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* * *

Hanlu was listening to the financial report presented in front when his phone suddenly vibrates. After seeing that it was Mo Laotian calling, Hanlu signaled the financial department head to pause as he takes the call.

" Brother, what is it? " Hanlu asked in a low voice the moment he picks up the phone.

" Come at Local Courthouse now. " Laotian talked in a monotone.

" What? Are you suing someone? " Hanlu asked confused

" I'm getting married today. You'll be the witness. " Laotian said leaving no room for arguments before hanging up. Hanlu was flabbergasted at what he just heard.

" How can he say he's getting married today so easily!? " Hanlu was speechless and when he had a grasp of himself he suddenly blurted out. He had become frustrated that he didn't realize people were as shocked as hearing him. Hanlu was about to dismiss the meeting when he realized everyone was staring at him with their mouths open. Mo Hanlu rolled his eyes and spoke with annoyance.

" Yeah older brother is getting married today and if this ever gets out of this room all of you will be fired. " He said in annoyance before rushing out of the room.

Everyone in the room was on high position and been with the company longer than Mo Laotian and Mo Hanlu. How could Young Master Hanlu say they'll be fired if the news of Eldest Young Master Mo Laotian getting married gets out. But even if they grew a couple of tails they wouldn't dare reveal it.

* * *

Daniel and Laotian have been hugging the whole time while the documents are being processed. They are waiting for Hanlu to come before the ceremony with the judge starts.

Earlier at the apartment both had to calm down and almost immediately drive to the nearest local courthouse to get married as soon as possible. They weren't even wearing formal clothes and just went there with their clothes from Laotian's closet at the hotel. Laotian Swayed Daniel's body-hugging the omega from the back while Daniel closed his eyes feeling the alpha's warmth. He couldn't believe they'll be marrying soon.

" Should we reveal it to grandfather and your parents? Grandfather will be upset if I don't tell him that I'm getting married. And so your parents won't arrange blind dates for you again. " Daniel softly said.

" hmmm, I'll contact them after we get married. "

" Isn't it the other way around? " Daniel giggled at Laotian's respond.

" I won't give you a chance to step back. "

" I won't be stepping back. "

" I heard from father that your grandfather rejected his offer when he suggested arranging a blind date for us. I won't let someone stop us from getting married even if he's your grandfather. " Hearing this Daniel remember Elder Mo from his grandfather's birthday. Back then he was worried that his grandfather would agree to it. He didn't think he'd really end up marrying to Elder Mo's son.

" Hey, you two! Aren't you making this decision way too soon? " Mo Hanlu had arrived and this is what he said immediately.

" Daniel isn't even legal yet. " Hanlu added. The couple heard Hanlu and they separated holding hands. Seeing this Hanlu couldn't help rolling his eyes.

" I'm 19, I can marry. " Daniel reasoned.

" Well, you're not fully legal until you turn 21. You seem like an adult but actually you're still not. Don't you know that? "

" hmmm, 19 is already legal in law. Besides can't you see Laotian and I are having a baby? " Daniel stubbornly. Hanlu just sigh defeated. He couldn't reason with a person that is in love.

" Whatever. What are we waiting for? Let's get you two love birds get married and get this over with. " Hanlu walked passed them and said waving his hands. He already accepted that his brother had found his pair for life. He was just stubborn, and couldn't accept it still.

" We were waiting for you. " Daniel sarcastically.

" Nonsense. Where is the Judge!? Let's start. Let's start. "

With Hanlu being the witness the ceremony started. It only took less than half an hour and the two came out of the courthouse with their copy of marriage certificate.

" all's well that ends well. Those two would be so happy if they discover you marry and even have a baby coming soon. " Hanlu walk into his car while the two into their own.

" We're planning to tell them. After I buy Daniel's ring. " Laotian said after kissing Daniel and letting him ride the car first.

" What the! Seriously? " Hanlu surprised and couldn't help but feel worried for himself. If the elders discover that Laotian got married and expecting a baby soon the two will then pressure him to marry too. Hanlu shivered at the thought of himself marrying someone.

" Go, contact mother and father, if you can find Tian Zi tell him to come but don't tell them yet. Daniel and I will tell them personally. I'll call you later where we meet. " Hanlu listened to his brother talk and for the longest time, he finally heard his older brother talk more than 10 words at once. It has been so long, it's as if his older brother was saving his words. Anyway, Hanlu nodded at his brother before going inside his car and started the engine and both cars drive a separate way.

