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A week had passed and Daniel still hasn't woken up. The day after Hanlu arrived in Hawaii they had a simple ceremony to bury the dead baby, Laotian named her Mo Luang Mei as Laotian and Daniel had planned if they had a baby girl. The Alpha was heartbroken seeing that he is burying his little princess, so when he heard that very day that the person they've been chasing was caught he ordered to cut off one of his legs the moment he arrives in Hawaii and lock him up until he was willing to talk. The man who crashed into Daniel was also put into his death bed since he wasn't needed anymore. He was willing to risk his life to harm Daniel,  why not give him what he wants?

In reality, the man locked up was already willing to talk when he was caught by Dragon's men but he still ended up losing one of his legs and now being locked up and not even a single person had tried to interrogate him. As if he was purposely locked up to starve to death.

" Brother, here, I brought something to eat. If you don't eat you'll end up in the bed too, I'm sure Daniel wouldn't want that. " Hanlu pulled out a plastic container with food on it and placed it to the table next to Laotian. The last time Laotian had eaten was a week ago during his road trip with Daniel and since then he was only drinking coffee. He refused to eat and sleep until Daniel wakes up.

Sitting on the couch was a man also feared by everyone who's knowledgeable in the underground business. A Mafia Boss whose underground name was Dragon. He visited today to cheer up his old friend, but he didn't expect to see the man he knew who's always at the top to be this broken. This man, Mo Laotian was once a candidate to take up his position but now he looks like an ordinary man afraid to lose his wife. 

" He was like that after the burial. " Hanlu sat next to Dragon after giving Tain Zi his share of food and explained earning a pat on the back from Dragon. Dragon nodded as he took the coffee offered by Hanlu.

" I understand. He didn't have someone like Daniel before so when something like this happens he wouldn't know what to do or feel. " Dragon sigh. He knew exactly what this feels when his fiance was murdered by his enemies. He didn't know what to do. He was like a walking dead, living with no purpose until he met his wife now. If ever something happens to his wife again, he might be in a more sorry state than his friend.

Dragon and Hanlu were chatting while Tian Zi was playing with his computer when Laotian suddenly stood up calling Daniel. When they look at Daniel who was sleeping earlier and now awake, Hanlu immediately runs off and calls the doctor.

" L-Laotian?? " Daniel called with a raspy voice. He was dreaming about Laotian, they were walking on a road holding hands. No one was around but he wasn't afraid cause Laotian was there but then suddenly Laotian disappeared and his bulging stomach was also gone. He was so afraid and called Laotian's name desperately. When he saw Laotian in a distance, the Alpha was wearing a terrified expression. Daniel immediately runs towards Laotian but no matter how fast and how far he ran, Laotian was still very far. He was panting really heavily and tears stained his eyes as he looks at Laotian in a distance. Suddenly, a white flash of lights swallowed Laotian and soon after Daniel, Daniel screamed Laotian's name closing his eyes. When he opened them again he was back to reality.

" Daniel? Yes yes, I'm here baby. " Laotian immediately stood up catching Daniel's tears as it flowed down at the top his cheeks. Slowly Daniel opened his eyes, it was blurry at first and then he saw Laotian holding his face, he cried even harder remembering his dream.

" Laotian y-you dummy! " Daniel whine between his sobs. Seeing this Laotian panicked and apologized repeatedly to the Omega. Daniel just kept crying remembering his dream, remembering that Laotian left him.

" I'm here. I'm here. I'm sorry. " Laotian kept saying, wiping the Omega's tears. It took a couple of minutes to calm Daniel down. 

Sniffles were heard in the room when the doctor arrived to check Daniel's condition. After finding out everything was okay, Laotian finally calm down. He thought Daniel was hurting and caused him to cry. The doctor explained that the patient might have a bad dream and caused him to wake up. The doctor had a few things to say so Mo Hanlu send the doctor out as he listens to him instead of Laotian. He knew that his elder brother won't bother listening now because Daniel needed him. 

" L-Laotian? T-the baby! The baby is g-gone! " Daniel panicked noticing his flattened stomach, he again remembered his dream. Laotian seeing Daniel panicked, he immediately thought if it's good to tell Daniel or not about their other baby, Mo Luang Mie.

