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"Tshh, don't look at me like that, you old pedophile."

Dean's mouth opens but he can't say a word. Still standing near the desk, facing the tall blond girl who turned her head to avoid his eyes, he would like to deny these words, say that he is not one, but if he starts to justify himself now in front of his students, he will no longer have any credibility or control over them.

But God, they're so immature. Only because the word Sea lion escaped his lips, 5 boys imitate these animals by pushing stupid screams. Sighing, his eyes return to (Sea lion). Now convinced that it is indeed the little girl who made pastries and then offered them to her mother. Always few years, Dean can't help but smile as he thinks back to his high school years.

However, if this young girl is as beautiful as (Sea lion), her character seems rotten. Personally, he didn't know (Sea lion), but according to his mother, she was a lovely child. He didn't know her? No, he never took the time to get to know the little girl. Dean was a year ahead of his classmates. He always wanted to be better and he always studied more so that his grades would be the highest of all. This quest for excellence became almost sickly. The few girlfriends he had, felt abandoned, sometimes they felt inferior to his books and unable to interest him, they all abandoned him.

(Sea lion) came to his house very often. His mother, who loved her, taught her to do fruit pie recipes and other dessert recipes. Aware of this, however, he never went down to greet his little neighbour.

"Shut up and sit down. Miss Mason, please sit down."

Extirpated from his thoughts by a scream from the door, when Dean turns his head, he sees a 40-year-old man with a severe look pointing at his students. Those outside, go up through the windows without much conviction and after 2 minutes, the classroom returns to more or less the appearance it should have had initially. Only one exception remains. (Sea lion), her head still facing a wall, she refuses to sit and completely ignores the Professor.

Confused and ashamed that his inexperience had forced another teacher to come and show authority in a class that is not his, Dean moves toward him.

"Hello, I'm Dean Fulster. I'm starting my teaching job today. Really, I'm really grateful for your help. Nevertheless, I'm sorry you had to leave your class because of my inexperience."

By the time his answer comes, Dean is a little worried that the man will be angry. He is reassured when the teacher smiles at him by tapping him friendly on the shoulder. "Don't worry, we've all been there. Besides, you haven't been spoiled with this class. It's the worst in High School. They are unruly, think they have all the rights and get dragged along by that lady over there. If you still have problems with them, don't hesitate to come and find me in my classroom. Courage, young man, it will get better with time."

When the door closes, Dean can't help but look at (Sea lion) who still standing, seems very interested in this white wall.

"May I ask why you don't sit down, Miss?"

Believing that it's win when the girl turned to him, he caught himself taking a step back. He doesn't know any the reason because he's never hurt her, but the big blue eyes that challenge him are full of hatred. She do not takes her eyes off him and when Dean hears her answer, he finally wished she would have kept quiet.

"You stole my childhood from me. I'm going to make your life so atrocious that you will plead with me to kill you."


This morning was very stressful for Dean. After (Sea lion)'s words, he understood that he had not been mistaken. This teenager with a sublime physique is the funny little girl who used to play with her red ball. However, why so much hatred against him?

"What do you have, Professor Fulster? You haven't touched your plate."

Now in the refectory surrounded by a few teachers, Dean is trying to get this issue out of his mind.

"Nothing, I was thinking about this morning. I never imagined it would be so difficult to control a group of teenagers. They literally exhausted me. Worse, one of the students made it clear to me that she would drive me to suicide."

"The 10b?"

"The 10b?"

"Um, it may only be the 10b."

"Professor Fulster, are you of course aware that all classes containing the letter (b) have a different status?"

Surprised by this question, Dean opens his eyes wide. He shakes his head vigorously because nothing was said to him about it. "No, I wasn't informed about it. Actually, I'm the head teacher of the 10b students, but I have no idea what you're talking about."

As if she was expecting this a little bit, the young woman next to him also shakes her head. "Classes (b) are indeed very different, hence the abject behaviour of these students. The worst are the 10b who don't listen to anyone and don't care about the rules. Harassment of students from other classes and teachers, racket, beatings, damage to equipment, they even sexually harassed the young teacher who preceded you. Nothing can stop them and the punishments that the school inflicts on them are non-existent.

In summary, the students attending classes (b) all come from very influential and extremely wealthy families. These are students who receive special treatment from our school. They have their own gym. A computer room in which you can find the best equipment, a more complete library, a private car park and so on. The reason behind this VIP treatment is extremely simple. Their parents make very important donations to our High School, allowing us to work in the best conditions with very good equipment. The administration therefore protects these treasures, which bring them considerable sums of money. They are untouchable and they know it, hence their behaviour."

For a moment without a voice, Dean suddenly thinks of (Sea lion). Like him, she comes from an average family whose annual income does not correspond to the description that this Professor does of the students in class (b).

"However, Mary Mason was for a long time my young neighbour. Like mine, her family had an average income. So I don't really understand what she would do in such a class."

"Ah Mary Mason, this little plague. Do you really not know who she is?"

(Sea lion) was his little neighbour who made cakes, who else could she be?

"In the past she was a lovely little girl, very funny, but now..."

"I don't know how she was in the past, but now Mary is... The best thing is that you can find out for yourself about its current conditions and then you will understand why she has become such a plague. This girl is the leader of the 10b but she is also the jewel of our establishment. If a teacher touched her or shouted a little too loudly at her, that would lead to his immediate dismissal. Ignore her, that's the best thing you can do."