Chapter 5 – Immortal Realm
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One hundred thousand miles away to the south of the largest city 'Holy Jade City' in one of the Immortal Realm is a mountain range, named 'Southern Domain', with green mountains all around and Magic Beasts with powers compared to a Human cultivator with a Cultivation at the Immortal Realm everywhere.

The weakest is compared to a Bronze Immortal and the strongest ones dwelling in the center of the Southern Domain have powers stronger than a middle-ranked Sect's Sect Masters, a Golden Immortal.

Just as the sun peeks out from behind a mountain, a strong Spirit Power gathered in the center of the Southern Domain and alarmed every single Magic Beast in its surroundings.

"Treasure is being born!" A shadow of a tiger with wings as tall as 50 meters flashed and disappeared.

"Such a strong Spirit Power gathering, what kind of treasure could it be? With this much Spirit Power, it must be at least a High-Grade Immortal Treasure! I must have it!" A snake was coiling around a whole mountain drills underground and disappears.

"This is my chance. I must not let the other two old bastards get it first, or I will be doomed!" The earth suddenly shook when an enormous mountain was uprooted into the air. But the jaw-dropping part was that this mountain was only just a shell of this colossal turtle underneath it.

* * * *

Center of the Southern Domain where the Spirit Power is gathering, the air cracks and a portal appear.

A young boy carrying a golden bird walks out and looks at his surroundings with curiosity.

"I would've forcefully opened the gate to the Mortals Realm if it wouldn't have sucked all the Mortals Realm dry….I do not want to cause others harm"

“Young Master the spirit power here is so darn low”, the bird complained.

“Feng Yue it’s the lower realms so of course, the spirit powers would be of low quality”, the boy chided the golden bird.

"Oh well, no choice. Since we are already here, let's take a look around before finding the Realm Gate to Mortals Realm."

This young boy is precisely Shen Tian and his partner Feng Yue.

If it did not cause a problem to go straight from the Void Realm to the Mortals Realm, he would've done it. But because of the vast differences in the Realms, a colossal amount of Spirit Power would be needed to make the Gate, and it might suck out all of the Spirit Power in the Mortals Realm just to make the Gate appear.

And if that happens, all the people in mortals realm cultivating would be doomed

"Now which way to go…."


Before he could even think, a 50 meter tall Tiger with wings behind his back lands 10 miles away from him.

"A Six Winged Heavenly White Tiger?" Shen Tian mumbles to himself.

The Six Winged Heavenly White Tigers are from the Heavenly Winged White Tiger race.

Their bloodline inherited from the 'Transparent Winged White Tiger God, known as the strongest among all the tiger race.

Even in the Heavenly Celestial Realm, they are amongst the Top 10 strongest Heavenly Beasts that controlled many territories.

"Human, how did you get here and where did you hide the treasure?" It spoke in human language.

The Six Winged Heavenly White Tiger was surprised to see a young boy carrying a golden goose in the center of the Southern Domain where Immortal Beasts roam.

He had neat long black hair down to his back, with a face no older than 18 and had an average face, sharp eyebrows and a pair of black eyes staring right at him.

"He's not even scared when I'm staring at him?"

What was most surprising was that this little human with a goose in his hand was looking at him with such a calm face.

Who is he? He is one of the rulers in the Southern Domain, even the Golden Immortals he fought had fearful eyes looking at him.

Who was this kid? He was positive that this kid is a Mortal because he can't sense even a thread of Spirit Power in him.

How did he get here?

He was also sure that there are no other humans within the range of ten thousand miles around here. But most importantly is the Spirit Power that was gathering here had suddenly disappeared.

Did this little human take the treasure? While the Six-Winged Heavenly White Tiger was thinking, Shen Tian was confused.

"Treasure? What treasure?" He and Feng Yue just got here! Where did he get the time to look for treasures?

"Hey, little tiger. What treasure are you talking about? I think there is a misunderstanding and I do not have the treasure that you are speaking of." He speaks with a confused face.

"L-l-l-little T-tiger? I DARE YOU TO REPEAT THAT!" The Six Winged Heavenly White Tiger was dumbfounded at first, doubting if he heard correctly. But how could he possibly have hearing problems? His body starts shaking from anger, and Spirit Power starts pouring out of his body to pressure the young man in front of him.

A mortal kid with a goose in his hand just smacked his face, the strongest among the three lords of the Southern Domain!

"What's wrong with calling you a little tiger? Not even mentioning the Ten Winged Heavenly White Tiger being in early adulthood, you are just a Six Winged Heavenly White Tiger, barely past your childhood and you're complaining? You should be thankful that my Young master even took his precious time to speak with you!" the golden goose like a bird suddenly spoke and looked at him like he was looking at an idiot.

Little did the Six-Winged Heavenly White Tiger know that he was talking to the Ancestor Phoenix who lived from the beginning of time, who has seen even Twelve Winged Heavenly White Tigers roaming in Heavenly Celestial realm and God realm …to her, he is just a little tiger barely past his childhood.

"Eh?" As if lightning had struck him, his pressure instantly disappears like smoke, and his mouth opens wide, showing his shiny sharp tooth and pink tongue. He did not even notice that he was being treated like an idiot and could only stare dumbfoundedly.

Ten Winged Heavenly White Tiger? He had always thought that the Eight Winged Heavenly White Tiger was the limit of the Heavenly Winged Tiger race and that he was just one Realm below it. But what did this bird just say? Ten Winged Heavenly White Tiger? Early adulthood? There is an even higher Realm than the Ten Winged Heavenly White Tiger? Impossible!

"W-w-what did you j-just say? T-ten Winged Heavenly White Tiger?" He could only ask dumbfoundedly.

"That's impossible! The highest our Heavenly Winged Tiger race can reach are the Eight Winged Heavenly White Tiger, what bullshit are you talking about!"

He still denies it.

Would you believe it if some random stranger told you that the mother you have always known was not your actual mother?

"Are you really an idiot? How do you not know about your own race? The highest your race can evolve to is the 'Transparent Winged White Tiger God', where after your twelve wings combine and form into a single pair of transparent wings. This is basic sense, are you sure you're from the Heavenly Winged Tigers race and not the weaker Winged Tigers race?" Feng Yue asked.