Chapter 1 – Beginning Of a Legend
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The Eternal Void. A place that has existed for centillion ages. A place that has existed before the all.

The mighty Void created the Primordial Chaos and gave its own Will where all the existences were born and flourished.

In the Primal Chaos, the first life was formed. The first being cultivated for 108 eons, each eon lasting for 10 billion years, he attained Supreme authority. He established the All Heavens Yu Family and became the ruler of the Heavens. His Yu family reigned all over the Primal Chaos. He was the first All Heavens Emperor, Yu-Ming. He had reached the so-called apex of cultivation. Now Yu Ming's son Yu Qiang is the next All Heavens Emperor.

For eternities, the Void used to observe all her creations, she used to see how all creatures have their loved ones sharing joy and sorrow together so she also longed for such emotions. So one heyday she gave birth to a boy, the void where nothing existed made an exception in this regard ..which later will create a Myth.

This boy of 18 years of age, has red eyes as if containing everything, sucking in all things that look into it, long silky black hair reaching all the way to his knees. His face is so handsome and perfect that it would steal any one's soul. He has cultivated as no one has ever done before. The only being who took in Void Qi for years, taught by his mother the Void, the boy learned about Talisman, alchemy, that could make any crippled mortal ascend to godhood as if it was nothing, Void techniques that could obliterate the so-called All Heavens Emperor, he learned everything from Music to Martial Arts ,just name it and he is proficient in them all!

Somewhere in the Void, there is a Mountain that traveled around aimlessly


A young man in his 18 walked out of a cave yawning.

"Aaaahhhh, after all this time, I am finally finished with my learning."

"Let's go and see what my Mom's doing", saying so he went towards the sound of music coming from.

He saw his mother playing flute near a little waterfall, the sound of the flute so mesmerizing and beautiful. Each of the notes containing such ancient profoundness as if encompassing the whole mountain range. She wears no makeup, but it doesn't matter, for the heaven itself seems to have done everything in its power to sculpt her countenance to perfection. Her neck is dreamily white and seems to be covered in a powder made of snow. Nobody would dare believe that there would be such flawless jadelike skin existing in this world. She had an especially slender build and a head full of luminous long, black-colored hair. She seemed to be dressed in a simple white robe.

However, her perfect countenance also exudes coolness and holiness that averted all eyes. She gives off the impression of a pure, Goddess who resides in a world higher than the 33 heavens...

She was Void in her human form.

"Mom !!" the boy shouted in happiness as he ran and hugged her.

"Ah!! my child you are so happy today, it seems you have improved?" she smiled, her smile was capable of causing the downfall of a whole realm!

"Yes Mom", the boy replied. His two eyes were so innocent.

Void smiled lightly as she stroked her boy's silky hair.

"Mom?" the boy looked into her eyes, which glittered like stars in the night sky

"What is it, my son?"

"I-I want to go down and explore all the realms", the boy said quietly

"Huh!, so that time has finally come eh? You are now grown enough to leave your dear Mom alone here?", void sounded bitter.

"No no Never! how can I ever leave you it's just I want to attain experience", the boy sounded anxious

"Hahaha I know that my darling, it's just I love to see your worried face for your mom"

"Ahh! you tricked me again !! not fair"

"Alright! alright! you can go visit all the realms, it is very colorful and chaotic down there" the Void continued," also don't forget to bring me a beautiful daughter in law it would be nice to play with my little grandchildren in the garden, it is too much silence here! hahaha"


A loud shout and a peal of gentle laughter echoed throughout the Emptiness.

"And  Tian'er don't forget to change your appearance otherwise you would cause disaster everywhere you would go!" Void smirked...

She was god-damn lucky and blessed to have a son like him




Finally, one day the boy bid his mother goodbye and went to explore the Realms...

This is the tale of Shen Tian...