Chapter 6 – “Minuscule Pressure”
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The Six Winged Heavenly White Tiger couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Is this real? He couldn't help but question mindlessly, "W-who are all?"

"Me? I am….."


But Tian Shen was interrupted by two big figures suddenly appearing 5 miles to the left and right of the Six Winged Heavenly White Tiger.

"A Human with a bird? Lao Bai, what is a mortal doing here and what happened to the Spirit Power gathering here?"

The snake questions this so-called Lao Bai, who is precisely the Six-Winged Heavenly White Tiger.

"A Mountain Blood Viper and a World Titan Turtle?" Tian Shen looks at the newcomers.

A Mountain Blood Viper, a dark red body with the length of 10 miles, two sharp fangs dripping down a green gooey substance that melts whatever it touches. A pair of yellow eyes that can scare the shit out of anyone it makes eye contact with.

The other newcomer was a World Titan Turtle, known for their unbreakable defense. There are even legends out there of World Titan Turtles carrying a whole world on their back. Even though this one is quite tiny compared to the ones in the legend, when it grows up and transcends, its size will expand by billions of times.

Lao Bai looked at the two and said in a serious voice, "Both of you leave here right now, I have to talk with them alone."

He wanted to ask this mysterious human and his bird about some more information about his race. But he will lose face if he did it in front of the other two rulers of Southern Domain.

"Lao Bai, could it be that you are not satisfied with the three of us ruling over the Southern Domain and want to keep the treasure to yourself to slay us two old bones?"

The turtle questions in a deep voice, with a bit of pressure in it. He currently has the weakest cultivation out of the three being a Bronze Immortal. If not for his godlike defense that can ignore the other two attacks, he would've been killed long ago, let alone being one of the three rulers. Now that he was late to the treasure and the other party is hiding it; if he doesn't say anything, won't he be a turtle in warm water being boiled?

Lao Bai's face changed and said in a strong voice, "Me? Hiding the treasure? What treasure are you talking about? The Spirit Power had already disappeared before I even got here. When I arrived, this human and his bird were already here. And do I, Lao Bai even need a treasure to deal with you?!"

"Hah, if you don't need a treasure to deal with us, why are we still alive? Don't tell me you are actually a lonely one and wanted to share territories with us."

Scoffed the Mountain Blood Viper.

Lao Bai's face starts to turn red from anger, but he forcefully pushed it down and said, "I don't care what you say, there is no treasure here, and I will be taking this human  and the bird with me!"

Compared to the treasure, these two strangers with information about his race's evolution is even more important.



 A gust of wind appears at where Lao Bai was just standing, and within the next second, he is right in front of Tian Shen carrying Feng Yue. His Spirit Power wraps around both of them and prepares to take off.


"HOLD!" A loud hiss could be heard from behind, and at the next moment, it was right in front of him.

The Mountain Blood Viper blocked his way and said, "You may have more power than me, but do you think you can really escape from me?"

"Hmph, don't even think about leaving before showing us the treasure." The World Titan Turtle who just arrived behind Lao Bai said.

Lao Bai's face turns solemn and right when he took a fighting stance; he feels the Spirit Power that he had activated, was wiped out without a trace. "My mother, who is it?!" He almost faints from fright. His cultivation is at the Peak of Golden Immortal Realm, half-step into the "Ancient Immortal Realm', yet his Spirit Power was wiped clean without a trace left. What kind of monster can do this? Not just Lao Bai, but the other two Magic Beasts also had their Spirit Power wiped clean.

All three of them looked around frantically with a fearful expression, but couldn't find found anyone around them with their Divine Sense.

"Impossible! I can't sense the enemy?! Is his/her cultivation so high that even we can't sense it?!" The three of them thought of the only conclusion and instinctively take a step back.


All of sudden, a gruesome pressure comes down on them and smacks their big bodies on the floor, barely able to move properly.

The World Titan Turtle, feeling the worst out of the three because of his weight, begging to the air, "S- senior, p-please forgive this lowly turtle!"

After what felt like an eternity, a calm voice resounds in the Mountain Blood Viper and the World Titan Turtle's mind,


The pressure disappears into thin air. Not even a second later, both the Mountain Blood Viper and the World Titan Turtle runs off into different directions, leaving a trail of sparkling water flying in the air. All they had in their mind was to get the hell out of that place in the fastest speed possible. Even the World Titan Turtle turns into a World Titan Rabbit at this moment.


* * * *


Meanwhile, Lao Bai was still frozen stiff in the same spot


"..." Tian Shen looks at the tiger speechless.

"Fuck it happened again, it was just a minuscule pressure, did they have to be that scared? All I wanted to do was to calm them down, not kill them…." Tian Shen felt wronged.

“Sigh …young master if only you would know what that “minuscule pressure” of yours signifies, it was enough to scare even me lifeless let alone these weak Immortals.””, Feng Yue thought.


Lao Bai was confused. But after thinking about it for a moment, his eyes snaps open and his mouth wide open, screaming in a girly voice, "Ahhhh! It's you! You are the one who just used Spirit Pressure on us! Who are you! What do both of you want?!"

“Where’s the realm gate situated?”,Tian Shen asked


"The Realm Gate? It should be in the largest city in Immortal Realm, Holy Jade City. It's Thousand Million miles to the north from here." Lao Bai points at the direction with his big paws.

"Holy Jade City? Good! Okay, take care little tiger!" Saying so Tian Shen carrying Feng Yue disappeared from there.



“(((゜Д゜;)))”    The Heavenly Tiger could only stare dumbly at their silhouettes as they disappeared from there…..