. The people around could not help comparing the two into a newlywed couple. Seeing Daniel's appearance they could not question how the big boss had fallen for the Omega. A lot of news and magazine articles say that Mo Laotian is asexual and is never interested in either men or women, but witnessing tonight's scene they realized the cold man did not meet his destined person then.

"Is this the first time you've been on a date? Your employees seemed to be so shocked seeing you with me. "Daniel asked as they walked.

"No, I've dated quite a few numbers of people before. " Mo Laotian straightforwardly answered.

"You play a lot." Daniel frowned at Laotian.

"I've never been in a relationship before. I played when I was younger."

"So you always date people you're not in a relationship with?"

"It was all the blind dates my mother arranged for me and Hanlu." Daniel pouted hearing Laotian's respond.

"Are you jealous?"

"No. Why would I be? You're mine now."

* * *

To be continued.