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After they went to Global Jewelry. The two drove to an exclusive restaurant. He already called Hanlu earlier to go there first and Daniel also called had his grandfather to come. The elder was worried about what might have happened to his grandson so he rushed to the exclusive restaurant. When he got there he didn't expect to see his old friend Chendong and his wife there. Coincidentally, they were also asked by there son to come. At first, the couple didn't want to go but Mo Hanlu had called them like it was a life and death situation so they didn't have a choice and rush out.

" Gab, didn't expect to see you here. " Chendong said as the old man went inside the private room lead to him by the receptionist.

" The receptionist must have given me the wrong room. I was called by my grandson here. "

" Oh leave it. Which grandson are we talking about? Is it the omega? " Elder Sullen didn't bother calling the receptionist anymore and find a chair to sit on.

" Yeah, Daniel. I feel like he has something important to tell me. I was worried so I rushed here. "

" Oh same with our son. Well since we are already here let's have this opportunity to introduce the two. " Elder Mo suggested.

" Chendong, I don't mind introducing the two but my Daniel won't be accepting marriage anytime soon if your son gets interested. " Elder Sullen reminds his friend.

" Gabriel, if the two falls in love, at first sight, we can't do anything about it. " Elder Mo's wife said smiling. She was as desperate as Chendong to marry his son. She doesn't care who was it as long as his son chose the person, he believes his son has a good judgment so if his son chooses someone it won't be a bad daughter in law or son in law. But of course if its Elder Sullen's grandson then it would be a lot better since the two families were friends since way back.

" My Daniel is too young for marriage. But I won't stop them if they decided to date. " the couple heard the Elder's reply and they were already satisfied with it. The only problem is that if the two do fall in love with each other. Their eldest son is an expressionless man and even they think their son wasn't capable of loving, while the second isn't even interested in marriage. The third one was even worse and until now they could not find him. The two didn't know if they had done something bad in their past life that they being punished today.

The three elders talked while they waited when Hanlu enter the room. He smiled finding his own chair after greeting.

" where is your brother? I thought he's the one coming here.? " Mrs. Mo asked Hanlu.

" He's on the way mother. Please be patient. " Hanlu explained.

" Gab, this is my second son Mo Hanlu,  you've seen him when he was younger. He's younger than Laotian by 3 years but either way, he's also a good match for your grandson Daniel. " Elder Mo introduces Hanlu. When Hanlu heard what his father said he almost chokes at his own saliva.

" F-Father what are you talking about? Do you want me to be murdered by older brother? " Hanlu said still in disbelief. He can't believe his father just match make him to his brother in law, Daniel.

" what are you talking about. Why would your brother kill you? "

" Nevermind. I just feel like it. " the couple gave Hanlu a questioning look.

" Your son is indeed a handsome and capable man. " Elder Sullen complement.

" hahaha, my brother is much more capable than I am. He's a lot better match for Daniel than I am. I can tell you this for sure. " Hanlu explained erasing the elder's idea of matchmaking him to someone.

" Hanlu, why are you being so stubborn? You won't be disappointed when you see Elder Sullen's grandson. " Chendong said to his son. Chendong was about to scold Hanlu, even more, when a tall handsome figure comes in wearing a simple house attire. Elder Mo was shocked to see his son coming here with this attire but his words were caught in his throat seeing came along with his son is an omega also wearing simple clothes that is larger than his own body. The clothes were obviously Laotian's sized. Not only Mr. and Mrs. Mo was shocked but also elder Sullen who became confused the moment his grandson comes in holding the alpha's hands. His eyes drop to Daniel's stomach and he almost fainted when he realized his precious grandson was pregnant. Elder Sullen almost got out of balance so Daniel rushed to his grandfather and support him.

" Grandfather, are you okay? I'm sorry to have kept this from you. " Daniel apologize letting the Elder sit. Just then Laotian held Daniel's hands and face Elder Sullen.

" Elder Sullen, I apologize to have kept this from you but Daniel and I have fallen in love and got married earlier. Daniel is pregnant with my child. I love him so much so I hope you won't go against us. "

" L-Laotian?  How? " Mrs. Mo couldn't say a word. The three elders were just utterly shocked. What surprised them the most is that the two were in a relationship all along and even have a baby coming, from the looks of it the two might have been in a relationship for a long time that Daniel's stomach was already so big.

" Grandfather it was a long story but I love Laotian. I hope you won't get angry with me. " Daniel said. Hearing no response from the elder Daniel rush to Laotian and hug him. Daniel's lashes were already wet from his tears when he heard a long sigh from his grandfather.

" Boy come here and sit with grandfather. " Elder Sullen said gently, seconds later Daniel sat next to the Elder.

" Grandfather is disappointed with you. " Elder Sullen said, there was no trace of anger in his voice but Daniel apologize again.

" I'm not disappointed because of this. I'm disappointed because you didn't trust grandfather. I already told you many times not to hide these things from me but you still did it. You're really like Mia. Grandfather isn't angry at all and I'm not going to be against this too. With you saying all this, you let me remember how Mia and I confess to his father before. She said the same exact words you said. ' I'm sorry father it's a long story but I love Gabriel. I hope you won't get angry with me. ' but of course, back then Mia's father kick us out so I brought her here with me. " Elder Sullen had a tender smile on his face before looking at Laotian.

" This grandson of mine is very important to me. Even if you're a capable man I won't allow you hurting my Daniel. Even if I have to sell this old soul of mine to the devil I will do it to avenge him. " Elder Sullen warned.

" I will do the best I could. If I hurt him I will let you hold the knife. " Laotian respond earning a nod from the Elder.

" Chendong, I guess this made our family become one. " Elder Sullen told his friend who's still in disbelief. The elder couple were both so happy to see Daniel and his stomach that they lost words. This baby will be the first grandchild in the Mo Family.

" Darling please come here and let mother-in-law feel you." Mrs. Mo said overwhelmed by happiness. Daniel willingly went to the elder with Laotian on his back like a bodyguard.

" It isn't good for you to stand for too long, come sit here. Laotian order some food. We need to celebrate. " Mrs. Mo excitedly said and pulled Daniel next to her to sit. Laotian only helplessly let his wife being stolen by his mother.

" Omegas aren't supposed to have a stomach this big. Are you perhaps pregnant with two? " after hearing Daniel's stomach was 5 months and a week old the elder became even more excited.

" This is only one baby I don't know why it became this big either. " Daniel held his belly smiling.

" Has it started moving yet? "

" not yet, but I hope it moves soon. " Daniel continued rubbing his belly. He was a little worried as to why the baby hasn't move yet.

" don't worry darling. When Hanlu and Laotian were in my stomach they didn't move until they were 6 months " Daniel smiled at the Elder words. The doctor did say that first-time mommies sometimes couldn't feel the movement until it's 25 weeks.

" Yeah, the doctor said I might start to feel the movement when it's 6 months old. " Daniel and the Elder continued chatting until the food arrived. Laotian sat next to Daniel and all of them eat happily specially Hanlu because seeing his parents so excited with Daniel's baby they might forget about him marrying so Hanlu didn't care that he was being ignored the whole time they were eating.

Lunch was about to finish. Daniel and Laotian request the elders to keep this matter a secret for the time being. Even without knowing the reason why they all agreed to it. Elder Sullen didn't want to reveal this too because Daniel was still too young and there's this matter at the whole Sullen family being against Daniel. 

* * *

To be continued.