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It's almost a month since Daniella called that man and there has been no news from him since then. She was getting impatient, she even tried to contact him but the other line was cut off. She didn't know if the man had done it or run off with her money. Daniella stares at the empty space while she played with her food.

" Are you okay babe? " Paul ask Daniella who's been in a daze since this morning. He didn't know what happened to her but since that time a month ago with Mr. Mo, she has been out of focus. Paul frown and held Daniella's hands making her snap out of her thoughts. Paul thought maybe Daniella was regretting her decision for choosing him. He knows that Mr. Mo liked Daniella but Daniella rejected him to choose Paul and Paul was happy about it but he didn't want Daniella to feel sad and forced to this.

" hmm. I'm okay. Don't mind me. I was just worried about Daniel. I heard he was being kept by an old man now. " Daniella sounded very sad while she played with her food more.

" Daniel?? Daniel wouldn't do that. You worry too much. " Paul frown, he has been with Daniel for 4 years and he knew Daniel quite well. There must have been a misunderstanding.

" I know. Even though there was a rumor about my twin sleeping with old men before I definitely didn't believe it. He's my twin and I know that he's innocent but hearing this from a friend of mine who saw Daniel with an old man going to a hotel, I really can't stop thinking about it... T-that maybe those rumors w-where true. " Daniella said with a gentle voice. She sounded so sad and heartbroken for his twin brother.

" There must have been a misunderstanding. I know Daniel and Daniel wouldn't do that kind of thing. " Paul said calming Daniella. Hearing these words from Paul, Daniella couldn't help but get angry. Paul was protecting Daniel, is he indicating that she was making things up?? Daniella wanted to yell at the Alpha but she held herself. Paul didn't notice the change in Daniella's eyes before she caresses her temples and acted dizzy.

" I-I'm not feeling well. I want to rest early today. " Daniella said. Paul immediately assisted Daniella out of the restaurant after paying the bill. 

The couple was silent on the car, it has always been this case between the two. Paul always thought of Daniella as a shy person even when they're already a couple. Paul silently moved his hand to touch Daniella's soft ones hoping that she would somehow feel better. Paul quickly drove to the Sullen's mansion wanting to let his beloved rest already but just as they were already close, Daniella received a text from an anonymous number. Reading the text message, vicious glint flashes in Daniella's eyes, her lips twitch into a slight smile before switching back to her sickly expression.

" Baby, I don't want to go home tonight. I want to stay with you. " Daniella smiles faintly as she held Paul's thigh causing the other to look surprised. Paul could still remember the last time Daniella and he had sex, it was almost six months ago when Daniella finally accepted him as her boyfriend and since then nothing happened to them. Paul wasn't complaining since he was already happy that the person he loves is finally his. 

Meanwhile, on Daniella's mind, she didn't really feel like having sex with the Alpha because she wouldn't gain anything from it. But because she's in a happy mood because of the good news the message had brought, additionally, she needed to keep the spice up between her and Paul.

" Baby a-are you sure? " Paul asks unable to focus to the road with Daniella's hands on his thigh just near his crotch.

" Y-you don't want to? " Daniella withdraws her hand and her tears started to build on his eyes. Seeing how hurt Daniella was Paul immediately cooed Daniella.

" No No. I would love to. I've been wanting to for months. B-but you're not feeling well today and I might hurt you. " Paul explained shifting his eyes from the road to Daniella and back to the road.

" I'm okay. You won't hurt me and I've been waiting for this to happen too. " Daniella said with a smile. She needed to let the alpha taste her body from time to time. It's not like it's her first time anyway so she didn't care, sex had no meaning to her as much as it means to others.

* * *

Daniel carefully carried and laid baby Luangmin to the incubator and let the nurse take care of him. He had finished breastfeeding the little baby and he couldn't stop smiling how adorable his and Laotian's baby is. Although he's so small and a little bit reddish, he could tell he would be like his father when he grows up. Daniel had been practicing a lot on how to take care of a premature baby and been oriented about the possible health risk and development process, he was worried a lot but also very happy that at least that the baby was safe and healthy although very small in size.

" Laotian. " Daniel flashed his brightest smile to the Alpha when he came inside the room.

" Hi,  how was it? " Laotian asks kissing Daniel's temples and then looks at his sleeping son.

