Chapter 8 : Talking Goose
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"Hey, big brother Tian, where you would be going?" Asked Ming Li.

"Secret!" teased Shen Tian.

"Stingy! Then what is big brother Tian doing in this city? Mom said we are here to watch my big brother climb the Stairway to Heaven next week. Are you here to look at it too?"

"Stairway to Heaven? What is that?" Shen Tian was interested in such a domineering name.

"I also do not know, but big sis said something about climbing a staircase that goes to the sky." Ming Li pointed at the sky.

"Hmm… That sounds fun…" Shen Tian was now even more interested.

The Void did not have anything like this; instead, when he was younger her mother had bought him to the Heavenly Celestial Realm and made him climb a Heavenly Celestial Dragon which stretched to the starry skies.

"Hey, big brother Tian. What kind of goose is that? It is so big and cute, can I touch it?" Now that Ming Li got used to Shen Tian did she notice Feng Yue?

"Goose?! Touch?!" Feng Yue cried in a shrill voice.

She, a God was being treated like a Goose by a mortal kid.

"Oh! This goose can talk! Cool!" Ming Li was surprised and got closer to Feng Yue.

"Hey! Ming Li! Stop bothering her, what will you do if you get bitten by it?!" The sister couldn't bare to ignore her now.

"Don't worry; she won't bite." Shen Tian said while petting Feng Yue.

"See?"  Feng Yue froze when her Young Master Tian petted him.

"My lord, he's petting me! My young master is petting his Yue’r! And what kind of technique is this?! This feel so great!" she felt likes she is in Heaven.

"Oh, oh! Let me try!" Ming Li stretched out her hand and pets Feng Yue.



Feng Yue felt her pride drop rock bottom from being pet by a mortal kid.

"Young sir, I am sorry for my little girl for bothering you." Ming Li's mother apologized.

"Don't worry about it; I do not mind it." Shen Tian smiled.

The beautiful girl now looked at Feng Yue and said, "Hey, what kind of bird is that? I just heard it talk. I thought only beasts at Heaven Realm could talk, but I can't feel any spirit power from it."

"Oh, this one is a little special. she was born with the ability to speak." Shen Tian lied with a smile.

"Although this is none of my business, do you have a license to bring in tamed beasts? If you do not, you have to pay ten times the average amount to get inside. I am only asking this because you look like you have never been here before. If I am mistaken, then I am sorry." The mother said with a caring expression.

"Oh? Is there something like that? You are right; this is my first time here. Thank you for the reminder, I will owe you a favor." Although Shen Tian has a lot of treasures, he lacked in money because, why would he even need money for ?And the treasures on him were the ones he personally had made!

Cultivators all used treasures, so as he did not have a lot of money, he decided to sell some stuff in the city which will cause a commotion in the Immortal Realm later.

"Do not worry about the favor, it was just me being in your business, that's all. Also, I am called Ming Qiu, this is my eldest daughter, Ming Lian and you may already know my little girl, Ming Li. I also have a son named Shang Hai who is currently in the city." Ming Qiu introduced her whole family with a smile.

"Greetings, Ming Family. I am called Shen Tian. As for the favor, I will repay it. If someone treats me with care, I will treat them with care ten times more. Do not try to reject my personality!" Shen Tian said earnestly.

"Fine then, I will wait for that little favor of yours." Ming Qiu laughed. Little did she know that this "little" favor will change their whole family for life.


“Young master should then change to my human appearance?”,Feng Yue asked Shen Tian.

“Absolutely not if they see you in your human form it would cause chaos throughout the immortal realm”

To beings like Feng Yue and Shen Tian age is just a number so even if trillions of years passes there wouldn’t be any change to their younger appearance so if Feng Yue showed her real human looks all the males in the Immortal Realm would become horny dogs and all the females would go mad from jealousy…

"Here, Feng Yue, eat this pill and you can choose an appropriate look." Shen Tian pulled out a pill and threw it to Feng Yue.

"Oh, my Heavens! He has another one of that pill! What a waste!" Feng Yue cried.

Feng Yue reluctantly ate the pill and with a *Poof*; she turned into a five ft tall middle-age woman with long white hair and a pair of black gentle-looking eye, and an average face.

The people around them turned quiet for a minute, then started to talk among themselves.

"What kind of thing did he feed to that poor bird? It turned old in an instant!"

"Aio! He turned that cute thing into such an old hag thing." "I feel bad for that little goose…" Everybody was talking about the injustice being done to the cute goose.


 Even Ming Li looked like she wanted to cry and said with watery eyes, "I-I petted such an old granny? I dirtied my hands!"

Feng Yue’s face turned sour and felt wronged. This was the appearance she was proud of and chose!

"Eh? No, no, no. This is just a fake appearance; you do not have to worry about it. she is still a child inside." Shen Tian lied to calm Ming Li down.

"But still… To choose that kind of appearance, you might as well of made her look like a kid." Even Ming Qiu had a weird face.

"Hey, aside from that, what kind of pill did you just feed him? I don't remember any pills that can change a beast into a human." Ming Lian was interested in the pill instead.

"It's just an appearance changing pill, except enhanced a few times." Shen Tian replied. Her eyes lit up when she heard that and asked, "Could it be you who enhanced it? Are you a Pill Master?"


"Yeah, just a little hobby of mine.",Shen Tian casually replied.