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* * *

If Laotian hadn't reminded the Omega about baby Luangmin's feeding time Daniel might have started sleeping beside the tomb of baby Luangmie. Now, Daniel refused to return baby Laungmin back to the incubator and just kept staring and crying looking at the small creature.

Laotian sighed looking at his depressed wife. Daniel's loud sobs echoed across the whole room and the Alpha couldn't do anything about it. All he could do is hate the person who did this to Daniel more and more. Good thing their son wasn't a little bit affected by his mother's loud sobbing and still deeply asleep while sucking his little red thumb.

It took a couple more hours before the nurse could take and put the baby back to his incubator when Daniel finally slept while dry tears stained all over his cheeks. Laotian caress Daniel's hair making the Omega wake up looking at Laotian's brown eyes and started crying again. All the Alpha could do for now is hug Daniel and do everything to make his wife happy before making actions.

The next day, Daniel came back to his normal self making Laotian even more worried but he let it slide anyway because he knew Daniel wanted to be strong for their son. While breastfeeding baby Luangmin, Laotian sat beside Daniel observing his wife and son.

" Laotian, you don't have work today?? " Daniel asked confused because since the day he woke up the Alpha seemed to be so busy with Hanlu and Tian Zi and yesterday Laotian had gone somewhere with the two for work.

" No, I let Hanlu manage everything for the time being. And surprisingly Tian Zi was helping him. " The alpha explained. It wasn't easy to make that brat Tian Zi work so something good kinda happened out of this although the Alpha prefers this not to happen at all.

" Hmmm, " Daniel didn't say anymore and continued to watch his son who's latching onto his breast. Daniel couldn't stop thinking of baby Luangmie as he look at his son but Daniel had decided to move on for Luangmin. If Daniel kept on being sad about what had happened then he won't be able to properly take care of his son.

" Laotian, when are we going home? " Daniel asked after a couple of minutes of silence.

" When Luangmin is safe enough to travel. " Laotian replied. He was thinking, it would be much easier to handle things with Daniella when they're home and closer to her. But for now, he needed Daniel and Luangmin to recover before they go back.

" Hmm, does grandfather knows? "

" No, he doesn't. " Laotian replied, no one aside from the three brothers, Franco and Aldrin's security team knew about what had happened, even David doesn't know what had happened. Laotian ask him to fly back home first after he was done with his transactions.

" Don't tell grandfather, his heart isn't very healthy as it used to be. I'm afraid he'll have a heart attack if he discovers. " Daniel softly asked looking into the Alpha's eyes.

" hmmm, I won't. "

" Laotian, I love you. " Daniel's words came out of nowhere. Laotian smiles holding Daniel's cheek before kissing Daniel passionately. Laotian could feel how Daniel is feeling depressed about the death of their daughter and is now acting strong for Luangmin and him.

" I love you more than anything in this world. " Laotian respond showering Daniel with soft kisses making the Omega smile. Finally, both of them stared at the little creature still busily feeding on his mother's milk.

* * *

Another week had passed and finally Daniel is fully recovered but still can't check out of the hospital because of Luangmin.

A few days ago William came to visit Daniel and Laotian and to also borrow the couple's rings as promised for his gallery event in the next days. Laotian wasn't going to keep his promise at first but because of Daniel, he let the blue-eyed man take their rings anyways with a warning not to spread any rumors about what had happened.

At the moment, Daniel was carefully bathing the baby while Laotian observe him from afar. Laotian thought that Daniel had become more like a mother each day had passed and he couldn't help but fall for the Omega's caring personality more and more. He couldn't stop thinking how sexy his wife looked while holding there son on his arms. Although Daniel was only 19 years old, he's more mature than anyone else in making decisions. Laotian admire this side of Daniel.

Laotian continued to observe his wife as he himself worked on a small desk in a corner.

The couple's routine had continued like that, while Laotian had resumed his work staying close at Daniel 24/7. Another week had passed until months had passed and Daniel was finally allowed to take the baby home after learning everything he had to learn about taking care of a premature baby. With that, the couple flies back to their country.

