Chapter 2 – “A Phoenix”
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In the All Heavens Realm, where Gods can be seen walking in the streets like mortals, there was a forest named Godly-beast forest which lies in the extreme of the All Heavens Realm.


In this forest, Gods mean nothing to the Heavenly Beasts dwelling inside.




A Dragon with its body reaching millions of miles roared, and the earth shook.




Suddenly out of nowhere,  a black hole the size of a full-grown tree appears, a young boy walked out and looked at his surroundings with curiosity, that boy, of course, was, Shen Tian.

Though it was his first time ever coming down to this realm, he knew that he shouldn't be too conspicuous otherwise it will create total chaos in the realm. He started walking in the forest,  mesmerized by all the greeneries and the natural view of the heavenly forest, tall mountains piercing the heavens, waterfalls, and rivers, it was a feast to the eyes.



In the center of the forest, there was a tree.


Just one with no other trees around it for thousands of miles.


It was called the Tree of Beginning.


All the strongest Heavenly Beasts within the Forest would fight for the Tree of Beginning's territory to prove that they were the strongest among all the Heavenly Beast.


However, at this moment there is not even an ant around, let alone Heavenly Beasts.




Because of the figure that was currently sitting on the top of this tree.


This was the All Heaven Phoenix God, the ancestor of all the phoenixes in the whole world, its razing flames can lit a realm bright ,her flames contained so much ancient profoundness that even looking at it one can unveil the secrets of the world! , she was so beautiful that all other heavenly beasts used to lust after it but no one dared to approach her afraid of her powers and grandeur.

She was aloof and turned down even the heavenly Basilisk when he courted her. 

The heavenly Basilisk was angry and thought that its pride was hurt when the Phoenix rejected him, but he didn't dare to do anything as he was afraid of her as she is the Queen of the All-Heaven Heavenly forest, the strongest beast. She was so powerful that she would obey only the All Heavens Yu Family who ruled over the whole Primal Chaos!


The Phoenix was resting on the tree when she suddenly noticed, a boy approaching her, barely in his 18, his looks were was totally average.

She was astonished as no one, not even the Great All-Heaven Dragon dared to trespass its territory, and now a boy dared to challenge her authority. Although she was a little angry, but never minded it as she had a magnanimous heart.


"Who are you boy!?" said the Phoenix calmly.


"Hm? A Phoenix? How interesting" said the young man who worked towards the Phoenix.


"What!?" now the Phoenix was angry, never in her life, she was called “A Phoenix”, she was the queen of this forest and now a mere mortal dared to call her as such!


She thought that the human was a mortal as she couldn't sense any cultivation on him even with her heavenly sense.


"Boy, leave before I get angry," said the Phoenix.


"Leave? I just came to this realm, where would I go?" said the boy confused.


This boy was exactly Shen Tian.


"Just came to this realm?" said the Phoenix confused.

Because it was The All Heavens Realm which rules even the Heavens!

 And only the strongest Gods in whole Primal Chaos only after the All Heavens Family gives the permission could ascend here in All Heavens Realm.

This Realm stands at the so-called Apex of Cultivation…!

But she wasn’t able to find even a trace of cultivation in him. Maybe the boy is a mortal born in the Celestial Realm as Mortals could be found in all Realms. But even a mortal born here would be million times stronger than one born in Lower Realms as the difference in Spirit Power and Lower Realms was more than the difference between Heaven and Earth!


"Boy, where did you come from ?" said the Phoenix angered,she thought the boy was lying to her.


She is a righteous person and she hated when others lied the most.


"Huh, where do I come from?  hehe" chuckled Shen Tian.


" I descended to this realm," said Shen Tian with a straight look in his eyes without the slightest trace of lying.


The Ancestor Phoenix looked towards the boy’s innocent eyes and couldn’t find even a trace of false.


"D-descended!?" exclaimed the Ancestor Phoenix in shock.


"Oh I want to travel through all the realms " said Shen Tian to the Phoenix.


"Boy don't lie to us, there is no realm above the Heavenly Realm. Scram I am getting impatient." said the Phoenix,she thought the boy might be ill mentally as he was not lying.


"How about I prove it to you? ", said the boy calmly.


She was now totally infuriated, this boy was too much first of all he called her “a Phonix” and now he even dared to even play with her like this!


It was a common sense that the   All Heavens Realm was the Ultimate Realm ruled by the Yu Celestial family from the beginning of time, that even a three-year-old child knew and now this boy sprout nonsense on her face that he came from some upper realm !


"Preposterous", yelled the Phoenix, her rage made the forest tremble, all the beast were now kowtowing towards the direction of Tree Of Beginning.


She rushed towards Shen Tian! She was so angry that she didn’t care about her Godly dignity and attacked him personally. She must kill this "ant" to vent her rage.


Just before she managed to reach him... She felt immense pressure crushing her to the ground!


She crushed to the ground right in front of Shen Tian's feet. He looked at her from above with his deep black eyes. "Attacking people like that for no reason is a bad thing. If you ever do it to me again... You won't see tomorrow morning." he said with a cold voice and his eyes flashed with Black light which was like the black holes wanting to almost devour her.