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* * *

Morning comes at the Mo Corporation. Employees were anticipating for the boss to come, as well as Mo Hanlu. This is the second time his brother had skipped work this month and he knew this is because of Daniel. Mo Hanlu sigh as he realized his brother had fallen deep.

" Young Master Hanlu! Young Master Hanlu! " Some of the employees called Hanlu, Hanlu is surrounded by the employees to ask him about the boss.

" Young Master Hanlu,  is it true that Eldest Young Master already has a lover? " One of the female employees asked. Even though everybody knew that Mo Laotian isn't interested in other people, everybody still secretly hoped that the ice king would someday notice them. It wasn't bad to dream so when the employees had witnessed the sudden behavior of Mo Laotian yesterday at the meeting, different theories surfaced into their minds. Why would the ever so cold-hearted Mo Laotian use a gentle voice and even adjourn a meeting just so he could talk to someone in the phone? All of them who witnessed it speculated that maybe their boss had finally taken a lover. Everyone didn't want to give up until it was confirmed and the only way to confirm it, is through Mo Hanlu but Mo Hanlu had kept a tight mouth about it. The Alpha isn't so reckless as to reveal a secret that would ruin even his life if the news comes out and the two elders discovered it.

" Please go back to your works. Brother had texted me earlier that he had something he had to do. " Hanlu lied and shooed the female species.

" Young Master Hanlu, even though you're keeping a tight mouth about the situation you really still can't keep a secret. " The employees giggled as they teased Mo Hanlu. Mo Hanlu's actions and his responses had confirmed that the Eldest Young Master had indeed taken a lover and perhaps the boss really had fallen.

Mo Hanlu slightly panicked seeing the faces of the employees, they looked like they finally got their questions answered. Mo Hanlu could not deny it himself as his brother would kill him. He didn't have the right to make this decision so he hurriedly excused himself. He wasn't aware of what he had just done and said but he is positive he didn't say anything about his brother having a lover.

In reality, the employees confirmed that the Ice King really have a lover when Mo Hanlu didn't deny it and lied about Mo Laotian texting. First of all,  Mo Laotian never text. Secondly, Mo Hanlu admired his older brother so much that it was a hundred percent sure that he would deny it if Mo Laotian didn't have a lover. But since Mo Hanlu didn't deny it and even lied and run away confirms everything.

Everyone could only give up hope. It wasn't easy to make the boss fall or even get his attention so almost everybody thought that this new found love and relationship of the boss would last a lifetime. This is because everyone knew isn't the kind to play around.

* * *

Meanwhile at the luxurious hotel on the 20th floor. The couple was still peacefully sleeping with there arms on each other. They only woke up when Mo Laotian's phone aggressively rang across the room.

Mo Laotian pick up his phone with Daniel snuggled against his chest.

" What is it? " Laotian asked with a hoarse voice indicating that he had just woken up. Even his eyes were still closed.

" Brother where are you? I think they already know about Cutie already.  What do I do? " Mo Hanlu panicked blurting out everything that happened earlier with the employees.

" Hanlu. " Mo Laotian called without any trace of emotion in his voice.

" Calm down. Let them think what they want. " Mo Laotian simply said calming the panicking Mo Hanlu. Hanlu nodded as if hearing the reason why his older brother had said it.

" Okay, I got it, brother. When are you going to work? "

" Later. " Hanlu nodded again as if hearing the reason for his brother's delay.

" Okay okay, I got it. I'll handle everything while you enjoy yourself with Cutie. "  Mo Hanlu said before hanging up. When Mo Laotian had put his phone down, Daniel was already awake playing with the Alpha's exposed muscles.

" Did I wake you up!? " Laotian caress Daniel's hair before his warm palms landed on the Omega's stomach rubbing in circles.

" No, I couldn't feel my feet. " Daniel slightly lifts his leg and his feet were indeed swollen out of form.

" Does it hurt? I'll massage it. I heard it will reduce the swelling. " Laotian worriedly get up touching Daniel's fat feet.

" *giggles* that looks crazy. " Daniel laughs watching his own feet. He heard he will start swelling in the feet, hands, joints, and face but this was the first time he's having it. It looked kind of crazy.

" I don't want you hurting like this. " Mo Laotian said upset as he caresses the Omega's feet and started to massage carefully not to hurt the Omega more.

" It doesn't hurt that bad. I can take it. " Daniel ease the alpha but slightly hissed in pain feeling the pressure on his feet.

" I'm not good at this. I'll call someone to massage your feet. " after seeing the pained expression on Daniel, Laotian couldn't stop worrying and immediately got off of the bed to call someone.

" Laotian it's okay. I'm good with your massage. " Daniel stopped Laotian but the Alpha didn't listen and immediately called someone.

" I'm not an expert and I might do something that will hurt you and the baby. " Laotian said after talking to the telephone and hanging up. He kissed Daniel on the forehead and went to the closet to find a shirt.

" I also ordered breakfast along the way. "

" Hmmm. You're so nice to me Laotian. I feel so blessed. " Daniel stubbornly tried to stand up that Laotian immediately rush towards him.