The moment the couple steps into the airport. A piece of news from an anonymous source had been uploaded on the internet, the news was about the only young mistress of the Sullen family and Mo Empire's eldest heir Mo Laotian had been in a secret relationship came out of nowhere with a follow up picture with the two having a romantic date on a high-class restaurant. That photo was taken almost a year and a half ago but only came out now causing a huge ruckus in the media and public.

Mo Laotian, is a famous business personality, and had caught the eyes of every wealthy family in the country. A lot of people wanted to form a connection with the Mo family in any way possible so when this news had come out it immediately went viral.

The article received a lot of negative comments but it didn't stop the fact that the young mistress of the Sullen family and Mo Laotian of the Mo empire had indeed gone out on a date. No matter how people thought of it, Mo Laotian wouldn't have a romantic date with a woman he doesn't like so maybe the ice Alpha King had finally fallen in love!?

But Daniella Sullen was already with the Hamlyn Corporation eldest heir Paul and even announced their engagement in public a couple of months ago so how come this news came out?

Not knowing anything, Daniel protectively carried baby Luangmin on his arms while Laotian's arms around his body. The two had no clue what had been going on in social media and went straight to their car.

Just when the two went inside the car someone had taken a picture of the two with the Alpha lovingly holding Daniel. The picture wasn't very clear as it was far away and taken from a mobile phone. Daniel was wearing thick clothes because of the cool temperature at night but it was obviously wasn't Daniella Sullen who was with Mo Laotian in the picture. The person who took it had seen Mo Laotian in a magazine before and his brother works as a journalist. With the picture going on online he was thinking maybe he could sell the photos at a high price or help his brother be promoted. 

The heavily tinted car drive away from the airport. Daniel heave a sigh of relief after entering the vehicle and leaned against Laotian's arms. They were headed straight to the Mo family's main house as they planned to let the elders know about the early arrival of the first heir of Mo Laotian.

When the two arrived, the Elders were worried about what would the couple react about the news Mo Hanlu had sent them about Daniella and Laotian having a secret relationship. Mo Hanlu had already done his best to suppress the news but whenever it was deleted someone else uploaded the same article again, Tian Zi was also working on blocking every account who uploaded the article but the other side clearly has a motive as it keeps coming back. Mo Hanlu was worried his older brother might kill every person who uploaded the same picture after he learns about this. For now, he couldn't do anything about it since he's out of the country to settle some business transactions.

As the two arrived, instead of the elders' worried face, after seeing Daniel carrying a small creature on his arms the two elders immediately forgot about that news and rush towards Daniel to see the baby.

" W-what happened? Oh My Gosh. Honey the baby looks exactly like Laotian. " Mrs. Mo excitedly squeal towards her husband.

" Mom please let Daniel sit first. " Laotian sigh helplessly. He knew already the elders would be so excited about their first grandchild.

" Oh, of course, Darling come sit with mother-in-law. Tell me what had happened!? " Mrs. Mo asked with a mixture of emotions. As she remembers the baby shouldn't have come till this week, she never imagines this would happen and just happy that the couple extented their stay in Hawaii cause she was also afraid that riding the plane back would cause the Omega premature labor but with this now Mrs. Mo was shocked. She was already worried about why the couple came back now.

Hearing the question Daniel glanced at Laotian. They had already made up a story to cover up what had originally happened to prevent the elders from worrying too much but thinking about baby Laungmie, Daniel started to stutter and his tears slowly build up at the side of his eyes.

If the elders knew about the accident, Daniel doesn't know how the Elders would react, will they take it easily or not?

" T-the doctor said that uhmm... " before Daniel continued talking Laotian interrupt him.

" It was my fault. I couldn't help myself and overdid it so the baby came out earlier than expected. " Laotian explained and walked towards Daniel who's now chewing on his lips.

" Xiao Lao, what were you thinking? Good thing nothing bad happened. " Mrs. Mo exclaimed. Laotian not saying anything else, he let the elders feast on his son for a couple more before sending Daniel to their room to get some rest.

" Is what you said true? Why didn't you tell us what had happened in Hawaii? " Elder Mo asked suspiciously towards his son. Although most of the time he couldn't read this son of his, surprisingly he always knew when Laotian wanted to kill someone because he was the one who taught Laotian how to handle things if something came out of hand. Not everything can be solved easily, sometimes you need to do it the hard way.

