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The road trip ended up being moved the next day. It seemed like the omega had been possessed for him to be able to last up to three rounds and even initiate the third one. Laotian just helplessly let the omega ride him, they were doing it slowly so both took longer to finish. The couple ended up coming out of their room in the afternoon to eat something.

Laotian suggested to have room service but Daniel insisted to eat at the restaurant saying that it would be meaningless if they ended up just eating inside the room so now they were trailing the way to the restaurant while hands locked together.

While they were walking people kept stealing glances at the two. They naturally draw attention and today Daniel was emitting a different aura and scent that draw everyone's attention. Laotian on the other hand was naturally eye-catching with his domineering presence and extremely handsome face.

Noticing that most eyes were on Daniel, Laotian side glance at the people and gave them a warning glare. Being an alpha that he is, he didn't like other people looking at his partner. Other alpha's understood this the most so they removed their eyes from Daniel.

The couple was led into their table. The moment they sat on their sits Daniel pouted at Laotian. After taking an order Laotian looked at Daniel.

" What is it? " Laotian asked in confusion pulling Daniel close to him. Whenever they eat at the house or outside they never sit opposite to each other and instead sit next to each other.

" You're too handsome for your own good. " Daniel crossed his arms pouting. Laotian was speechless. Although he was happy that Daniel called him handsome, it looked like the omega wasn't happy that he was handsome.

" Do you prefer a less handsome face? " Laotian ask squeezing the omega's small hands against his big ones.

" No. I just hate it when they look at you. " Daniel explained leaning on Laotian's shoulder. His other hands holding his belly.

" Even if they look at me, All my eyes see is you. " Laotian said causing the omega to blush. As the two continue to talk they didn't realize two pairs of eyes were staring at them intensely. One was having continuous complain while the other had bad intentions.

In the far corner of the room. A man who's a couple of months older than Daniel breath in disbelief as he witnessed the surprising behavior of Mo Laotian. A week ago Mo Hanlu had contacted him saying that Mo Laotian had married someone. He couldn't believe what his Second eldest brother had said to him so that day he secretly went to Mo Laotian's mansion and witness the couple being lovey-dovey with each other, he even followed the two in Hawaii. He still couldn't believe the person his brother had married was the same age as him. Even had a very innocent and delicate temperament.

" What the fuck is this all about? Don't tell me he's completely fallen to this frail little figure. " Mo Tian Zi is still 19 years old but his body had completely matured, although slightly smaller he could still even his two older brother's body. The genes in the Mo family is just undeniable stronger than normal. As far as he knew there were no Omega or even Beta on the Mo's family tree so it completely shocked Tian Zi when his parents let this happen.

" Mother and Father must have been really desperate to have a grandchild. " Tain Zi was still observing the couple when he noticed the man next to his table was also observing the two as he did. Tian Zi frowned at the man, he could feel the killing intent on the man's eyes as he looked at his brother and his wife.

Being a cautious person that he is, Tian Zi sneakily took the man's picture using his phone. He always does this whenever he sees someone suspicious because he'd been playing hide and seek with Laotian and Hanlu for the past 6 months. He never wanted to hide from Laotian and Hanlu but he had done something bad and pissed off his Eldest brother so he had no choice.

He had been playing a lot of pranks with Laotian and Hanlu since he was young and not once did his two brothers got angry with him. He even once stole Laotian's black card and used it to buy a sports car which he just crashed on a drag race. Tian Zi also had been stealing Hanlu's women but Hanlu never got angry. He did a lot of other things that his brothers should get angry about but it never happened.

Tian Zi's focus had averted into the man so he didn't realize his brother and his wife had done eating standing up from their sits. Conveniently the man also stood up and naturally followed the two. Of course, Tian Zi also stood up a couple of seconds after but when he reaches the two who are enjoying their walk to the poolside, the man was already gone. Maybe Tian Zi was just imagining things so he let the couple have their private time together. Tian Zi also didn't want to risk himself being exposed to his brother.

* * *

The next day.

Daniel woke up late from staying late last night waiting for the firework display and watching fire dance and hula dance. Laotian woke up earlier and prepare everything for Daniel when he wakes up. It's already 9 am so Laotian carefully wake up Daniel. He didn't like the omega skipping breakfast specially when Daniel already missed lunch yesterday.

" hmmm " shifted from his position as he slowly lifts his lashes.

" let's eat breakfast. " Daniel blinks his eyes before nodding and sitting up with the help of the Alpha. Daniel slightly pauses feeling a slight sharp pain at his lower abdomen, he's been feeling this a lot lately. He remembered the gynecologist said it was normal since he's having abdominal stretching. The muscles that supported his uterus were expanding for the baby. Not saying anything Daniel continued to stand.

" I had room service. " Daniel walked to the bathroom while Laotian saying this.

" Hmm okay, I'll just wash my face. " Daniel enter the bathroom and went straight to the toilet to wash his face and mouth. when he was done he finds out Laotian was at the doorway waiting for him.

" Good morning. " Laotian smiled kissing Daniel on the forehead. Daniel hummed good morning as well as they walked into the table where their food was set. For some reason, he was feeling very tired so very silently they ate their breakfast while occasionally feeding each other.

" Are you tired? " Laotian asked. They had done eating breakfast and currently having a shower together. Laotian noticed Daniel was constantly yawning so the Alpha was worried.

" hmmm. Staying up late wasn't a very good idea. " Daniel giggled as he rubs the soap on Laotian's chest.

" Next time, I won't let you sleep so late even if you beg me. "

" But the show was so good. I also wanted to see the fireworks. " Daniel argued.

