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Daniel hid his face in panicked. Laotian had something to talk to with the head manager of the hotel so Daniel waited at the lounge by the lobby. He didn't expect Paul and Daniella to be in the area. Daniella had gone to the comfort room and coincidentally Paul had seen him but seeing Daniel stomach Paul hesitated but called again.

Daniel immediately stood up and run towards were Laotian had gone. When Paul subconsciously run after Daniel, Daniel panicked even more.

The last person Daniel wanted to tell that he's pregnant is the two. Daniel was almost crying when Laotian had caught him hiding the omega on his arms. Laotian had Daniel a background check and of course, he knew Paul Hymlyn. Even though nobody knew the relationship between the two, his private investigator had discovered it easily as this man frequented at the omega's apartment.

When Mo Laotian caught Daniel on his arms Paul had seen it. Laotian and Paul had an eye contact so Paul walked to them to greet. He knew Mo Laotian as he was also a businessman, no businessman or woman in the country that doesn't hear about Mo Laotian. Only a few people outside the Mo Empire had seen Mo Laotion in person and if not for the fact that Paul followed Daniella before during her blind date with the business tycoon he wouldn't recognize this man.

" Mr. Mo, I'm Paul Hymlyn from the Hymlyn Corporation, it's an honor to have finally meet you. I apologize for scaring your partner, I thought he was someone I knew. " Paul raises his hands for a handshake but the Godlike tycoon didn't bother looking and instead he was more worried about Daniel hugging him.

Just before Laotian was about to dismiss Paul Hymlyn Daniella suddenly came surprised.

" Mr. Mo? Hi, it's nice to meet you again. " Daniella sweetly said, her eyes didn't escape from Laotian when she looked at Daniel in disgust. She was thinking why would someone like an omega hug a person like Mo Laotian. If it weren't because Mo Laotian had firmly rejected her before this man in front of her would have been hers, she would have become a true winner in life if she manages to get a man like Mo Laotian. But because she was rejected twice she changed target and went for Paul who has been pursuing her since highschool. But who would have thought a mere omega was able to beat her from taking Mo Laotian. She was jealous and wanted to rip the omega's throat apart. If even she couldn't get Mo Laotian, nobody should dare claim him.

" What happened!? " Seeing no reaction from the Alpha, she asked Paul what happened. When Paul explained what happened Daniella immediately eyed the omega hugging Mo Laotian. She was shocked to see that the omega's features were indeed exactly the same as Daniel's aside from the fact that the omega she was seeing is clearly pregnant. Despite this, she called for Daniel's name to see a reaction.

Just before she could confirm. The air around had become frigid and waves of tension emanated from Mo Laotian.

Daniella's words had stuck on her throat as the tension made her uncomfortable. She could feel the chills on her spine.

Not wasting any more time with the two, Mo Laotian lifted Daniel on his arms and rush out leaving the two without talking.

" He is exactly what those in the article described him to be. " Paul whispered. On the other hand, Daniella had a bad feeling about the omega Mo Laotian had protected. As if like he was hiding the omega's face from them to see. Not knowing why? She already hated the omega like he hated his twin brother who knew nothing but to act innocent while sleeping with older men.

* * *

" Are you okay? " Laotian asked worried seeing the pale expression on Daniel's face.

" I'm sorry. I just couldn't face those two at the moment. " Daniel talked defeated.

" Thank you, Laotian, for protecting me. " Daniel looked at Laotian gratefully.

" I told you I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. " Laotian lovingly held Daniel's cheeks. He leaned over and claimed the omega's pale lips. He kissed Daniel passionately and when they separated the color on Daniel's face and lips had come back.

" That's more like it. " Laotian said causing Daniel to smile sweetly. Daniel had finally recovered and the two headed to Daniel's apartment at Secada. Thankfully Daniel always put his keys in his wallet so they were able to go inside the apartment.

Daniel was busy taking a few of his clothes and art materials. When he was packing he didn't know Laotian had gone through his sketchpads.

" I see,  you've drawn me a couple of times already. " Laotian teased seeing the sketchpad almost filled with Laotian's portrait. It was only rough sketches but it was clearly Mo Laotian on the drawings.

