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Laotian suppress himself from smiling as he stares at the omega.

"Should we just stay here? My room has the greatest view of the city." They were in front of the elevator when Laotian offered, wrapping his arms around the Omega's waist.

"Okay." Daniel was really curious when the Alpha said earlier he would bring him somewhere nice but seeing the lust on the Alpha's eyes he could not help but turn red.

The two ride the elevator going to the 20th floor. Daniel let Laotian drag him as they finally enter the room. When they got passed through the small hallway Daniel was surprised how the place was actually so big and spacious. Almost half of the wall is glass.

"Your place is so spacious," Daniel said in awe, letting Laotian pull him into the bedroom.

"This floor only has 3 rooms. The other rooms are made for Hanlu and Tian Zi." Laotian explains as he sits on the bed.

"Well, this floor doesn't look like a hotel room. You can actually live here if you want." In fact, the whole floor was not meant to be a hotel room. It's a condominium for the three brothers. This is not the only property that Laotian owns with this setup, even some of the Mo Empire property is the same. Laotian likes to have a place he can stay anytime with his things already on it.

"Hmmm, It was purposely designed to be like that." Mo Laotian explains with his hands slowly creeping inside the Omega's body. It has been 2 weeks since the last time they had sex and Mo Laotian has been holding back. Ever since he fell for the omega it feels like his libido had gone crazy. Whoever said a pregnant man was not sexy? Seeing Daniel pregnant with his child had stirred his mind greatly. He was already 35 but with Daniel, he feels as if he'd gone back to his teens.

"You know I googled your name Laotian," Daniel whispered already feeling turned on with Laotian's warm hands caressing his body.


"You were nothing like they said in those articles."

"What am I like then?" Laotian pushes down Daniel's pants before pulling him into his lap to kiss.

"Hmmm, y-you're nice. A-and gentle ..." Daniel gasped between their kisses. Daniel never got to finish his sentence as their kiss came deeper. The Alpha's tongue dominated Daniel's whole mouth that causes him to lose his strength. He could not believe Laotian could suck his mouth like that. It was not the same with the usual deep kisses Laotian gave Daniel.

The kiss continued deeper and longer until some saliva had dripped at the side of Daniel's mouth and trailed down to his neck. When the kiss stopped, Daniel was trembling palming Laotian's clothes grasping for air with open mouth. Tears wet his lashes and his lips where so red.

Seeing the view made Laotian crazy instantly awaking his Alpha instincts to dominate. Carefully throwing Daniel in the middle of the bed Laotian impatiently ripped Daniel's clothes and latch on the Omega's body starting on the neck to the chest. Daniel had already lost his ability to talk and continued to make soft moans.

Laotian suckle onto Daniel's swollen breasts causing Daniel to slightly hissed in pain as his breasts had been getting bigger and sensitive. Going further down, Laotian let's go of the Omega's breast and kissed his bulging stomach to whisper something.

"Hang in there. Daddy's gonna take Mommy tonight." Whispered Laotian before mouthing the Omega's wet organ.

"hmnn ahhh " Daniel moan loudly as the alpha took his member into his mouth after having a french kiss with his female organ. He was already so wet in both ways and has become impatient. He wanted the Alpha now or else he's gonna lose his mind.

"ahhh h-hurry. Hurry Laotian" Daniel brush his fingers softly against the Alpha's locks and whine impatiently. Hearing the Omega's request Laotian immediately removed his clothes and settled between Daniel's thighs. He stared intimately at his lover impatiently waiting for him with his legs widely spread. Daniel's organ was so wet and swollen red for him.

" Laotian h-hurry," Daniel begged again.

"As much as I want to do it now, we can't do it." Laotian controlled himself, he can't do it in this position as it would put pressure on the Omega's womb and bladder. " Lay on your side." Laotian simply said and lay next to Daniel. Daniel complied without delay and lay on his side, his back against the Alpha"s chest. Daniel chewed on his lips as he could strongly feel Laotian's body heat.

Laotian kissed Daniel's temples before lifting one of his legs. Moments later Daniel felt Laotian had slowly filled him. He realized he had missed the feeling of Laotian inside him. Although this is only their third time having sex, Daniel's channels had already taken the Alpha's shape making it so familiar when Laotian entered him.

Slowly, the Alpha thrusts within Daniel. It was not deeper like before but it wasn't any less pleasurable. They were not having sex as the Alpha and Omega. They were making love like lovers do. Laotian was so gentle with Daniel that Daniel never felt so loved before. Omegas are natural mates for Alphas and they could take any aggressive behavior during intimate activity via mating especially when both parties are on heat, but now, Daniel had realized slow and gentle was not so bad either. 

"ahhh L-Laotian I-I'm gonna come." Daniel helplessly moan, they just started but he's already coming. Daniel faced Laotian from his sideways position, he wanted to kiss the Alpha as he came.

"hmmnn hmmn, " Laotian swallowed the Omega's moan as his partner trembled while coming. Daniel was squeezing him so much he could not help but groan himself. 

"You're extra sensitive today." Laotian kissed Daniel on the shoulder as he pants for air.

"I-it's because it's been a while a-and you're being so gentle." Daniel shyly explains.

"Hmmn but I haven't come yet so you have to hang in there." Laotian kissed Daniel again and continued to move feeling so good with the extra tightness. After a couple of minutes, they changed positions with Daniel riding Laotian backward. 

"ahhhh Laotian hmmn" Daniel moaned. This position made Laotian's member hit a different spot than usual making Daniel moan and almost coming again. This way Laotian could reach deeper. The couple's intimate activity lasted longer than before and Daniel was completely exhausted after coming 3 times in one round.

* * *

Daniel had woken up with the Alpha's chest against his back. It's 4 am and his bladder had woken him up. Seeing that the alpha would not let go from his embrace, Daniel had no choice but to wake him up.

"Laotian, I want to use the toilet" Daniel's voice was hoarse but it waked Laotian immediately. 

"Okay, I'll help you." Daniel and Laotian got off of the bed. As they walked Daniel realized he was wearing an oversized shirt and boxers.

"You cleaned me up last night?"

"Yeah" Laotian replied. In fact, Daniel was still conscious when he wiped the Omega's body but he must've forgotten it.

"Thank you." Daniel thanked earning a kissed on the forehead from the alpha. The two walks on the toilet, when Daniel had to take a leak Laotian was looking at him enthusiastically causing Daniel to frown and blush shyly.

"Are you going to look at me while I take a leak?" Daniel asked frowning.

"Yes, In case something happens I'll be able to act immediately."

"But it's embarrassing. What if I also have to poo!?"

"I will still look. Besides no need to feel embarrassed, I've seen all of those."

"I-it's different." Daniel fidgeted, it took a couple of seconds before he finally gave up and sit on the toilet to pee while hiding his face with his hands. He feels embarrassed because of the way he peed. He does not do it like other guys do, via standing, and he likes washing with water or wet tissue afterward. Daniel knew there might be someone out there who does it like him but Daniel didn't other people to know it because it's embarrassing.

"It's cute," Laotian commented after Daniel had finished and washed his hands, he was so red walking towards the Laotian.

"Stop it. That's why I don't want you to watch." 

"Okay I'm sorry, let's get back to bed and sleep, you still need a lot of rest." Daniel nodded. The two went to bed immediately hugging each other body.

* * *

To be continued.