Surprise on the car park
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Mathematics is far from being popular and it is common knowledge that students often fall asleep in class. This was one of the reasons Dean was worried about his first day. However, his first teaching afternoon went very well. He faced students from 2 classes who were serious and very attentive. Currently satisfied that these young students have allowed him to regain his self-confidence and in his ability to teach, Dean feels all the nervous tension he has accumulated, leave his shoulders.

Glad that not all classes are like the one he caused him so many problems this morning, it is with a sincere smile that Dean is heading towards his new little car. A few feet away, Dean notices with surprise that several teachers has gathered. All are looking in the same direction. Their dissatisfied eyes also express a certain pity who doesn't escape Dean. No, this place! Not waiting a second, Dean accelerates the pace to join them.

When he reached the level of the other teachers, the precious schoolbag that his mother gave him fell from under his arm and crashes on the car park. His face turns white, while he feels his body quivering. Under the sorry gaze of the other teachers who feel powerless, he slowly approaches. Wondering how this is possible, how it could have happened on school car park, tears almost come to his eyes when he sees what he would like to deny.

He sold the car he was using in his hometown for a small price to buy this one. He had to add $1090 to get a car in good condition, with a reasonable number of miles on the clock. 2 days. He only drove with it only 2 days and that's what's left of it. The 4 tires were punctured, the 4 windows and the windshield were broken. They ripped off the mirrors and the bumper. The bodywork is completely destroyed. The engine is missing, as well as other parts under the hood. In other words, they totally ruined his car.

"You're not going to cry over a garbage can that would have died anyway very soon? I warned you this morning. I will personally lead you to the gates of hell."

Still in shock at finding his car vandalized, surprised by these cruel words that hammer his heart, Dean turns around. With a mocking smile on her lips, at the wheel of a Ferrari 458, (Sea lion) who now begins to laugh, makes the powerful engine of her car roar and irrespective of the location, she starts at a speed dangerous for everyone.

"Professor Fulster, are you all right?"

"Professor Fulster?"

"Professor, don't mind her or she'll push you to the limit."

Despite his many nods, Dean can not forget the words of (Sea lion) that persist in resonating in his head. Always looking in the direction in which the beautiful young girl left, he understands that she won't let him in peace.

"I think she really hates me. I don't know why, but her hatred is deep."

The young teacher who informed him of the particularities of the classes (b) during lunch affectionately caresses his shoulder. It's really very affectionate, maybe it's even too affectionate a gesture between two people who don't really know each other.

"Do you want me to take you home, Professor Fulster. You are really very pale and that worries me. Yes, I'm really very worried about your health. For greater safety, I will stay close to you and take care of you tonight."

When he feels the hand of the young woman who grabs his little finger, Dean escapes from his thoughts and immediately he moves away from her.

"No, thank you, that's very kind of you but I need to think about a lot of things. I have a bus to catch and I'll have to call a tow truck, so I can't stay long. Have a great time tonight."

Really sorry for the young teacher whose first day it was, the few teachers gathered in front of the car in pieces are once again disgusted by this act which must certainly be that of the 10b.

"Do you think this time there will be sanctions?"

"You must be kidding, our management doesn't care that a young teacher is the toy of these vermin. Once again, the school principal will give them one of those false sermons for which he has the secret and it will end like that. Let's go, no need to hang around here any longer or we may be the next victims of these maniacs."

Coming back by public transport took him almost 2 hours. As soon as he crossed the threshold of his modest apartment, Dean rushed to his kitchen to open a packet of cookies, which he begins to devour avidly. With his cake pack in his hand, he sits in front of the coffee table in his living room, then lights his laptop.

As the other teachers advised him to do so, he opens Google and types: (Sea lion)

If he didn't hold back, he'd slap himself. Looking this time for: Mary Mason. Dean is very surprised by the number of pages related to (Sea lion). [So, the little girl wouldn't just make cakes?]


"What is it, Mary? You don't seem to be at your best today."

Considering that this case does not concern anyone and even less the man in the navy blue suit who is standing next to her, her jaws clenched, after having pushed him, Mary walks away.

"Stay in your place. I don't pay you to interfere in my private affairs."

She knows she has to go back. She hears people calling her, but she doesn't take it into account. It doesn't matter what their repeated calls are, because if she doesn't come immediately, they are unable to work. Let them wait! Who else besides her is irreplaceable here? Mary isolates herself in a small room away and as soon as she enters, her tears run down her face.

It is so simple to always look strong. It is much more complex to be so all day long. She is only 15 years old but her responsibilities are far from being insignificant. Her schedule is millimetred on a daily basis, not to mention that she is surrounded by people she cannot trust. All this was already exhausting but he had to complicate things even more when he came back into her life.

It is so simple to simulate hatred. It is much more complex to ignore the calls of her heart, which at every moment reminds her of a truth that she does not want to hear. She is only 15 years old but since she was a child this horrible guy has always occupied all her thoughts.