Vol: 1 Ch: 3: Questions and Answers
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Bulma led Gohan to a living room as she opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses, "Here, I think we're going to need this." Bulma said as she handed Gohan a glass. Gohan sat down next to Bulma on the couch.

"I've never drunk any alcohol before." Gohan said, looking at the glass, in his hands, before putting it on the table in front of him.

"Don't worry, you don't have to drink it if you don't want to." Bulma said as she drank from her glass, then looked at Gohan. "But I don't like to drink alone, so try a little bit." Bulma said with a smile.

"Before you ask your questions, I need to thank you, Bulma, I don't remember the last time Ginnie was this happy. She deserves good things in her life… I wish I could give her those things but I can't. I tried to get her to go back with my mom or at least sleep there. But she wouldn't have it, she says that she has to look out for me. I wish she had the chance for a normal life but that's not possible… not until that monster is gone from all of our lives." Gohan said, sighing deeply. 

"Gohan, listen to me, you took care of a little girl and did the best you could while being a child yourself. You kept her fed, clothed, sheltered, as safe as possible and she's happy, that's all that matters." Bulma said "Her parents would be proud of all that you've done for their daughter." Bulma said as she put her glass down and hugged him tightly.

"... thank you Bulma… I think I needed to hear that." Gohan said with a smile as he returned the hug. Before they broke the hug and sat back in their places. 

"Gohan, I know that you have a heavy burden on your shoulders, and I wish that you didn't have to deal with this. I also know that no matter what anyone tells you, you are going to do everything possible to bring back peace for all of us." Bulma said as she grabbed her glass. 

"It's alright Bulma. I knew when I chose the path of a warrior that there might be a time when I would have to defend the earth. I also know that I would have to put my life on the line, I just never expected it to come so quickly but, I know that I'm the only one who can do something." Gohan said

"I understand that and I know that Trunks wants you to train him and I also know that I can't do anything to stop him. No matter what I say to him he would try and do something to help and I would rather him learn how to properly fight from you than any other way. That's why I will help you in ways that I can, like making sure you guys are fed, clean, have a roof over your heads, and anything else that you need… and I mean anything you need." Bulma said looking at Gohan

"... thank you I'll keep that in mind." Gohan said 

"First thing I will do is make some battle armor for you guys, so you guys can be properly protected." Bulma said, "Second thing, you and Ginnie will stay here with us from now on and this is not up for debate. From the little time I interacted with her, I've come to like her. Ginnie is a young girl and she shouldn't have to fight, but I know that it's in her blood, just like it's in yours and in Trunks." 

"... yeah, she's great, she doesn't complain even when I know that she wants to, she's tough and she reminds me of Launch and Raditz." Gohan said with a smile.

"Last thing, Gohan, I know that you can't promise me that you will come back safe and sound, whenever you face that monster. But, I want you to please do your absolute best to make sure the three of you all come back here, in one piece." Bulma said after drinking some more wine.

"Bulma I promise you that as long as I'm still breathing I will do everything in my power to make sure that nothing happens to Ginnie or Trunks and that they come back." Gohan said, looking into Bulma's eyes.

"I said, the three of you, Gohan, I can't afford to lose another friend so you have to come back as well. Understood." Bulma said looking into Gohan's eyes 

"... I'll try my best." Gohan said with a nod

"That's all I can ask for. Now I have more questions that need answers." Bulma said, looking at Gohan, as she drank more wine.

"Fine, let's hear them." Gohan said, looking at Bulma.

"You said that Ginnie is Raditz and Launch's daughter that makes her your cousin right?" Bulma asked

"Yeah, and to answer your next question, Launch died trying to kill that monster 2 years after Raditz and the others died. I've been taking care of her since she was 6." Gohan said as he closed his eyes, as he sighed deeply. "Why are you asking if she's my cousin?" 

"No reason...So I'm guessing Raditz and Launch got together after the Turtles party?" Bulma asked changing the subject; as Gohan nodded. Bulma drank some more wine before asking, "How did Launch die?"

"Yeah, they got married a year after that party, it was just family. Raditz didn't feel completely comfortable around the rest of you, yet. Then a year later Ginnie was born and you know the rest… dad and then everyone else died." Gohan said "And about how she died do you remember her condition?"