" I can arrange a fire and hula dance for you and fireworks display anytime but not past 10 pm. "

" I don't want that. Just let it pass this one time, okay? " Daniel smile rinsing off the soap off their body. Laotian didn't say anymore and just help the Omega clean his body. When they were done they dried off and wore something comfortable because they were going on a road trip.

It was hot outside so Laotian put a lot of sunscreen on the Omega's body before they finally left. Both were only wearing men's shorts, a T-shirt and sunglasses but Daniel's were maternity shorts and an oversized T-shirt. Before leaving, Daniel invited David but because David had somewhere he wanted to go, only Laotian and Daniel were going.

As the couple drives off the hotel, two cars silently left following them. One left a minute after the couple while the other left 15 minutes after not worrying he won't be able to catch up since he installed a tracking device on his eldest brother's car and the man he saw yesterday. After seeing the man again last night, Tian Zi knew the man was up to no good. Back in their country, no one would dare scheme against his brother but now that he's out of the country someone had actually dared to do it. Tian Zi wasn't that sure but after today he was a hundred percent the man was up to no good.

Looking at two red dots on his phone, although the man's car didn't seem like following, his destination was exactly the same as his brother's.

Meanwhile, Daniel was looking at the beautiful building in the city as he thought of eating ice cream. He had looked on the internet a few days ago that there is an ice-cream shop in the city that sells really good ice-cream so he wanted to try it.

" Laotian, I heard there is this really good ice-cream shop in the city and I think it's around this area. " Daniel excitedly scanned his phone and showed it to Laotian.

" hmmm okay, I know the place. " Laotian nodded and continued driving. Actually, Laotian had studied the city 2 days ago and already had Places in his mind where he could bring Daniel to eat or sightsee. After looking at the picture and address he immediately remembered he had noted this place when he was looking for places so he knew where it was already.

" I wonder if it tastes as good as they say. "

" well, we're about to find out. " Laotian pull up when they finally arrived at the ice-cream shop. Extremely excited Daniel almost immediately got out of the car not even waiting for Laotian. The Alpha just watches the Omega who's happily walking inside the ice-cream shop. After parking the car, Laotian went ahead to find Daniel who already ordered his matcha flavored ice-cream and coffee-flavored for Laotian.

" Hmmm, Laotian! This tastes so good. So creamy and the matcha is so delicious. " Daniel couldn't stop moaning as he eats his ice-cream. Although all ice-cream for Laotian tasted the same he nodded his head in agreement with the Omega.

" It is indeed delicious. " Laotian stroke Daniel's hair. Seeing how the Omega was so happy about the ice-cream, he was already thinking to open a branch back home.

" Laotian I want to eat more. " Daniel pouted looking at his almost empty ice-cream bowl.

" No. I can't eat more. I'll get fat. " Daniel pulled Laotian when the Alpha was about to stand to order more. When Daniel stopped him, he raised his eyebrow and looked at his wife.

" You are so thin so gaining a little bit is a good thing. " Laotian told Daniel. If the Omega's stomach wasn't bigger than normal pregnant male Omega people would have thought he just has a big belly. If it wasn't for David organizing Daniel's food and nutrition intake, Daniel might have become a malnourish pregnant man and affect the baby. Daniel was making Laotian constantly worry about his health.

" But I already gained so much. If I gain more, I don't know if I could lose weight after giving birth. " Daniel pouted again pulling Laotian to sit. In reality, Daniel was not that thin but in Laotian's eyes, he was. Daniel doesn't know to what degree in Laotian's perspective could he see or call a person normal and fat. When Daniel wasn't pregnant he weighed 120 lbs and had a normal BMI so he wasn't thin at all.

" Why are you worried about that? " Laotian frown and look at Daniel seriously. Daniel chewed on his lips and mumbled.

" Just... Because.., I-I'm not worried that you might not like me anymore because I know you would still like me but when the time comes and people know about me I don't want you to be criticized because you have a fat wife... J-Just go along with me on this Laotian and besides I bet we still have a lot of restaurants to go to, yeah? " Daniel tilted his head to the side explaining to Laotian while caressing the Alpha's arms as if calming him down.

" Hmmm okay. " after being silent for a couple of seconds Laotian finally nodded. Laotian doesn't care about public opinion but if Daniel cared about it he would help him in every way he could as long as it wasn't too much that it would harm Daniel himself for it.

" Okay finish your ice-cream then let's go to the next destination. " Daniel said excitedly as he finishes his ice-cream. The couple was done so they left the shop and drove to their next destination. They went to a lot of places and restaurants. Museums, Parks, Markets, Malls, Beaches that are far away from the city, etc. Daniel had a lot of fun today and he was glad he got to spend this wonderful day with Laotian, he realized how his husband became what he is because of such great time management skills that they really manage to go to a number of places in just one day.

It was almost 8 pm and they just came from a park from far away that you could see the view of the city. Now while waiting in the car Daniel was busy sketching on his sketchpad, Laotian was out taking their take out food from the restaurant they had eaten during lunch. Daniel sketched Laotian's back while holding hands with a person, the other person was Daniel. Even though the drawing was only the back, you could already feel the emotions of the two-person in the drawing.

Daniel looked outside the window and he saw Laotian not far away holding their take out food. He frowned when Laotian suddenly drop the paper bags and rush towards his direction with a horrified expression. Before Daniel could figure something out he heard a loud crashing sound that directly hit the car he was in. Everything went in slow motion as Daniel hit his head on the glass window. The only image runs into Daniel's mind was Laotian's expression as the darkness swallowed his consciousness.

* * *

To be continued.