" Father, you only need to know what I want you to know. " Laotian said sipping onto his wine. Mrs. Mo was helping Daniel with the baby while Elder Mo and Laotian talked. Elder Mo nod at Laotian completely understanding his son. Sometimes there are things that are meant to stay hidden.

" Did you look at the article going on online? It's about you and Daniel's twin sister having a secret relationship. " Elder Mo said looking at his glass of wine. Hearing what had his father said, Laotian's heart was furious and rage fill his heart. He was so unhappy that it was even showing on his aura. Elder Mo stood up and pat Laotian's shoulder.

" Whatever it is, your family will always be by your side. " Elder Mo said softly, there was a lot of things Laotian had hidden from Elder Mo but not this thing. Although Elder Sullen is his good old friend he wouldn't betray his family for it.

* * *

Daniel was already resting when Laotian came inside the room. He checked baby Luangmin first in the crib before sitting next to Daniel and caress the Omega's soft locks of hair.

" Laotian, are you drunk? " Daniel woke up after feeling the Alpha's rough hands and smelling the scent of liquor from his body.

" I'm not, just had a little drink with Father. " Laotian had drunk a few glasses to suppress his anger about the news and before he knew it he had already drunk the whole bottle of wine before he finally calmed down.

" hmmm, okay you should rest now. " Daniel said softly but after saying it he felt the Alpha's lips against his. Laotian gave him a long sloppy kiss with his tongue against Daniel's. Daniel could slightly taste the liquor on Loatian's breath.

" I don't want to rest. " Laotian whispered releasing Daniel's mouth with a heavy breath and started kissing on the Omega's neck slowly pulling his pants down with his underwear and threw it aside. The Alpha's movements were so fast Daniel didn't have the chance to decline.

Daniel moans softly feeling his body being assaulted by the Alpha. The Alpha yank down his own pants and pulled out his erection to rub it against Daniel's entrance. It had been a long time since the two had made love and now that Laotian had drunk a lot his desire was pulled out into the surface. Without any preparation Laotian push his flesh inside Daniel's.

" Ahhh hmmm, " Daniel squeak softly with his mouth open and eyes closed when the Alpha's flesh slide inside him. Even though it was too sudden Daniel realized it has been almost two months and a half since the last time they had sex, feeling the familiar object inside him again made Daniel so turned on. In an instant his narrow channel took the shape of the Alpha, he didn't think he would miss Laotian's thing so much that he almost wanted to come already just from feeling it against his soft spot.

" Laotian!? " Daniel stared at the Alpha after Daniel realize Laotian wasn't moving at all, Laotian was savoring the feeling of Daniel's narrow place constantly squeezing him so he pushed even deeper feeling so good, satisfied with the tight feeling.

" I missed this place so much. " Laotian groan thrusting once inside Daniel.

" ahh I missed you too s-so please start moving. " Daniel begged, gripping on Laotian's arms which had been tightly holding his thighs on place.

Laotian started moving with rough thrusts causing Daniel to arch his body backward. Daniel tried very hard to minimize his lewd moans but failed miserably as the Laotian kept messing with his sweet spot. It's already a miracle that baby Luangmin hasn't woken up with the sounds yet. Daniel was a mess as Laotian wouldn't give him a chance to keep up, goosebumps covered his whole body. When the Alpha first enters him Daniel wasn't so wet but now he could feel his own slick lubricating the Alpha's flesh making the thrusts smoother despite how tight Daniel had become.

Laotian pulled Daniel in an embrace making him sit on his lap before the former tuck the later's shirt and started sucking on Daniel's leaking nubs.

" hmmm," Daniel squeezes Loatian's hair feeling the weird sensation being sucked on hard by Laotian. Whenever Laungmin did it, Daniel doesn't feel anything but with Laotian at the moment it feels so different, it feels intense and arousing.

" Sweet. Now I know why our son loved sucking on these precious fruits. " Laotian commented before going to the other. He had been fantasizing about Daniel's breasts for 2 months as it slightly grew from its original size.

" L-leave some for Luangmin later. " Daniel helplessly moaned but hearing no reply from the Alpha. The two continued making love until Luangmin started crying on his crib. Daniel was on fours as Laotian bang him, this is the first time the two had an intimate activity with Laotian being drunk so Daniel had to feel so good for a long time until he couldn't move his legs without shaking anymore. The Alpha lasted longer than his normal one and even though he already came Laotian just wouldn't stop.

