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Daniel woke up with Laotian hugging his back. The alpha's warm palms were inside his clothes rested on Daniel's bulging belly. Yesterday they were on the beach and played all day. Daniel took a lot of photos with Laotian. They went swimming and after that, they had dinner in a restaurant. Daniel was so tired that when they got home he almost immediately went to bed and sleep first.

Today the itinerary is to rest all day since Daniel's body could not afford to be too stressed if they keep going out. Tomorrow, on the other hand, they will be going on a road trip around the city. This is the couple's schedule for the whole week. Next week they will be spending their days in a hotel and resort to relax before going back.

" Laotian your awake aren't you? " Daniel gasped when he felt the alpha's palms cupped his swelling breast.

" Why do you wake up so early? " Laotian gave Daniel wet kisses on his nape and slowly massage the omegas sensitive breast. Laotian went to bed late because he was working with a project they're currently having at the company. He had only slept for an hour. It's 4 am and Daniel had woken up to relieve himself.

" I want to pee. " Daniel whined preventing the Alpha's hands from moving aggressively.

" Hmm okay. I'll come with you. " Finally letting the omega go Laotian help Daniel get up. They both went to the restroom, by now Daniel is already used to see Laotian looking at him while he goes to the restroom or bathroom. Taking a bath together wasn't so embarrassing for Daniel as he taking a leak or dump but right now he's used to it. Daniel fully understands now to what extent the Alpha's protectiveness reached as to even guard him while going to the restroom.

Daniel washed and dried his hands. Slowly he walked to Laotian who's leaning on the doorway. The moment Daniel reach Laotian, he was suddenly pulled into a kiss.

" I want you. " Laotian whispered against Daniel's ears after pulling away from the kiss causing the omega to blush.

" I-If you say that h-how can I say no? " Daniel mumbled hiding his face with his small palms. Laotian smiled pulling Daniel into the bed. He was only half-joking when he said he wanted Daniel but seeing the omega agreeing he couldn't help smiling and tease him.

Laotian kissed Daniel again before laying the omega on the bed with his legs hanging on the floor. Without much talking the alpha took off Daniel shorts and underwear spreading the omegas thigh wide before kneeling between them.

Daniel covered his face feeling embarrassed at his current position. He felt too exposed in front of Laotian.

" L-Laotian that's d-dirty. " Daniel gasped feeling the Alpha's mouth on him. Daniel blushed redder hearing no respond from Laotian who made himself busy eating Daniel. Laotian had done this before with Daniel but he couldn't get used to it. This is too embarrassing.

Laotian held Daniel's growing tower and pump them as he kept sucking and licking Daniel's other organ. Laotian liked the feeling when Daniel tightened around his tongue so he kept teasing Daniel until the once silent room was filled by the omega's soft and occasionally loud moans.

" I just realized now but you have very little hair down here. " Laotian spoke making Daniel squeak in surprise.

" D-don't talk when you're d-doing that. " Daniel grasped squeezing a pillow on his arms. Laotian continued with his activity and Daniel couldn't take it anymore.

" E-enough with t-that already. " Daniel whined. Laotian had been doing it for half an hour already and it's making Daniel more and more impatient. Daniel wanted to come but he couldn't. Hearing Daniel, Laotian took off his clothes and Daniel could see the alpha's proudly standing tower.

Laotian gently moved Daniel in the middle of the bed carefully placing the pillows in the right places. Seeing this Daniel couldn't help feeling touched. Laotian was being too nice and gentle with him, he could hardly imagine his first impression with the alpha, those intense oppressing aura he felt back then; Daniel couldn't see that anymore. All he sees now is the gentle and caring alpha that loved him so much.

Lastly, Laotian placed a small pillow underneath Daniel's lower back. He didn't want to put too much strain on the omega's womb while they do it.

" Hmmm " Daniel softly moans feeling Laotian rub his member against his previously assaulted organ. Daniel even cried loudly feeling the alpha enter him slowly making him come just by being entered by the alpha. He was already on the edged when Laotian was licking him but he didn't expect to come right when Laotian fill him.

" I-I'm sorry--" Daniel couldn't finish talking when Laotian started penetrating him. Laotian was already holding back too much but seeing the omega coming just by him entering he couldn't help but be turned on even more. The way Daniel came was just too much for him to handle. Even with a bulging belly, it didn't make Daniel any less erotic.

Daniel held the alpha's arm as he entered his own world while being penetrated by the alpha. There wasn't much talking between them and kissing in this position wasn't an option either. Laotian seeing his wife lost for words almost made him come. The visuals were just too much for him who's been holding back way too much for his pregnant wife.

" L-Laotian! " Daniel screamed. His eyes were closed and his body arches backward.

" No more. Ahhh " Daniel begged while tightening around the Alpha's member. They were having gentle sex and Daniel even felt that the Alpha didn't enter him fully but he was feeling too much pleasure that he might get crazy after the activity. His body trembles every thrusts the alpha made that it had his head feeling light-headed, he was seeing white. Daniel couldn't open his eyes anymore, his hands palming the pillow below his head like he was about to rip it apart as he kept moaning from his orgasm.

Laotian didn't know what happened to Daniel but he kept his thrusts steady as he himself was about to come. Daniel was squeezing him too much that it unbearably felt good while thrusting. Soon after Laotian came thrusting all his length inside Daniel.

" Shit. " Laotian curse realizing he had come deeper than he was planning. Laotian pulled out immediately and came what's left outside Daniel's twitching hole.