" The baby is fine. He's being taken care of. He's 12 weeks early so he needed to be in the incubator. " Laotian explained and Daniel sigh in relief. Laotian gave Daniel a quick kiss on the lips and when they separate, Daniel breath the words thank you as he held the Alpha's arms smiling in relief, he wouldn't know what to do if something bad happened to their baby. Daniel hugs the Alpha but after a couple of seconds, he blushed deep red realizing there were unfamiliar people with them in the room. Laotian notice Daniel's confused reaction, so he each introduced the two new characters.

" This is Tian Zi my youngest brother and my old friend Franco. They came here to visit. " Laotian introduces the unfamiliar figures.

" Hi, I'm Franco. I've been friends with this man since Kindergarten. I'm here to visit and to finally meet you. " Franco introduces himself, aside from the matter of his man being captured, he also really want to see what kind of person would Mo Laotian fall for. When he heard from that blue-eyed man William that Laotian had swindled him 2 million dollars just to give his wife a wedding ring, he immediately got curious. William's family own the most popular jewelry brand in the country and even widely known abroad for its quality and elegance but he didn't give his wife a ring worth a million dollar. It was expensive but not a million dollar worth.

" Hi, I'm Daniel, nice to meet you. " Daniel wanted to shake Franco's hand but Laotian stopped him saying he doesn't need to. Franco smiled at Daniel saying it's okay not to shake hands. Tian Zi simply greeted Hi to Daniel earning a simple smile and greeting from the Omega before Daniel looks at Laotian and to his belly confused.

" Laotian, what just happened? " Daniel finally asked rubbing his almost flattened belly. He kinda missed the feeling of having his and Laotian baby inside him. He wonders when can he see his baby.

" A car accidentally crashed into our car while you were on it. You've been asleep for 9 days. " Laotian explained. When Daniel heard this he held Laotian hands and apologized for sleeping for too long. He felt even sorrier when he realized Laotian had been so stressed out that even his appearance had slightly lost his previous domineering presence. The alpha looked tired and from the looks of it, he seems like he hasn't been sleeping and eating for the past 9 days at all.

" Is the other person okay? " Daniel asked worriedly.

" He died soon after he was brought to the hospital. " Laotian said without a trace of emotion. In reality, the man actually survives and even had woken up soon after the surgery but because Laotian was looking for someone to vent on, he killed the man after interrogation. He injected a drug that would make the man's heart stop after a couple of seconds of pure pain, but for Laotian, his loud cries before his death didn't suffice the anger inside him even in the slightest. He had to do something else, with blood involve this time.

" hmmm. Then can I see my baby? When can I see my baby? " Daniel asked. After hearing that the other man had died, Daniel was afraid the baby didn't survive as well and Laotian was just lying to him. His stomach was barely 6 months old and the rate of survival was probably less than 50%.

" Calm down. You can see him after you rest. The baby can't be brought here due to his condition but I assure you that he is fine. " Laotion noticed how Daniel started to panic again s Laotian assured him that the baby was fine. Hearing his husband's word, he slightly calms down but he couldn't fully relax until he sees the baby alive and well himself.

" Later!? Later, can I go see him?  Laotian, I want to see him. " Daniel desperately. Laotian sigh and nodded tucking Daniel into the bed.

" Thank you, Laotian. " Laotian smiled and kissed Daniel's forehead. He was about to pull away when Daniel suddenly cling to him.

" Sleep with me. " Daniel requested. Laotian thought for a couple of seconds before looking at Franco and Tian Zi. The two immediately got the signal and excused themselves. When the two finally left Laotian joined Daniel in the bed. Daniel snuggled into Laotian's chest before he fell asleep almost immediately.

Laotian kissed Daniel's temples while stroking his hair. His mind was full of thoughts, now that Daniel is awake he needs to fix this problem as soon as possible. Finding the culprit was just around the corner and he couldn't wait to take his revenge.

Laotian kissed Daniel's forehead again and thought that maybe it's the right decision to hide the death of their other baby. He couldn't afford to see Daniel in pain, but contradicting his decision it might hurt Daniel as well and even more if he didn't tell the truth. Laotian hugged Daniel as he closes his eyes, the more he thought about it, the more he thought the latter as the best conclusion of the situation. He thought Daniel would prefer knowing the death of their other baby than not knowing at all. Knowing the truth will hurt the Omega for sure but having to solve this problem now will be a lot better than making it a reason for Daniel to hate him in the future if he doesn't tell the truth. Whatever happens, he can't let Daniel hate him. He won't be able to take it.

* * *

To be continued.