My mother and her big mouth!
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Thursday 12 January

It's only 5:30am, but to avoid being late for High School, Dean is heading to the nearest bus stop. He hasn't left his building for two minutes, when a very tall man hits him violently in the stomach. Breathless, Dean bents forward. Taking advantage of the young teacher's position, the man strikes a second blow, which he placed this time on Dean's neck.

For a fraction of a second, Dean feels his vision blurred. Like a drunk, he staggered for a moment before collapsing heavily on the sidewalk. Alerted by a woman who screams murder, the few present nearby pay attention to the (crime) scene, but already the tall man in a smart suit is getting into a German sedan that starts and moves away quickly.

His head is so painful. He never had such a headache as he has today. When he opens his eyes, a violent light dazzles Dean. Quickly, he places his arm in front of his eyes and slowly, he gets used to the brightness of the sun's rays to which the large windows allow to pass.

A hospital? White sheets, this characteristic pajamas, that unpleasant medicinal smell and that emergency call button leave no doubt as to where he is. This throbbing headache doesn't helping him, despite the fact that he is actively digging into his memory, it takes Dean some time to remember the great man who attacked him this morning.

"It really took you a long time to wake up. What a weak man, one little punch and here you are in this deplorable state."

Surprised by the voice coming from nowhere, Dean unconsciously goes up these sheets. However, this way of speaking to him and this young voice.... He knows them. Indeed, leaning against the wall facing his bed, her arms crossed under her breasts, (Sea lion) watches him lazily.

"Sea lion? What are you doing here? And the High School you didn't go there?"

When Mary hears that pseudonym again whose origin she does not know., she frowns. That he's stupid, but he's stupid.

"It so happens that my math teacher wasn't at school this morning. After checking, I learned that this weak old man had entered the hospital after receiving a ridiculous little punch. I was very worried when I heard about this, so as I am a good student, I came to make sure that my old weak teacher was not in danger. Another thing, why do you keep calling me (Sea lion?) This nickname is completely dumb."

Not believing a word about the worry in the heart of this little tart girl, Dean sits down to see her better. The extremely short skirt highlighting her attractive thighs and the blouse that doesn't cover much that the girl wears make him blush instantly. His experience with the opposite sex being insignificant, the sight of this teenager's beautiful body is enough to make Dean very shy and uncomfortable. Eyes now turned to the windows, Dean is trying to calm his adventurous soul.

"When you were a kid, you used to have fun holding your red balloon on the tip of your nose. That day, I thought to myself that you were a real little sea lion, hence this pseudonym. (Sea lion), did you send this man to hit me?"

When she learns that he was looking at her that day, Mary's heart suddenly warms and a joy never felt before seized her. She would like to ask him: "And did you see me when...", "And when I was doing?", "Did you read my invitations? Why didn't you come?" However, upon hearing Dean's question, this very pleasant joy dissipates somewhat.

"I may not be a very nice girl, but I'm not a thug. When you called some of the boys in the class, morons, you should have expected this kind of retaliation."

So that's what it was? Just for an unfortunate word that escaped him, he had to undergo such treatment. "I'm sorry I thought you had something to do with it? And my car, is that you?"

Every second spent in this room, Mary regrets coming, but every second spent here, her joy at being able to talk to Dean far exceeds her regrets. Slightly annoyed by this question, Mary unwittingly wriggles.

"Of course not. I don't have enough strength to break a car..."

Dean really regrets asking this question to the girl who is picking up where she left off.

"...However, I may have something to do with it. Not much, really. But let's admit I said in class: (This asshole professor, he deserves to have his car destroyed.) Then let's admit it. I repeat, let's admit that your car is destroyed by someone stupid who would have done it to please me. If these assumptions are taken into account, then I also suppose that this situation could have a little something to do with me. Careful, a little bit. It's tiny, almost non-existent, microscopic..."

It's ridiculous, but in front of (Sea lion)'s embarrassment, Dean refrains from laughing. "Okay, okay, okay, I get it. You are guilty on a microscopic scale."

Seeing Dean hold back his laughter Mary starts to play with her fingers. She hesitates for a long time to open her mouth but she finally decides. "Dean, do you want me to drive you home?"

Drive him home again? Is it a disease or what? Amazed that she called him Dean, he looks at a (Sea lion) who is obviously very uncomfortable. "You can't call me Dean..."

Mary, who feels very offended to hear this answer, which is not the one she was waiting, immediately cuts off the word of this idiot man. "Why? It's that your first name? Did the weak old man lose his memory after being hit on the head?"

What a bad temper. "Yes, it is indeed my first name and thank you for the reminder, but I remember it. However, I am your teacher and it is very intimate to call ourself by our first name. We don't know each other well enough for you to call me Dean. Do you understand? It could also give rise to embarrassing rumours within the school."

So that's the way it is. The gentleman is old-fashioned and he fears what others can say. "You're wrong, I know you very well. In fact, your mother used to talk to me about you all the time of you when she taught me how to cook. I know, for example, that you wet the bed until you were 12. I also know that when you were a kid, you were playing to imitate women by putting makeup on. I Know..."

Cursing his mother and her big mouth, Dean blushed for a new reason. "That's enough (Sea lion). Shut up or I'll throw you out."

Believing she had found a way to put pressure on Dean, Mary smiled widely. "That you refused to undress in front of the other little boys because you were insecure because of your little... Hahaha, you'd see your face. That's so funny. So Dean, are you gonna let me take you drive to your home or do I keep listing your countless qualities?"