Meanwhile, Daniel was still softly moaning as his body trembling from their recent activity.

" L-Laotian you meanie. " Daniel cried with a trembling voice. His tears were already flowing out of his eyes making the alpha panic. The didn't know what he did.

" I'm sorry, I'm sorry. " Laotian immediately cooed Daniel kissing and hugging the omega softly thinking that he might have hurt Daniel.

" I-I already said stop. " Daniel cried punching the Alpha softly. Laotian accept Daniel's punches and hugged Daniel a little tighter. Daniel sob against Laotian's chest.

" I'm sorry I won't do it again. " Laotian cooed kissing Daniel's forehead.

After the couple's intimate activity, both decided to take a bath with Daniel being bathed by Laotian. Laotian was relieved when he didn't see any traces of blood while cleaning Daniel, the omega's reaction really made the alpha extremely uneasy.

The two had finished bathing and now they took their time soaking in the warm water together until Daniel had fallen asleep leaning on the Alpha's chest. Laotian smile burying his face at the crook of the omega's neck.

" Hey, better behave and let mommy rest. " Laotian held Daniel's moving belly. Sometimes when Daniel is asleep the baby and Laotian would always have a private chat together. Just from this Laotian knew the baby would be as lively as Hanlu when they were younger. Laotian was quiet and reserve when he was younger, unlike Hanlu who always find trouble for David and their parents. Daniel, on the other hand, said he was normal when he was a kid, not too lively and not too quiet either.

After carefully drying and dressing Daniel and himself, he lay next to Daniel to sleep a little more before breakfast. Today they were only staying in the house to rest and tomorrow they're going on a road trip around the city after moving to an exclusive resort.

* * *

Daniel slowly gets off of the car while holding Laotian's hands. He was wearing an oversized white sweater and maternity black pants. Laotian was wearing a simple V Neck T-shirt and men shorts. Because Laotian had come to the place before while doing business, the hotel management already know Laotian's identity so the couple had been greeted warmly by the employee and the hotel and resort's general manager.

Laotian didn't like a grand entrance or welcome celebration so he's reaction wasn't so nice when they were greeted by a mass of people from the hotel. This honeymoon was kept a secret within Laotian and the elders so it would bad for Daniel if they got caught in a photographer's viewfinder. But because Daniel seemed happy about the welcome celebration he let the employees hang flowers on his neck and Daniel's.

" Mr. Mo my name is Evan Heywood. It is our honor to have you back with your wife. We had prepared everything for your arrival today. " Laotian didn't tell Daniel was his wife but because he booked a honeymoon suite for him and Daniel plus Daniel was obviously pregnant the general manager concluded that Daniel was Mo Laotian's wife.

" hmmm," Laotian simple nodded while protectively holding Daniel's small hands. Daniel, on the other hand, had said a lot of thank you's the moment the employees started hanging flowers around his neck. Daniel smiled brightly that immediately also brightens everybody's mood just by seeing the omega smile. He was so excited because he heard this was one of the best hotels and resorts in the country. He also heard there will be a firework display every Sunday and glad it was Sunday.

The couple and silently David followed the hotel's general manager to their rooms. David's room was just opposite to the couple. For the past years working with the Mo's, David had mastered the art of blending into the background. You wouldn't even know he was there.

Each of them had come inside their rooms. The general manager was supposed to be touring the couple inside the room but he was dismissed immediately by Laotian and pointed at David indicating for the manager to give David a room tour instead. Closing the door, Laotian followed Daniel who's already touring the room on his own. There were rose petals on the bathtub and in the bed making Daniel smile, he had seen things like this on magazines and tv but he never expected to experience this himself so he excitedly pounces on Laotian making the alpha surprised and carefully caught Daniel.

" Behave yourself. " Laotian messed Daniel's hair. Daniel pouted slightly hugging pulling Laotian down to kiss. Laotian helplessly leaned down and gave Daniel a gentle kiss.

" Laotian, let's have sex. " after kissing Daniel suddenly said. Laotian was flabbergasted, surprised at what the omega had just said. Seeing the alpha's surprised expression Daniel pouted pointing at the beautifully decorated king-size bed.

" It's everybody's dream to have sex in this kind of bed. " Daniel explained like it was common sense after looking at the rose petals scattered around and on the bed. There were also scented candles that made the whole room look romantic.

Looking at Daniel's sparkling eyes Laotian sighs from his currently speechless condition. They had sex yesterday morning and Laotian didn't think it would be good doing it again today plus they were planning on going on a road trip. He can't let Daniel's body be too strained.

" I'll ask the hotel to do this again when you recover from the last time. " Laotian said calming himself down. He got slightly excited when the omega had suddenly mentioned it in broad daylight.

" No, that won't hold any meaning anymore. We have to do it now that's the rule. " Daniel argued pulling Laotian into the bed. Laotian was even more speechless at what Daniel had said. He was wondering where he got this idea from? And what's this rule about?

" I'm perfectly okay, the last time didn't hurt at all. I was just surprised how good it was, so yeah? Let's do it okay? " Daniel climb on Laotian's lap as he said this. It's not like Laotian didn't want to do it but he was worried at Daniel's body. Yesterday when he saw Daniel's reaction it gave him a slight fright.

" Let's do it very gently, okay? " Daniel kissed Laotian on the cheek. Laotian couldn't stop cursing inside his head.

" You are making things very difficult for me at the moment. " Laotian wrap his palms around Daniel's pelvis as his willpower slowly dissipated. 

* * * 
To be continued.