"Yeah, everytime she sneezed she would become a different person. But what does that have to do with… oh, I see, her other personality tried to attack that monster and failed." Bulma said as tears slid down her face, "That's another friend I've lost to that monster. I think I'm the last one alive from the original group… Wait, why couldn't your mom take care of her? Is your mom ok?" 

"She's ok…at least last time I talked to her. My mom did take care of her for 4 years, in those 4 years I trained Ginnie to control her powers. Then I left the house at 14 to try and kill that monster but I couldn't. I have returned home once since then. That's when Ginnie found me one day when I was training, she asked me to train her but I said no. I returned her to my mom but everyday after she would fly away and somehow find me. Everyday Ginnie would beg to train with me, until one day I let her under the condition that she would go back to my mom's everyday after we finished." Gohan said

"Let me guess she didn't go back." Bulma said pouring herself another glass of wine.

"No she did the first couple of times until she made excuses to spend more time with me. Until she started spending the night with me, now fast forward a couple of years and here we are." Gohan explained

"I wouldn't have put past your mom to tell Ginnie to keep an eye on you and report back." Bulma said with a smile 

"Yeah, she did, I know because Raditz and Launch are buried near our house, and Ginnie goes to visit them every once in a while. My mom wouldn't miss the opportunity to ask her about me." Gohan said with a smile 

"Gohan, why did you leave home, and why didn't you come to me when you had to suddenly take care of Ginnie. You had to know that I wouldn't have minded taking care of the two of you." Bulma said as she looked at Gohan.

"..." Gohan stayed silent looking at Bulma who had turned to look at him, with her wine glass in hand.

"Come on Gohan, you can tell me." Bulma said, looking at him. 

Gohan looked at the glass of wine Bulma poured for him earlier before grabbing it and drinking it all. "... can I have another glass please?" Gohan said, sighing. 

Bulma nodded before refiling his cup, "Go easy on the wine, since it's your first time drinking, we don't know what your tolerance is. You could end up getting drunk, if you don't watch yourself, I might have to take care of you if you get too drunk."  Bulma said drinking her glass 

"I left home because I started to remind mom of dad, and everytime she saw me she would become sad. I could hear her crying at night for my dad, I didn't want to make her sad anymore so I left. I knew I could survive on my own, I've done it before. I left her a letter telling her that I would come back when I killed that monster." Gohan said as he drank some more wine slowly this time. 

"Yeah, I can see it… you do look a little like your dad, but not too much you're a handsome young man now." Bulma said with a laugh as she poured more wine.

"... And to answer your second question, I did think of having Ginnie stay with you but she wouldn't leave my side. I also felt guilty." Gohan said, looking away from Bulma as he started feeling weird. 

"Guilty about what?" Bulma asked, looking at Gohan.

"..." Gohan drank some more wine, "Vegeta knocked me out when that monster transformed and he stayed behind, with Raditz. They stayed behind to buy time for Krillin to carry me to safety, I feel guilty looking at you or Trunks thinking that you would blame me for what happened." Gohan said

"...oh Gohan, I would never blame you for what happened to Vegeta, and I know Trunks wouldn't either. Vegeta was a proud warrior and there's nothing that you could have done to change the outcome of that battle. Vegeta knocking you out was a blessing in disguise because if you died that day then nobody would be around to train Ginnie and Trunks. You three are this planet's last hope and I know that you will train them right." Bulma said 

"...I don't know if I can do this Bulma, I don't know if I can win, no matter how much I train, or how strong I seem to become I can't beat him. Even with Ginnie and Trunks helping me I don't think we can win... no one knows the weight I have on my shoulders. I don't wish this on anyone… I don't know how my dad and the others did this. I don't want this life for Ginnie or Trunks; they deserve to grow up in peaceful times. They shouldn't be worried about fighting to save the world, they should be out there playing around, doing normal kids things." Gohan said as he started talking about everything that's been on his mind, all his doubts and fears. Gohan didn't know why he was telling Bulma all of this but he felt good talking to her.

"... Gohan there's no problem with having feelings of doubt, or fear you are only human. You have been dealing with a huge responsibility, for so long a responsibility that no child should deal with. I know that you have to be strong for the kids but you don't have to hide what you are feeling, or your doubts with me. Talk with me. It's good to talk about these things, you can't keep them bottled up... it's not healthy." Bulma said as she finished her glass.

