Chapter 3 – Feng Yue
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Just before she managed to reach him... She felt immense pressure crushing her to the ground!


She crushed to the ground right in front of Shen Tian's feet. He looked at her from above with his deep black eyes. "Attacking people like that for no reason is a bad thing. If you ever do it to me again... You won't see tomorrow morning." he said with a cold voice and his eyes flashed with Blacklight which was like the black holes wanting to almost devour her.

Hearing these words, the Phoneix shivered in fear! All of her instincts screamed at her and her soul trembled! This boy is dangerous! She could do nothing; she was pinned to the ground without any ability to resist.

After seeing her trembling in fear, Shen Tian released his pressure.

Even though she was crushed by him for only a few seconds, to her, it felt like an eternity.


The Ancestor Phoenix was still frozen stiff in the same spot, curled up with her feathery wings hiding her head, like a scared dog. “……” Shen Tian looks at this pitiful ‘dog’ in front of him speechless.

“It was just a little pressure, did they have to be that scared? All I wanted to do was to calm her down, not slay her….” Shen Tian felt wronged. But he did not know that the “tiny” bit of his Spirit Pressure was enough to scare this being powerful than all God beasts, lifeless.


After looking at the pitiful phoenix for a while, he speaks up, “Hey, little bird.”


“….” Silence. Ancestor Phoenix was still shivering in fear, not noticing the pressure had already disappeared.


“….” Shen Tian walks in front of her and kicks her, “Hey! Get up and stop looking so pitiful!”


 Ancestor Phoenix’s body jerks and jumps up shouting, “Please! Senior, please! Don’t kill me! I am willing to do whatever you want to this old bone! I will be your personal servant, and I will even be your grandchildren’s saddle mount! This old bone is not worth wasting your energy on; please spare this little one!”


Shen Tian was dumbfounded for a moment but frowned right after.

 “Senior? Grandchildren’s? What the fuck! I am only an 18 Years Old handsome young man, who the hell is she calling a senior. Do I look that old? Eh!? And grandchildren? Although I hate to admit it, I am still pure as jade, so where the hell did I get grandchildren from?!” He curses in his mind.

“Oi! Idiot Phoenix, wake up! Who are you calling old, huh?! I am only 18 years old! Fuck you! You’re old! You are so old that your bones have already turned rusty from aging!” Shen Tian hates being called old.

Since “Senior” is usually addressed to older people, he disliked being called such. Shen Tian thought that Ancestor Phoenix had called him old.


“Eh?” The Phoenix Ancestor finally becomes clear-minded after being cursed at by Shen Tian.


"What are you doing here bird?",Shen Tian asked her


Now finally being free again she stood up and took several steps back and answered: "I-I'm living here." She said with a trembling voice.


 "Oh, well you don't need to be afraid of me, as long as you won't try to hurt me, I won't hurt you." He said with a calm face.

Hearing that Shen Tian wasn't interested in her life, she calmed down. But she still has her guard up.

Shen Tian looked at her inquiring, "Why you got angry suddenly when I called you a Phoenix? Aren’t you one?"


Hearing that she felt a little bit annoyed, what does he mean ‘Aren’t you one’?!


She is The Ancestor Phoenix! The progenitor of all phoenixes! One won't be able to find someone like her even if he goes to the end of the myriad realms!


Well, even if she wanted to yell at him and say that, she wouldn't dare to do that..."Hmm, I'm not a simple Phoenix. I'm the first Phoenix born under the 33 Heavens! ", she said in pride.


Well, that information will definitely make anyone in this realm tremble in owe!


"Okay." Said Shen Tian with an unimpressed face. For him what she said didn't mean much...


Hearing that the Phoenix got nervous," she was worried, what this fiend going to do ".


"And why did you attack me ?" suddenly asked Shen Tian in an innocent voice


Seeing his innocent looks the Phoenix cursed in her mind, "innocent my ass", but she didn't dare to voice it out.

 She said grudgingly, "you lied to me about coming from an Upper realm! whereas the All Heavens realm is the Final “


“…Well, it's not like I have to prove you …because it doesn’t matter to me if you believe me or not!”,Shen Tian replied.


The Phoenix ancestor was taken aback by Shen Tian’s straightforwardness.


"Y-you…. No, Young Master, may I ask who you are?" Now knowing why she couldn't sense this human's Spirit Power and seeing his straightforwardness, she became polite and didn't dare to address him with "You" anymore.

She didn’t bother any longer whether the guy was speaking the truth, as in front of his overwhelming strength she didn’t even have the qualification to speak!

"What cultivation does he have to leave me in the dark?" The Phoenix Ancestor is still curious.


" I am called Shen Tian!"

Shen Tian told him his real name. He felt saying his real name in the here wouldn't matter, nobody knows him anyway…


"So it's Young Master Tian! As you may know, this little one is called  Feng Yue and I am the Progenitor of all the Phoenix in the world”, Feng Yue, the Ancestor Phoenix introduces herself with a smile.