" I just fed him and earlier today the nurse taught me how to bathe him, and soon his skin will turn normal. He's so small Laotian. You really should try it. " Daniel reported with high spirits. It's been 5 days since Daniel woke up and he wanted to immediately see the baby. When he saw his son, Daniel was so happy. He was worried something might have gone wrong to the baby since he was born prematurely but seeing how the baby had been developing normally Daniel was now happy.

On the other hand, Laotian refused to hold the baby. He was afraid he would hurt the small creature while holding him so until the baby grows a little bit bigger the Alpha decided he wouldn't dare touch him.

" I'm already happy watching you and our son. " Laotian said sitting on the bed where Daniel had now laid. He held Daniel's hand as he watches the two precious being in his life. Laotian thought, he'd never want to erase the smile on Daniel's face ever but earlier, he discovered the truth behind the accident and he didn't know what to actually feel. He was furious and sad at the same time for the Omega. He knew already that Daniel's twin sister wasn't as good as everyone sees her but he couldn't just act according to the way he does things. Daniella is still Daniel's blood sibling and no matter what, he couldn't just order someone to capture Daniella and torture and kill her like he always did when he's angry.

Laotian might have already done dirty works before but in this matter, no matter what Daniel had to know. This is also to prevent Daniel from hurting way more in the future.

" Laotian, what happened? " Daniel asked noticing the unusual expression of the Alpha. 

" Can you come with me for a couple of minutes? " Laotian asked tightening his grip on Daniel's hand.

" Okay,  but where are we going? "

" I'll tell you when we get there. Daniel,  no matter what happened I'm here beside you. Always. We're in this together. " Laotian said pulling Daniel into a tight hug. Daniel was confused but he hugged Laotian back and said okay.

Daniel hadn't fully recovered but the doctor allowed him to go out for a couple of minutes. Laotian drove and after a couple of minutes, he finally pulled up into a parking lot and faced Daniel.

" At first I didn't want to tell you this but after having a lot of thought about it, I figured things like this, you should really know. I don't want you to get hurt but I'm choosing to hurt you now than hurt you much more later on. " Laotian started with a defeated expression.

" Laotian? I'm really confused. Please tell me what happened. " Daniel asked worried, Laotian didn't respond and only kissed Daniel's forehead before they finally got out of the car. Daniel was so confused about the whole situation and even more when they enter a memorial park.

" Laotian,  what are we doing here!? " Daniel asked pulling the Alpha's arm, scared of what he might find out after going into this kind of place. Daniel's heart was starting to beat faster as he anticipates what might the Alpha tell him.

" When you got into that accident the doctor did everything he could to save you and the baby, " Laotian pause the held Daniel's hand. " but he couldn't save one of them. " Laotian said as he stopped walking and then caress Daniel's confused cheeks.

" Daniel, you were pregnant with twins. The other one didn't survive. " Laotian finally said. Daniel froze, couldn't say a word,  he was really confused but after the words sink into his mind, his tears slowly fell into his cheeks. He chewed on his lips and looked at Laotian.

" N-No...Laotian, Please tell me this isn't true. " Daniel held Laotian's arms as he begs the Alpha to tell him all he said was a lie.

" I'm sorry. I didn't want to tell you and share this burden, this pain, but I thought you had to know. " Laotian hugged Daniel into his arms while the Omega started crying out loud.

Laotian couldn't say anything else and hug Daniel until he calmed down. He felt the pain in his heart as he watches Daniel like this.

" W-where..? " Daniel couldn't finish what he wanted to ask as he continued to cry again.

" I named her Luang Mie just like we planned to. " Laotian said looking at the tomb next to where they are standing. Daniel let go of Laotian and looked at the tomb. His eyes started to blur at the number of tears coming out of his eyes. Daniel's lips trembled, he gently held the tomb and cried even harder.

" I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Mama couldn't protect you. I'm sorry. s-so...rry... " Daniel mumbled kneeling on the ground crying. This scene broke Laotian's heart so much that thinking of killing Daniella might not be enough anymore. He wanted to break her and torture her, letting her live until all she will think is to die.

" Daniel this isn't your fault. " Laotian kneeled down as well and hugged his beloved wife. Daniel was in so much pain that he couldn't stop crying. He thought he must remain strong for LuangMin but failed as for now, he just wanted to cry for his little princess.

* * *

To be continued.