"... I'll try Bulma." Gohan said as he closed his eyes. He was feeling sleepy and warm inside, Gohan opened his eyes again and saw that Bulma was staring at him. "What's up?"

"Nothing, just that it looks like we're out of wine oh well…" Bulma said as she sat closer to Gohan, "You seem tired, we can continue the conversation later." Bulma said 

"That's fine, I'm starting to feel sleepy." Gohan said as he yawned.

"Good, now onto the sleeping arrangements, we only have three beds, the kids should have their own bed. That means we have to share my bed." Bulma said looking at Gohan with a smile 

"I'm good Bulma, I'll sleep on the couch or on the floor, I'm used to it." Gohan said looking at Bulma

"Oh, that won't do, I'm guessing that you guys have been sleeping on floors and haven't slept in a proper bed in a while." Bulma said

"...yeah." Gohan replied

"I thought so, I'm sharing my bed with you and that's final. Now let's go to sleep."  Bulma said with a smile as she stood up. 

"... Fine, I know it's impossible to change your mind when you get like this. First I want to check on Ginnie before we go to sleep." Gohan said 

"That's fine, let's go." Bulma said as she led Gohan out of the room and up some stairs, where they ran into Ginnie opening and closing doors. 

Ginnie turned towards them as they came up the stairs, "Gohan I was looking for you." Ginnie said as she walked up to him.

"What's the matter… can't sleep?" Gohan asked, looking down at Ginnie.

"... Yeah, I can't sleep if you aren't nearby." Ginnie said as she hugged Gohan. "Are you guys done talking?" Ginnie asked as she looked up at Gohan and Bulma

"Yeah, for now, we are going to continue tomorrow. We were just heading up to sleep… I'm sharing my bed with Gohan, so that you can have one for yourself." Bulma said, looking at Ginnie.

"No, he can't sleep with you!…" Ginnie exclaimed looking at Bulma. 

"Why not, it's better for him to sleep with me because my bed is bigger. Gohan might not fit in your bed, it's not built for large guys like him." Bulma said, looking at Ginnie.

"... I mean, he can sleep in my bed with me. Especially since I can't sleep without him near me." Ginnie said as she hugged Gohan tightly.  

"You guys are safe and have a proper bed, you should try and get used to sleeping alone. I'm sure you don't want to bother Gohan by not being able to sleep by yourself." Bulma said

"It's no bother, it's her first night in an unfamiliar location so it's reasonable for her to have trouble sleeping." Gohan said, looking at Bulma, as he returned Ginnie's hug.

"... Fine, I'll sleep alone again tonight, but you should try and get used to sleeping alone." Bulma said, looking at Ginnie. "Next time Gohan, you are going to spend the night with me… just so Ginnie can have the bed for herself." Bulma said as she walked away. "Goodnight you two." Bulma said as she entered a room and closed the door.

"Come on Gohan, let's go to bed." Ginnie said as she grabbed Gohan's hand and pulled him towards the room she was staying in. "This is it, it might not look like much. However, the bed is comfortable." Ginnie said as she showed Gohan the room. 

The room was plain with very little inside it, a twin sized bed, a dresser and a cabinet were the only things inside the room. Ginnie sat down on the bed looking at Gohan. 

"Yeah, you're right." Gohan said as he sat down on the bed it was firm, and comfortable. Gohan took off his shoes and laid down on the bed. 

Ginnie laid down next to him, pulled the sheets over them, and hugged him tightly, moments later Ginnie fell asleep.

"Wow, …she must have been more tired than she thought." Gohan whispered as he looked at her. "Goodnight Ginnie." Gohan whispered as he kissed her forehead before drifting off to sleep.


(AN: I know that this chapter had a lot of talking but I felt like it was necessary for the story. There might be a few others but they shouldn't be like this one. Also I know, I may have teased something in the last chapter, and since nothing happened this chapter you guys might be upset. Nothing happened in this chapter for a couple of reasons that will be revealed later, [one of them some people may have noticed already.] This should be the last chapter of this fanfiction for now, I will go back to working on my first fanfiction. I will also go back over the three chapters of this fanfiction and see what I can improve on them.)