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Laotian had never been so terrified his whole life as he saw the car Daniel was in almost flipped at the impact. His heart sunk as he desperately runs towards the car, he clearly saw Daniel from a distance covered with blood and unconscious, Laotian almost couldn't believe what just happened until he's 3 meters away from the disfigured car. His hands were trembling as he hurriedly pulls off the broken door and caresses Daniel's unconscious body.

Afraid that the two cars would explode Laotian carefully lifted Daniel out trembling as he walked a few meters away from the area. People from the restaurant and other establishments were already gathering and called for an ambulance. For the first in his life, Laotian was in a panic, he didn't know what to do. There was blood everywhere. He didn't even realize Tian Zi was calling him.

Tian Zi was very confused as to why the man suddenly risked his own life to crash his own car into his brother's car when both clearly saw that Laotian went out to the restaurant. Tian Zi knew his brother had a lot of enemies and he knew his brother could handle all of them but now that Laotian had Daniel, he didn't know things would go this way.

The ambulance was quick to act and took the two patients to the hospital. Laotian was on dazed as he watches the rescuer do something to Daniel saying a lot of things that he didn't hear.

" Elder brother, get a hold of yourself. He's gonna be fine. " Laotian watch Tian Zi confused how his younger brother who he hadn't seen for 6 months is beside him now but he couldn't say anything as he rubs his palms on his face. He never prayed before but for Daniel, he would ask the Gods to spare Daniel's life, he would willingly bargain all that he has for it.

Tian Zi pats his eldest brother's back and watches his brother-in-law currently being covered with blood. He was worried the baby on Daniel's belly wouldn't survive.

* * *

At the hospital.

The doctor went to Laotian and Tian Zi to explain everything that might happen and to sign a waiver.

" Mr. Mo we will try to save both the patient and the baby but the percentage where the baby survives is low. " The doctor informed earning a slight nod from Laotian and signed the paper. Looking at the Alpha's respond the doctor immediately went inside the emergency room.

Laotian sat on the chair and was silent for a couple of seconds.

" how was the other patient doing? " he asks with killing intent in his voice.

" He was in critical condition but his survival rate is higher than Daniel. " Because Daniel is pregnant his survival rate was lower. The man who crashes into the car saved by the emergency airbags. If the car didn't crashed at the driver's side and to Daniel's side, then Daniel might not have even been able to get to the hospital.

" Good. I want him alive. Call someone to guard his room and never let him out of their sight. " Laotian ordered. He didn't know if it was an accident or intentional but if it was intentional, he'll make sure to make the one responsible pay for what he did. Tian Zi nodded, actually he already hired people who will guard the man. He knew the crash wasn't an accident and he wanted to tell this to his brother. Because he didn't tell his brother someone was following their car this happened so he didn't want to delay things anymore.

" I saw that man yesterday following you, I wasn't sure but I put a tracking device on both your cars and sure he was indeed following you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you right away. " Tian Zi apologized but Laotian didn't care about that. Now that he knew it wasn't an accident, he wanted to soon find the man behind all this and make him pay. Tian Zi went silent with his brother's response. He knew the more his brother remains silent the more he was thinking something you wouldn't want to see. Tian Zi shuddered thinking something he had seen when he was younger.

" Call Hanlu but don't let anyone else know," Laotian ordered again, he didn't want the Elder's to know about this especially Elder Sullen who had a heart condition. He also wouldn't know how to explain all this and deep inside he was blaming himself as to why this happened to Daniel. He was too careless and didn't consider that his enemies would target Daniel instead of him. He was too confident and comfortable with his power.

Almost two hours passed until the doctor went out of the emergency room wiping his own sweat as he approached Laotian and Tian Zi again. Laotian almost immediately stood up the moment the door opened.

" We were able to save the patient and one of the babies but the other, we couldn't save. The patient will be transferred to his room but we can't let anyone visit him at the moment. He needed rest from the surgery. The baby is currently in good hands but since he was born prematurely we needed to put him in a lot of care. You can see him later on. " After hearing the doctor, Laotian was both happy and sad. He nodded to the doctor and give his thanks before sitting again on the bench. After hearing that Daniel was saved all his strength almost escaped from his body. Earlier he was asking Gods to at least save Daniel's life. Although he didn't want to lose the baby he would still prefer Daniel being alive. He was selfish but he felt like he couldn't live without Daniel anymore. But after hearing that one of the babies survived Laotian couldn't help but be happy. He didn't know that they were having twins as they ask the doctor to keep everything a secret as a surprise. He was sad that he lost one of the babies but very thankful enough that two lives survived.

Tian Zi was surprised when he heard that Laotian was having twins but felt sad that he lost one. He watches his brother sat covering his face with his palms. He knew his Elder brother was currently overwhelmed by many different kinds of emotions so he silently left and dialed Hanlu's number.

Meanwhile, Hanlu was still sleeping when his personal cellphone rang waking him up. When he saw who was calling he immediately frowned and answered.

" It's been a while little brother,  why are you calling? It's almost 3 am in the morning. " Hanlu's tune was unenthusiastic. Although this little brother of his didn't show his face for 6 months, he didn't feel like he missed him at all. A few months ago he was looking for this brat in every way possible but he couldn't and almost lost his life in the hands of Laotian. Now that everything was settled and Laotian had made other ways to solve the problem they weren't looking for him anymore.

" Come to Hawaii now, Eldest Brother needs you. " Tian Zi simply said earning a laugh from Hanlu. At first, Hanlu wanted to go to Hawaii with Daniel and Laotian but he was forced to stay to run the company while Laotian was away. He didn't want to do it but because Laotian had said it, he quietly remained home and been running the company for 1 week. He didn't actually have to do anything major since Mo Laotian was still working even when on his honeymoon.

" If you're gonna lie at least make it more believable, little brother. " Hanlu said with a boring tune and was even yawning, wanting to sleep already.

" You'll know when I'm lying when you come here. Eldest Brother said you have to keep this a secret from everyone else, so come now. " Tian Zi said in a serious tune making Hanlu laugh again. Tian Zi had played a lot of pranks with him so he couldn't believe what his little brother had just said. And besides Mo Laotian would never be needing his help. It would be a dream come true if it happened. Before Hanlu could respond to Tian Zi he heard a familiar voice in the other line,  when he heard the voice Hanlu immediately sit up from his currently laying position.

" Hanlu, I'll give you 6 hours to come here. Bring Aldrin and his team with you. " hearing what Laotian had said, Hanlu knew something bad had just happened. He was asked to bring the Mo Empire's most elites security personnel with him. Before Hanlu could say or ask anything Laotian hang-up and throw the phone back to Tian Zi. A few hours ago Tian Zi had never seen Laotian on his lowest point like the alpha had just aged 10 more years but now, it's what he was most accustomed to, "this" version of Mo Laotian. He knew whoever had schemed against him will not end up good. The person behind this must have run out all his luck to be able to trigger Mo Laotian most terrifying version.

Mo Laotian is a businessman, he's a perfectionist. He is very talented and capable but this didn't mean he didn't use underhanded methods before. His background was more than just the Mo Empire's Emperor. He wasn't where he was now and feared by a huge number of people without any reason. People who hated and tried to harm him were either silently backing down waiting for a time to strike down,  in prison or buried 6 feet below the ground.

* * *

To be continued.