* * *

At the jewelry store.

Daniel and Laotian were looking at the wedding rings at the Jewelry store. Both were wearing very simple clothes but despite that, they attracted a lot of attention from the clerks and people coming in and out. They were a perfect couple and people couldn't help but stan for the pair.

" Do you see something you like? " Laotian asked and Daniel shakes his head. This shop was a well-known Jewelry shop in the City so Laotian brought Daniel here. Daniel wasn't fond of Jewelries so he couldn't find something he liked. Seeing the troubled expression of the omega the sales lady suggested a couple of rings, but nothing picked the couple's interest. Laotian was losing his patience, how can a top Jewelry shop present not a single decent product?

" Laotian who are you calling? " Daniel was looking at the rings presented to them when the Alpha's expression suddenly turn bad. Laotian then fish out his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number.

" I'm going to scold someone. " with the alpha's respond Daniel was confused. Laotian got even more impatient when the other party didn't pick up immediately so when the call went through even the person on the other line could feel the oppressing aura of the caller.

" You're selling such cheap products. Do you want me to replace you? " Laotian immediately said. In reality, the person he was calling was one of his friends who's main business market is jewelry mainly diamonds. Laotian wasn't interested in jewelries and because he was close friends with the person on the other line he didn't compete with this market. If he did with his ability he could monopolies the diamond market in the country. Right now because of this incident he was planning to compete with his friend in this market.

" Laotian chill man. What are you talking about? Where are you? I'll come immediately. "

" At the Global. Come right now. " Laotian said after hearing the respond of his friend and then hang up. Daniel was looking at him confusingly.

" It's the owner of this shop. He's coming any moment now. " Hearing the alpha, both Daniel and the sales lady were shocked. The sales lady didn't expect the couple was such an important person. She knew something around the alpha didn't seem normal and if indeed the owner of the shop came then what would happen? Will she be fired for not satisfying this customer?

" Why would you call the owner. Come on let's look around. Maybe we can find something that's good. "

" I only want the best for you. " Laotian said caressing the omegas cheeks. Daniel sighs helplessly at Laotian. Just then a blue-eyed man in simple clothes with two little blue-eyed girls came into the shop.

" Laotian you bastard. What are you talking about replacing me... " the man's words were caught in his throat seeing the alpha with a pregnant omega being intimate. They were wearing simple house clothes like him. The blue-eyed man was around the area with his two little girls having daddy-daughter day when this man suddenly called him. He came immediately but he didn't expect the most capable bachelor he knew was now with someone.

" W-What is this? Are you getting married? " The blue-eyed man asked walking to them. The shop manager coincidentally walk out from the office and saw the blue-eyed man he immediately approaches, seeing the manager the blue-eyed man immediately frown.

" Go get the new arrivals at the back. " the blue-eyed man commands before facing Laotian and swiftly glanced at the omega.

" I'm not getting married. " Laotian said but the next words he said made the blue-eyed man drop his mouth open. " I'm already married. "

" What? Seriously. Oh my God! Congratulations man. " the blue-eyed man pat Laotian's shoulder before he smiled are Daniel.

" Hi cutie, this man didn't force you did he? " the blue-eyed man asked looking at Daniel.

" No, I was the one who proposed to Laotian. " Daniel replied shyly. Seeing this the blue-eyed man immediately teased Laotian through raising his eyebrows up and down. Laotian only looked at him expressionlessly.

" I'm William by the way, I've known this man since kindergarten so if there is something you want to know like who he used to date you can ask me. " William lifts his hands for a handshake but before Daniel could shake his hands Laotian caught it preventing Daniel to shake William's.

" You don't have to shake his dirty hands. He's done a lot more disgusting things than I am before. " Laotian explained to Daniel and Daniel only laughs nodding.

" tsk. Stingy. Anyway, this is my eldest daughter Sofia she's 6 and my second Eunice, she's 4. " William introduces his daughters who're silently standing next to their daddy. Daniel slightly bent down to say hi at the two kids who seemed very shy and hid at their daddy's legs.

" they're very shy kids so don't worry. How far are you? " Willian ask looking at Daniel's stomach. 