" Hey, be good and sit. " Laotian kissed the Omega's forehead again before pinching Daniel's cheeks. Just then the doorbell suddenly rang, Laotian ask Daniel to patiently wait as he answers the door.

When Laotian got back a woman in her '30s was with him. She looked like a therapist with her uniform. The woman smiled at Daniel before explaining the details and reasons why Daniel was swelling. When she had started massaging Laotian carefully watched to learn and the woman also explained where to press and put pressure on.

The woman is a professional therapist and massaging pregnancy edema is easy for her so after half an hour Daniel felt a lot better.

" In this case,  any message would not harm the mother and baby with pregnancy edema. But pressing the pressure points I said earlier would be more effective. If you need anything Mr. Mo just call for me. I will be leaving now. " The therapist said after finishing packing her things. Laotian and Daniel thank her and she smiled at the hugging couple before exiting.

Last night, the whole employees in the hotel were in uproar seeing the Boss with a possibly pregnant Omega. Daniel's clothes yesterday hid his stomach well and people only speculated that maybe he's pregnant since he was wearing a maternity dress. But after today the therapist confirmed that the Omega was indeed pregnant with the boss child. She even learned that both had an intimate activity last night with the disregarded sheets and a ripped maternity dress all laying on the floor. The dark red and purple marks on the Omega's thigh and neck also didn't escape the woman's eye.

When the woman came back from the couple's love nest. Everyone surrounded her waiting for her to speak. Seeing the desperate eyes of the young employees, she sighs and shakes her head.

" You lot should give up. The boss has definitely fallen in love. " She simply said remembering how the boss diligently listened to her advice earlier, worriedly looking at the Omega when he groans in pain. When she was done massaging, the Alpha hugged the Omega lovingly as his lover had just escaped death.

* * *

Breakfast arrived and the two started eating watching the beautiful view of the city while they sit next to each other.

" Your chef here cooks really good but of course Mr. David is still the best. " Daniel talked taking another bite of his food. He's thankful he doesn't have to throw up anymore.

" When the hotel had just started 13 years ago. David had worked here for a year training the chefs. " When the business just started Laotian was only 22 years old, he was only known as the heir of the Mo empire and his talents haven't been acknowledged yet. Even so, a lot of high experts tried to apply at the hotel but only a few of them got the job. Laotian handpicked every individual from the cleaners to the head managers. He doesn't only consider talents but also attitude. Those who applied that had low qualifications but have a good attitude and talent were trained to become professionals and now widely known.

When it comes to working, Mo Laotian doesn't discourage those who have the talent, attitude, and ability to sore high. That's why despite not liking Omegas, they were still able to work at the Mo empire.

After taking over Mo Corporation for only one and a half year he was able to double the company profit and gained more loyal and capable employees. Although the Mo Empire had existed for almost a century, Laotian was the only one who managed to lift the whole Empire to where it is now.

" That's why they cook so good. Mr. David is so capable. " Daniel complements David causing Laotion to feel upset. When Daniel had noticed the slight change in the atmosphere he immediately looked at Laotian holding the Alpha's hands.

" But of course you're more than capable than anybody else. " Daniel said sweetly to the Alpha.

" But I don't know how to cook like David. " Laotian looked at the Omega's smiling face.

" I only need you to be by my side. Not to cook for me. "  Daniel locked his fingers against Laotian's and said this. Laotian pulled Daniel into a hug hiding his smiling face.

" stop talking now and eat your food. " Laotian talked, when he let go his face had come back to normal.

The couple continued eating their breakfast and talked for a little while before heading to the shower. This wasn't the first time the two had taken a shower together. They would even sometimes soak in the bathtub together.

Laotian helped Daniel wash his legs as the Omega couldn't bend down now that his stomach had become bigger. On Laotian's mind, he could not stop thinking Daniel as beautiful. He had seen a lot of beautiful men and women before but Daniel was like an angel. In this world, Omegas are naturally beautiful and had more feminine features than most females that's why they were irresistible. Laotian had dated Omegas when he is in his teens but he had never seen someone as beautiful as Daniel.

Daniel's skin is flawless like a baby. Have pointed nose, long curly lashes with big round eyes. He has small full lips that had a line between the lower lips. Full brows that are not too arch. Small forehead, pointed chin with a defined jawline. His hair had a slight wave on it and those eyes seem like it's looking at the sun.

All of Daniel's was just breathtakingly beautiful. The first time he had woken up with Daniel he already thought that the Omega was beautiful but now he appreciates it more every day he sees Daniel.

" Are we heading back home after this? " Daniel asked. They were now having their time soaked in the bathtub with the water full of bubbles. Daniel was laying on Laotian's chest while the later hugs him.

" You have somewhere you want to go? "

" Yeah. I want to go back to Secada to get some things. " Daniel said playing with the Alpha's arms rubbing it with bubbles.

" Okay, we'll go there before coming back. "

* * *

To be continued.