He is coming.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Well, Mr. Fulster, all I have to do now is wish you all the best."

"Thank you, sir, I'll do my best not to disappoint you."

"One thing, however. Some of these children are a little too spoiled by their parents and they wrongly think they have all the rights. After all, we're in Los Angeles, so I guess we can talk about star syndrome. Don't give in to them or your authority will be compromised. Be firm and make them immediately understand who the adult is. You're very young, so I have no doubt they'll be looking to test you."

"Thank you for this precious advice sir, I will be firm and not let it take over."

"Perfect. In that case, good luck, my boy. Yes, good luck, because it will be a very difficult task."

When he left the office of the principal of the prestigious High School in which he has just been accepted, Dean Fulster clenches his fists. Which student between the ages of 15 and 18 could to be able to dominate him? What child would dare disrespect him? Ready to face (the monsters), it is with a confident smile that Dean walks into the long empty corridor, which for some reason suddenly seems endless to him.

With each step he takes, his heels slamming against the ground produce an echo that echoes throughout the length of this desperately empty corridor. With each step he takes, his confident smile declines, then gives way to a terrible anxiety. A fear from deep within him, a terror that slowly gnaws at his intestines. This is the first teacher's job Dean will officially take on. When he thinks about it, he realizes that it will actually be his very first job. His parents have always been there for him. They made sure that their only son could study under the best conditions, without in parallel, exhaust himself by taking a student job that could have damaged his health.

Books and notebooks, apart from that, Dean has no other experience. That's too much. Her belly is really sore. Standing in the middle of the corridor, after leaving the men's room, he looks at his watch. 6 minutes lost solely because of stress. In order to calm this unnecessary anxiety, Dean takes a deep breath. He feel better now. Calmer, as he prepares to return to the path that will lead him to his new life:

"Move over, but move over, I tell you."

Dean gets ram by a tall blond meteorite wearing a short light blue dress. Jostled by the blonde meteorite, Dean looses his balance. His feet get tangled and so as not to fall he drops his leather briefcase. His hand resting against the wall, when he managed to stabilize, he sees all his possessions scattered on the floor.

"Hey, stop."

"I told you to to clear the way, old goat who can't even stand upright anymore."

[Old goat? I'm only 24 years old, mean kid.] The blonde tornado opens a side door and rushes inside. Dean sighs before a such behaviour but not wanting to be delayed any longer, he starts picking up his belongings scattered on the ground. It doesn't take him long, but when he wants to grab the handle of his new leather briefcase that his mother gave him to celebrate his graduation, Dean realizes that it broke in the previous shock.

His heart may be bitter, but as a teacher, he must not give in to anger from his first day. He must not and yet he believes he would have the right to do so. Upset, his leather satchel under his arm, Dean whose face no longer has that beautiful smile, nervously moves towards the class he was assigned.

In his misfortune, in order to raise hiself morale, he thinks that luckily, for his first class the school assigned him 10th Grades. The younger ones have to be less aggressive, don't they? Once he arrives at the place where his professional life will really begin, he readjusts his tie, quickly checks the condition of his jacket and finishes his brief check by passing his hand through his brown hair.

It's there, the arena is behind that door and it is the moment of truth. Extremely tense, when he tries to smile, devoured by an ever-present tension, he has the feeling that his face will split in two. After many failures, he finally manages to show off what looks vaguely like a smile. The fear that his mouth would betray his stress makes him realize that it is now or never and without losing a second, he opens the door.

"Hello to all of you, I am..."

Is he having a vision of a school apocalypse? Some are standing on their tables, others have gone through the windows and are now sitting in the lawn with a cigarette in their hands, while some students have welcomed him in their own way by writing a small message with questionable content on the board and among this community of ill-bred children, Dean suddenly notices the back of a tall blonde girl in a light blue dress.

The moment has not come to talk to her, because considering that he has to take control of the situation first and foremost in order to put an end to this chaos, Dean thinks he had found the solution when he sees a thick square wooden rule sticking out of the desk.

Quickly he goes to the desk where he grabs the thick wooden ruler. However, once again, not everything is going as planned. When he slams the wooden ruler against the desk to get the students' attention, it breaks in two. As his new students who were waiting for this moment burst out laughing and applauding, Dean is very surprised to see that the rule had previously been sawn.

Agreeing with himself that these little monsters thought he was an idiot, he looks up to face this pack of hungry wolves who already want his skin. At first angry, when he first sees the face of the very beautiful young girl in a blue dress, Dean is projected back a few years.

"Sea lion?"