" 5 months and a week. "

" wow, five months and this guy kept it a secret. I bet Hanlu was the one being the most frustrated. "

" He was. " Daniel laughs. Feeling that Laotian was being left out his expression suddenly didn't look good. Daniel and William notice this and stopped talking.

" ehem, anyway. No one is replacing someone. Come I'll show you our new arrivals. I was going to display this to a gallery that's happening next month but because you are my friend and to congratulate you on your wedding I will gift you two a wedding ring. " the three walked to the back and when they arrived there they were presented 3 suitcases that have different pair of rings.

" This one I suggest. It suits Daniel's aura the most. The design is plain but it exudes elegance. The diamonds around cost almost half a million dollars. This ring is a century years old and was auctioned recently for 480 hundred thousand dollars. With careful restoration, we discovered that this diamond didn't have a single scratch and still in such a perfect condition so the value even raises up plus the deep history behind... " The couple listen to William without interest. They weren't there to listen to the history of the ring so the two looks at the other rings and eventually they found a pair of that really piqued the couple's interest. It was very unique so they ask William about it with the combination of a clear and black diamond.

" Damn you two. Are you trying to bankrupt me? That couple ring is the main attraction of next month's diamond gallery. That costs the company a million dollars each. It was very difficult to get those and with my connections, I was able to finally got it. I was chasing these rings for 5 years, the reason why this was so expensive is that they were worn by royalty back then. The black diamond as pure as this in the rings was very rare these days. Don't tell me you want those. "

" Great, we want it. " Laotian said not even looking at William. The alpha just looked at Danie with love and adoration as he gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Seeing this William sigh in defeat. He'd rather give the rings than really make Laotian as his rival in this market. With this business tycoon's ability, he could even surpass their family business and monopolies the imports of diamonds in the country.

" Okay okay, but you need to let me borrow it next month at the gallery. " William agreed and signaled the manager to give the rings to the couple.

" Laotian, I think this ring is too much. I can't wear a ring the costs a million dollar. I'd be too afraid to go out. " Daniel hesitated when Laotian fitted the ring to his ring finger.

" You don't have to be afraid. Just think of it as fake. No one would know. " Hearing Laotian's reply Daniel and William and even the shop manager could not believe it. How can he say to think something that costs a million dollars as fake?

" but... "

" Just accept it. Your hands had become even more beautiful with it. " Daniel kept silent but nodded anyway at the end. He couldn't deny he liked the design and it doesn't feel too much when he wore it.

" So I'm thinking your not planning to compete with me in the market right? " William said signalling the manager to keep the other rings at the safe.

" I'm still thinking. " Laotian responds after Daniel slides his pair of the rings to his ring finger.

" Damn you. How can you do this to your best friend?? I even gave you those rings. Now I have to work harder to earn what I've lost and you're still planning to compete with me!? " William cuss and played the guilty card.

" How about I pay you now? "

" No no, don't pay me. Just don't compete with me in this market. "

" I'll be competing with you but not in the country. " Laotian said taking Daniel's hand and walked out. When William heard Laotian he somehow felt relieved then he walked out with the couple carrying his daughter Eunice in his arms. When they finally got out Daniel couldn't help but hide his hands from the people passing by. Wearing something so valuable made him nervous.

" Hey don't be nervous. Nobody would know how much the ring costs. " Laotian comforted Daniel when he notices the uneasy expression of his lover.

" Daniel, You're this man's wife now. Wearing something like a million dollar wedding ring is as expected. He also has a reputation to keep. If he lets you wear anything cheaper the public would think you aren't as much important to him. A piece of simple advice, wearing that ring will also keep the flies away from you and this man here. I know him so well so I know exactly why he chose that ring. " William explains and Daniel couldn't help but look at Laotian.

" I don't care what the public thinks of me but I don't want people to think that you aren't that important to me. " Laotian held Daniel's hands and kiss them. Eventually, the public will know Daniel's identity and when that happens Laotian doesn't want people to think Daniel was just an accessory.

Daniel felt so loved at Laotian's words so he tried his best to feel comfortable wearing the ring. Nodding his head the alpha hugged him earning a lot of stares from the public. This is because it wasn't all the time people could see a couple that had so much chemistry on them. Laotian and Daniel were both beyond attractive persons and when put together they were like those characters in a novel that you never knew would exist in real life.

After exchanging thanks and goodbye's with William, the couple finally drove to their next destination.

* * *

To be continued.