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Hanlu arrived at Hawaii with one hour to spare using the Mo's private jet plane. He received a text from Tian Zi where their location was as he got inside the car waiting outside where they landed. Hanlu had already been briefed by Tian Zi on what had happened and warned him about what he'll say or how he would react in front of their older brother. He was shocked at first then glad but sad a the same time. He knew immediately that the person behind this won't end up good for touching Daniel.

Because Tian Zi was extremely proficient with computers, he is a really good hacker that he could even hack the most secured security system known with a simple tap on his computer. He is also very good with investigations and data gathering, as long as data and files are recorded on the computer, he could find it. Tian Zi just really liked to play and even though the Mo Empire could use him, Tian Zi wasn't very easy to work with.

" Brother! " Hanlu arrived in the hospital with seven tall men wearing black suits. Laotian didn't bother looking and kept his eyes on the very small baby with tubes connected on his small body while in an incubator. The baby was so small and its skin was so red as it slept peacefully while sucking his small thumb.

Seeing this Hanlu stood next to his brother and looked at his very small nephew. He didn't say anything and just keep looking at the baby. Tian Zi also arrived and the three brothers looked at the premature baby through the glass. No one talked for a while.

" Did you send him the details? " Laotian suddenly making Hanlu nod.

" The culprit is on the run and now being chased by Dragon's men. It didn't seem like he had a deep grudge towards you and most likely receiving orders from someone. He was from Mexico and only came here 5 years ago and went under Dragon a year ago. We can ask him personally when Dragon catches him. " Hanlu reported. When Tian Zi sent him the details and identity of the man, he immediately contacted all his connection and not very long after he already found out where the culprit was. It's as if the culprit himself didn't know who he was messing with and didn't even tried to cover his tracks.

" Good. When you catch him, send him here. I can't leave my family in this situation. " Laotian said as he walks again to the bench to sit. He wanted to go see Daniel so badly but he couldn't at the moment since Daniel needed to rest. He was waiting for the doctor to allow him to see Daniel. He didn't sleep wink since yesterday and so he had huge bags under his eyes, even his clothes still had blood stains from Daniel. Right now, he was thinking about how he would explain to Daniel about the other baby. He didn't even try to look at the dead baby yet, he was afraid that he might not be able to hold himself from killing the man if he sees his baby. He was already barely holding on seeing the other one in the incubator.

" Excuse me? Which of you is Mr. Daniel Sullen's husband? " the nurse almost hesitant to approach the gathering Alphas in the area,  the intense and suffocating aura coming from them terrified her but she had to do her job. Hearing the small voice coming from a little female nurse, Laotian stood.

" It's me. "  Laotian approach with his domineering presence. The nurse was taken aback at the Alpha's godly features before she looks down and hurriedly reported that the patient can now receive a visitor and left with a blush on her face. Hearing this Laotian didn't care about how the nurse looks at him and immediately rushed to Daniel's room. Hanlu and Tian Zi followed behind after giving orders to the men in black dividing the 7 men into three groups, designating 3 to guard the unconscious man, 2 to Daniel and Laotian's baby and 2 to Daniel's room.

Laotian carefully opened the door and went inside. He softens when he saw Daniel silently sleeping on the bed with a bandage around his head. He had a few open wounds on his arms and face from the broken window glass. The doctor was checking Daniel's condition so when he saw Laotian he silently approaches after saying a few things to the nurse. 

" Good day Mr. Mo, Because of the surgery it might take a while for the patient to wake up but do not worry, his condition is now stable, it will depend on the patient's will power if he wanted to wake up. " the doctor greeted and briefly said before leaving when Laotian nodded. Laotian sat on the chair next to Daniel. He simply held his wife's hands,  glad that he was alive and well.

In his mind, he promised he would never let this happen again to Daniel or to their baby. With this Daniel might not even be able to get out of the house without bodyguards following him. Laotian just couldn't afford to let this happen again. What if next time Daniel couldn't be saved? Laotian wouldn't know what to do if that happens. Even if he kills the person behind it, it wouldn't be enough to suffice his anger and sadness.

Looking at their Elder brother's sunken back, Mo Hanlu and Mo Tian Zi were saddened, couldn't believe that there is a time when they would see their mighty Eldest brother and idol in this state.

* * *

To be continued.


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