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On the lawn in front of her house, a little blond girl about 7 years old, plays alone while waiting for dinner. Her large blue eyes are directed towards a window on the first floor of the neighbouring house. Silently she prays that even if she doesn't see him, he will look at her. From time to time, to get a little closer, she throws her red balloon near the fence that separates her house from the neighbours'. However, even up close, this Dean, who occupies all his thoughts, remains invisible. When her mother calls her, disappointed once again, the little girl pulled out her tongue towards the window of the one who ignored her, then she rushed to her house.

In the medium-sized living room of her house, today a 9-year-old girl gathered all her friends and classmates to celebrate her birthday. With the hope of finding the boy to whom she has sent an special invitation, the little girl nervously sneaks between her guests. So many people came just for her. He has so many people, but she doesn't see him. Everyone dances, jumps everywhere and is happy, but amidst the laughter and screams, the little girl suddenly feels very sad. Again, in addition to not looking at her, he ignored her invitation.

On the way home, a 12-year-old girl who has just finish her Middle School day, stops in front of her neighbour's house. Dressed in her school uniform, her eyes sweep the first floor of the house for a few moments. Waiting a few more seconds with the hope that this time he will look at her, when the window that interests her does not open, the girl sheds a tear and flees to her own garden.

From the window of the huge house she has just moved into, a 13-year-old blonde-haired teenager looks vaguely at the children's toys which were left by the former owners. A little pink girl's bike, two mini tennis rackets and a red ball. It must be a sign. She waited seven years for him, but he never came toward her. Being too old, for the last 3 years, she no longer wanted birthday parties. She organized anyway of them each year with the simple purpose of sending her a letter of invitation. Yet he never came. Maybe it's time to move on? [No, he'll wish he'd looked at me. I'll get revenge for all those nights I cried when he was laughing at me.]


Sitting in front of his desk, a 16-year-old teenager nervously nibbles at his pencil. Powerless in the face of a complex mathematical problem, he gets up to relax his muscles a little. The teenager who had until then been immersed in a forest of intertwined numbers, suddenly bursts into laughter. In the garden next door, a small blond clown plagiarizes sea lions by keeping a red balloon on the tip of her nose. Amused, he watches the little girl run for a few minutes but the work not waiting, he plunges back into his math book.

A little surprised by the small perfumed pink envelope that his mother has just give him laughing, an 18-year-old man studies the strange ply carefully, hoping to find a clue. Assuming that it is yet another one of those meaningless love letters, he throws it in the trash without even opening it. According to him: If the person is not able to verbalize his feelings, expecting something from she would be a waste of time.

Back home for a few days, a 21-year-old university student who was about to serve himself an orange juice in the kitchen suddenly feels old. The little (sea lion) has become a very beautiful young girl and soon he himself will enter the workforce. Still looking at the beautiful girl who is looking towards his room for an unknown reason, for a moment he thinks of asking her if she needs help. His orange juice now served, his heart a little heavy, he takes out his smartphone to contact his girlfriend.