" Oh My God! Give that back to me. Those are private. " Daniel blushed deep red as he walked towards Mo Laotian and snatch the sketchpad away. Just when he took the sketchpad away, Laotian revealed another sketchpad filled with his portrait again but this time in watercolor. The lines were more defined and Daniel had picked the exact expression Laotian had gave him that time.

" Laotian,  give it to me. " Daniel became even redder as he hides his face with the sketchpad his holding. Laotian didn't tease him and gave Daniel the sketchpad.

" I've seen a couple more in your art room. " Laotian revealed that he have seen everything including the unfinished oil painting of Laotian's portrait. In fact, when Daniel had bumped into Hanlu and Laotian that time in the lobby. He couldn't forget Laotian's glaring expression that he had to draw and paint it. Daniel has 4 sketchpads in a different medium that has Laotian's face. After meeting again the alpha at the hospital he drew and painted him a lot more not realizing he has already 4 sketchpads laying with only Laotian's face. Laotian just left a deep impression on Daniel that he couldn't forget.

" I-I just like sketching and painting those that left me with a deep impression. I-I'm not obsessed or anything. " Daniel explained chewing on his lips. Seeing Daniel making excuses Laotian pulled Daniel into a hug.

" I know. And even if you were obsessed I wouldn't mind at all. "

" I'm not obsessed. " Daniel pouted. Laotian this time couldn't help but chuckle with Daniel's reaction. When Daniel heard the alpha laugh, he frowns throwing a punch on the alpha's shoulders.

" Don't laugh. It's embarrassing. " Laotian continued to tease Daniel and even asked to bring the sketches along. If only he could frame all of it he would but he knew that the omega won't agree so he wanted to take the sketchpad instead for safekeeping.

Daniel gave his sketchpad to Laotian but kept mumbling while he continued packing. Meanwhile, although Laotian knew that Paul Hymlyn and Daniel had broken up he couldn't help but feel upset seeing more than 10 sketchpads with Paul's portraits, there were different expressions and Daniel had sketched it well as to pick up even the emotions of the person in the picture.

Laotian didn't realize Daniel was already done the packing. He walked to the alpha and hugged him from the side.

" I've been with him for four years that's why it piled up to this many. I was going to throw it away but suddenly I discovered I was pregnant and completely forgot about it. If you want I can throw it away now. I've completely moved on from him. I don't feel anything towards him now. " Daniel said softly lifting his chin to look at Laotian's upset expression. When the alpha heard Daniel's explanation he immediately felt relieved and lean forward to give his omega a kiss. Daniel could feel Laotian's emotions through the kiss and he couldn't help but be overwhelmed. The Alpha's feelings towards him were so deep and he was falling into it.

Just when their lips separate Daniel whispered the words that Laotian wanted to hear the most.

" Laotian, I love you. " Daniel whispered softly if the room wasn't quite enough Laotian wouldn't be able to hear it. Overwhelmed by the sudden emotions Laotian immediately lifted Daniel into his arms and carried towards the bedroom.

" You have been stirring my emotions in every way you want. How are you supposed to pay me back? I haven't been the same since I meet you. " In Laotian's mind it wasn't possible to fall deeply in love in less than a month but now he's experiencing it, he still couldn't believe he fell for Daniel that fast. He wasn't willing to give up Daniel no matter what.

" You can do whatever you want to me. My heart isn't mine anymore. If it's you I wouldn't mind hurting. " Daniel caress the alpha's face towering him. He was thrown by the alpha in the bed earlier. Daniel's body wasn't in a good shape but whatever Laotian decided to do,  Daniel will gladly accept it.

" Daniel, I won't ever hurt you for as long as I live. You have completely stolen this icy heart of mine. I didn't think I would be able or even capable of loving someone. I didn't think it was possible but I love you, with all my heart. " Laotian said with all his feelings. He didn't think he was capable of saying such corny words but now he did. Only for Daniel.

" Laotian let's get married. " The words that came out of Daniel's lips had completely brought Laotian to the heavens. He immediately claimed Daniel's lips and kissed him deeply,  passionately. He wanted to make Daniel feel how deeply he had fallen for Daniel. 

* * *

To be continued.