Far from coming, Laotian regretfully pulled out from his wife and kiss Daniel's exhaustedly shaking back before getting off of the bed. He immediately went to the bathroom to wask his hands and wipe off his sweat before going to the crib.

Laotian hasn't carried baby Laungmin yet but tonight because he had tire Daniel to the point of passing out, he took the initiative to calm baby Luangmin down. Although Laotian hasn't touched a baby yet in his whole life he seemed very knowledgeable, after checking if baby Luangmin had wet himself he carefully picked him into his arms and hush to sleep. The little creature looked like a doll on Laotian's arms but in Daniel's eyes who had just slightly recovered, it was the most beautiful scene he had seen in his life. Daniel forced himself to sit up and smiled calling Laotian's name, there were tears of joy on Daniel's eyes as he bit his lips. This is the first time Daniel had seen the Alpha carried Luangmin so he was so happy looking at the father and son.

" I'm sorry, you don't have to get up. I'll take care of Luangmin. " Laotian said after hearing the soft voice calling out his name as he sways baby Luangmin to sleep.

" You look like a father now. " Daniel giggled signaling Laotian to come to the bed.

" Silly, I am Luangmin's father. " Laotian chuckled at Daniel's comment.

" I know but with MinMin in your arms, you look more of a father. "

" Hmmm "

" he must have had a nightmare. " Daniel said crawling next to Laotian who's now sitting on the bed. Daniel hugged Laotian from the back after kissing the Alpha's nape and settling his head above his shoulder.

" hmmm, or got scared with the loud sounds. " Laotian teased. Baby Luangmin had already calmed down after Laotian carried him so now the baby was now deeply asleep again. Daniel blushed and suddenly bite the Alpha's ear.

" It's your fault. " Daniel defended burying his face at the side of the Laotian's neck.

" hmmm and I'm not planning to stop. " Laotian said smiling then stood up to put baby Luangmin back to the crib.

Laotian walked to the bed only to find out his wife hiding under the duvet.

" I'm joking. No need to hide. " Laotian teased while hugging Daniel with the duvet.

" Seriously, I can't trust you. You're just insatiable. " Daniel groan still hiding. He knew that if Laotian insisted he couldn't say no to it.

" Baby, Please let me see your face. " Laotian chuckle, this is the first time Laotian had called Daniel Baby so it really made Daniel blush, it's really weird coming from Laotian but Daniel liked it. There was a moment of silence before Daniel finally came out of the blanket red all over his face.

" W-what did you call me? "

" Baby, you don't like it? Should I call you wifey instead? " Laotian teased again.

" I-I don't like endearments and I'm n-not used to it but h-hearing you say it... " Daniel paused biting the side of his cheek to prevent himself from smiling.

" but what? "

" I-I like it. " Daniel confessed and hid against Laotian's chest.

" You like it? " Laotian asked and Daniel nodded hugging the Alpha.

" Baby, come on show me your face. " Daniel hesitated for a moment before finally revealing his face to the Alpha. Laotian smiled and kissed Daniel's forehead.

" Arggg this is so frustrating. " Laotian groan hugging Daniel tighter into his arms. Daniel was confused for a second but after feeling the growing tower of Laotian against his belly he once again blushes deeper. They already did it multiple times but how come the Alpha still so lively?

" Laotian? "

" Don't move, it will calm down if you leave it alone. " Laotian whispered hugging Daniel while he closed his eyes. He knew this was the work of alcohol, it made all his sexual desires from the past months come out. Daniel was still healing so he doesn't want to overdo it.

" Is it really okay? " Daniel asked, he knew leaving it alone will be painful. It's not like Daniel doesn't want to do it again but the baby might wake up again if he was too noisy.

" It's okay. Sleep now. " Laotian said as he himself closed his eyes. Hearing the Alpha's word Daniel closed his eyes. Because Daniel was already tired from the earlier activity he immediately fell asleep. Laotian on the other hand struggled to fall asleep so after sensing that Daniel had fallen asleep after a couple of minutes he sighed and get off of the bed, took a cold shower before finally sleeping next to Daniel.

* * *

To be continued.