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Daniel and Laotian arrived at the mansion. They were both so happy that they ended up having an intimate kissing scene at the doorway. While kissing Daniel suddenly felt a weird sensation inside his stomach so he immediately separated from Laotian's kiss and held his stomach in surprised.

" L-Laotian look. " Daniel with his eyes widely open he immediately grab Laotian's hands and press it against his stomach. It felt weird that something suddenly moved inside his stomach like a little force hit his gut but Daniel was so happy that he started to tear.

" Laotian do you feel it!? " Daniel sniffs as he asks the alpha.

" hmmm. You've given me such a lively child. " Laotian rubbed Daniel's belly feeling the aggressive kicks of the little person inside his wife's stomach and kissed Daniel on his forehead.

" Laotian what do I do? I'm so happy today I feel scared of what might happen tomorrow. " Daniel said wiping his tears away. He was afraid all this will be taken away from him.

" I'll make you happy every day so you don't have to worry about it. " Laotian lifted Daniel into his arms and went inside the house to the living room making the omega sit on his lap. Laotian continued rubbing his hands against the Omega's stomach. If he was being honest, at first he wasn't so happy learning he was having a baby with an omega. He didn't like kids and he was never the father material but after carefully and slowly knowing Daniel, he started to feel excited to have a child with the person he likes and now love. He felt that if it wasn't Daniel who he got pregnant that night. This child might not even have a real father to call. Laotian would still take responsibility but he might not be able to love the child. It was cruel but that was how he felt.

" Laotian, what should we call him or her? " Daniel asks comfortably laying on the alpha's arms.

" What do you have in mind? " Laotian ask back. He wanted to let Daniel chose the name of their child because whatever name their child has, he is still going to love it cause it's Daniel's and his baby.

" I don't know. I want a name that's cool and unique if its a boy and innocent and sweet if it's a girl. But there are too many. " when Daniel discovered that he was pregnant he never thought he had to name the baby because he was too worried about himself and also the fact that his pregnancy was not very easy for him for the past first months and only recovered now made him forget all this important matter. Feeling that the baby finally moved, Daniel was reminded that he had to name the baby too. If the baby grows up and didn't like its name,  Daniel was afraid that it might hate him so he was suddenly so worried.

Chewing on his lips while thinking he suddenly looked to Laotian and asked.

" Should we give him a Chinese name or English name? " The alpha is a Chinese-American with a Chinese father and American mother but Laotian didn't look Chinese and didn't look too American either. The combination of the Chinese and American blood was just too beautiful that Laotian and Hanlu really could become a supermodel with their faces and body. It's just too unfair. Daniel, on the other hand, has a Chinese grandmother and only had 1/4 Chinese blood so he didn't look Asian at all. He doesn't even know why his grandfather always says he looks exactly like his late grandmother. Maybe this is because of his hair color and personality. He had drawn Mrs. Sullen before and she was a very attractive Asian woman but didn't look like Daniel in slightest.

" I am okay with both. " Laotian briefly said combing the omega's hair with his fingers.

" Why don't we give him/her two names then. You come up with a Chinese name and I'll come up with an English one. " Daniel pouted to the Alpha.

" Okay, if it's Chinese name I'm thinking Mo Luang Min for a boy and Mo Luang Mei for a girl. " Laotian thought thinking he wanted to put the lively character on the baby's name.

" Wow, you came up with that so fast. "

" I want something lively on their name so I chose this. " Laotian looked at Daniel tenderly with his fingers still on the omega's hair and the other on the stomach.

" hmm okay then let's name the baby that. I also liked it. " Daniel happily. He rubbed his own belly feeling that it was still moving inside responding to Laotian's touch.

" You are very cunning. Shouldn't you give the baby's English name? " Laotian remind Daniel and the omega only smiled snuggled to the alpha.

" To be honest, I want our baby to have a Chinese name like yours... And besides, I think the English name does not match with a Chinese surname name. " Daniel reasoned out. Actually he just couldn't think of a nice name and he preferred Laotian naming their baby.

" Hmmm, if you thought something let me know but for now it's either Luang Min or Luang Mie. "

Because the couple got married, the elders had gifted the two with a 2 weeks vacation to Hawaii. The day after, the two immediately fly to Hawaii with David in a private plane and stayed at the Sullen's private rest house. It was a new place bought by elder Sullen, he was planning to stay there when he can fully entrust the company to his sons. He was getting older and he needed a place that could help stabilize his health.

Daniel and Laotian accompanied by David arrived at the mansion was greeted by a couple at the entrance. They were the caretaker and is responsible for everything in the mansion mainly cleaning and gardening.

Seeing the trio arrived the couple gave them a warm welcome before heading out themselves. Laotian and Daniel were hugging, they were tired at the long flight so they went ahead and took a rest.

Never imagining this vacation would end up such a horrible disaster for Daniel.

Meanwhile, in her room. Daniella was glaring at the picture on her hand. It was Laotian and Daniel together while leaving the omega's apartment building. In all honesty, she was truly impressed by the omega's luck. Daniella was smart and roughly guess what's the relationship between the two. When she saw the omega Laotian was holding that day she already had a gut feeling that it might be Daniel as she has never seen another person with the same or similar feature with her twin. She also never hated someone so much aside from Daniel.

So when the two left she immediately contact a person from the Secada and ask about Daniel. She learned that almost a month ago Daniel left with a man and never returned. The picture was sent to her were taken 3 weeks ago. Daniel was crying and Laotian was comforting him. The picture was taken from afar so it's a little blurry but it is obvious that Daniel's stomach was slightly bigger.

Daniella showed a wicked smile before dialing a number on a different and old model phone. As she talks to the cold person on the other side of the phone her expression had become eviler. She couldn't let Daniel take the man of her dreams. If she can't take Laotian for herself then no one should even try. When Daniella had done talking she hang up and hid the phone.

That night when he drugged Daniel, it was because she heard a rumor at school comparing her to Daniel, that Daniel looked more like an angel than Daniella. The title campus angel was her hard-earned work and she had to pretend to be nice all the time to those ugly creatures who praised her. Daniella couldn't accept someone like Daniel that could easily snatch her title under her nose. She had to take action and seeing the current appearance of Daniel, he must have been raped that night by a bunch of old men and don't even know who's the father of his bastard. Daniel has an attractive face and he must have seduced Laotian and had him take responsibility for the baby.

Of course for Daniella, she didn't think that Laotian might actually be the one who Daniel had an intimate night at that time. She never also thought that Laotian might fall for Daniel and marry him. Daniella only knew that Daniel still loved Paul but Paul was hers now. In Daniella's mind,  the only reason why Laotian had kept Daniel was because he thought the baby was his. If she gets rid of the baby or both the baby and Daniel she wouldn't have to worry. She could still make Laotian fall for him. She didn't love Paul and she could easily cut off her engagement with him if she wanted to anytime. If she said Paul was cheating on her with Daniel then everybody will absolutely believe her. It would be like killing 2 birds with one stone. Laotian could be hers and get rid of Daniel at the same time.

* * *
To be continued.