strange little pussy obsessions
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It's going fast, too fast, very too fast. Installed in the sporty Italian car that rushes at high speed, Dean tightens his thighs and firmly hooks the door handle. A look at the meter, Dean is paralysed when he realizes that the car is running at more than 130mph. Confirming what he already knew, Dean turns his head very briefly towards this crazy girl.

The turn is too tight for Dean. He tries as best he can to hang on to his seat but carried away by the speed, he misses his target. "Dean, be gentler with me. You're going to leave the print of your hand on my thigh. Hahaha"

How many times has he been ashamed today? No, is not true. How many times has she had fun embarrassing him today? Long absorbed by his thoughts, Dean is a little slow to realize that he still hasn't let go of the comfortable place on which he put his hand. Removing it like he was touching something dirty, Mary frowns.

"Sorry, I was in my thoughts, it really wasn't intentional."

After Mary winked at him, Dean freezes. Mary looks at the road again and laughs gently while having a little fun to this man's shyness. "Dean, I know you're lying, but I'll pretend to believe you."

Does she think he's a pervert? It can't be, it was really accidental. Under the influence of speed, turned white, Dean shakes his hands in front of him for a long time to defend himself against these unfounded accusations.

"You're wrong (Sea lion), it was really an accident. I'm not the kind of man who puts his hand on teenage girls, let alone his own students."

How stupid he is, how stupid he is, but how stupid he is. Didn't he notice that she didn't complain? Can one be so shy? No, it's pure stupidity. "You don't Put your hand on the teenage girls, hum? Okay, I understand. It was an accident. If you left your hand on my thigh for more than two minutes it was accidental. Don't panic, a very long accident can sometimes happen. I understand."

Not only does she have an answer for everything, but she always manages to put him in the worst situations or to make him look like something he's not. Answer, don't answer, Dean hesitates for a long time because he will come out of it anyway defeated. "No, really, it was... Ugh, forget it. Ah, I live in this building. You can drop me off here. Really, I thank you for walking me home."

"Um, your home is not very beautiful. It shows that no woman lives here because it doesn't smell very good either. Dean, there's underwear and dirty socks lying around on the floor."

Shameful for leaving his dirty underwear lying around, Dean rushes to the place indicated by (Sea lion), but once there, he saw nothing. When the girl explodes with laughter, he understands that once again, she had fun taking him for an idiot.

"(Sea lion), has anyone ever told you you're a real plague?"

Looking at Dean's mouth, Mary licks her lips. She would like to kiss him but she fears that then their relationship will also become again, or even colder than before. A little disappointed, she retains her desires while keeping her smile.

"You'll be very surprised when I tell you that no one has ever told me. Be careful, I must point out that there must be a very large number of people who think so, but none of them dare to verbalize the content of their hearts. No one and you know why? Because I scare them."

Dean, whose eyes do not leave the girl who lay on the carpet and looks at the ceiling, suddenly remembers what he read on her. How can we imagine that this girl who finally doesn't seem to have changed that much after all and who is now behaving so simply is... Poor kid, she's too young for all these responsibilities.

"Sea lion, do you want to have dinner here? I prefer to warn you that I don't have much to eat, so don't expect the good food you have to be used to."

"Really?" Judging this explosion of counter-productive joy, Mary calms down and resumed with a composed voice. "Well, I'm a little worried about leaving you here alone. Your mother trusted me, so I guess it's my duty to devote myself to babysitting."

Strange, he already thinks he heard that kind of phrase. "Um, thank you for your kindness."

What a dishonest girl. Despite his apparent calm, his smile does not deceive Dean. Not wanting to make her uncomfortable, he do not note this detail aloud but withdrew to the kitchen laughing. "Why are you laughing stupidly, Dean?"

"Oh, that, for nothing. I was just remembering a funny but very dishonest old friend."

[Fool, if you think I didn't understand your hint.] "Idiot Dean, a gentleman doesn't point out her flaws to a lady. Stop laughing. Stop it, I said."

After a large dish of spaghetti in tomato sauce, seeing the sunset, Dean goes to the sofa on which has fallen asleep (Sea lion). This young lady with long legs who could look like an angel when she sleeps is really a beauty like he had never seen before. As he pulled himself together, he wakes up this too dangerous man trap that managed to disrupt him himself.

"(Sea lion), it will be dark soon."

With her big blue eyes still looking asleep, Mary whispers a sweet: "So what?"

Although it seems logical to him, Dean deepens his thinking. "And then you have to go home."

Tsch, she faked a nap for a half-hour to be told, "Go home?" She languidly stirred her buttocks and sensually rubbed her thighs against each other for that? Is Dean a homosexual? [No, I'm not going to let that happen.] However, Mary, who knows she is very attractive, is beginning to have serious doubts about this. Dean shudders when the words leave Mary's mouth, who always appears in a phase between sleep and awakening.

"Dean, you have some strange little pussy obsessions. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think you're gay."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I like women. Really, I love women."

Controlling her joy but also her laughter that threatens to appear, Mary took the opportunity to launch her attack. She gets up slowly and then places her arms around Dean's neck.

"In that case, as a man who loves women, you won't see any problem with me sleeping here, will you?"

What? It's not good. No, it's anything but good. This girl is young but even Dean, who is a very shy person, knows that it would only take her a second to give in to her charm. "Whoa, no (Sea lion). You're only 15 years old, I'm a mathematics teacher and that would be a crime. Go home now."

Mary, who has just been rejected, folds her eyes. Missed, when will he look at her as a woman and not as a child? "A crime is when you are discovered and no matter if you are discovered, the law doesn't apply to me. Bye, shy. I correct. Bye, you gay pussy."