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Mary has barely left his apartment that Dean closes for fear she would turn back. Aware that he just faced a danger that few men could have escaped, he congratulates himself on his heroism. Yes, finally, he slaps himself twice after seeing again (Sea lion)'s big blue eyes and her smile again, which confuse him so much that for a few seconds he had forgotten where he is.

"Calm down, Dean, and think of something that will allow you to erase that face from your mind. I know."

Dean knows a method that will get him out of this bad situation and without delay, he takes a math book out of his small library.

Friday 13 January

Perhaps last night he chased (Sea lion)'s face too far out of his mind or maybe too busy with his mathematics, Dean didn't see the hours go by, but anyway, this morning it's a zombie-Dean who crosses over the entrance to the High School.

"Good morning, sir."


"Hello Mr. Fulster"


Not far from here, she glimpses the red-eyed young teacher trying as best he could to answer the students. The young teacher also notices the shirt not fitting properly into Dean's pants and believing that she is lucky, she runs to his side.

"Hello Professor Fulster, I am very happy that you are already back with us, but what have you got this morning? Did you spend a restless night in your girlfriend's arms? Or is it a hangover from an overindulged evening with old friends you hadn't seen in a long time?"

What a horrible melody! This high-pitched voice, resembling a creaking door, does nothing to help his recovery. Eh? What is she doing? Why is she putting her hands in his pants? This woman is also a danger. A different danger from (Sea lion) but a danger all the same. Moving away for the second time from the young teacher with the vicious hands, to protect himself, Dean places his own before his family jewellery.

"Hello Professor Bean, nice to see you in great shape. In fact, neither one of them, last night I relaxed by doing math and carried away by pleasure, I didn't see the hours go by. In fact, I didn't sleep all night."

Frustrated that she hadn't finished putting the shirt back in Dean's pants, the young teacher would like to comment on this sentence, but what man would be stupid enough to spend a night to do mathematics? How sad, here he is this man and by coincidence, this man is also the idiot she loves.

"What an exciting passion you have there. I expected nothing less of a brilliant young Mathematics teacher accepted by our prestigious High School."

Why does she have this sudden urge to vomit? Has she exaggerated too much or are the lies too big for him to believe?

"Isn't that right? In my opinion, mathematics can be compared to everyday life and the problems we encounter in it. I will give you a concrete example of this in order to support this reflection, which is certainly very personal to me, but which can indeed be easily verified. Visualize a beautiful curve. A smooth and soft curve, drawn with the greatest care..."

With her jaw hanging down, the young teacher returns to her senses when she felt a sharp pain in her back following an elbow blow she had just received. Her hand on her painful back, just as she is about to lecture the probably inattentive person responsible for the blow she has just suffered, seeing Mary Mason followed by 3 girls and 8 boys of 10b, she closes her mouth.

"Well, how cute. Our teachers flirt freely in front of their students right in the middle of the passage leading to the main building. Miss Bean, I knew you were a real bitch, but what a fascinating sight to watch you shake your ass like a dog in heat. What a great example you set for the younger ones. Yes, what a perfect example of a bitch in heat you are. Be careful, Miss Bean, if you stir your ass too much, you quickly get in trouble. On these words, which I hope will have opened your eyes, we wish you an excellent day."

Now at the centre of the students who have gathered to witness this new 10b attack, under the applause of the 11b and 12b students who support their cadets, the humiliated young teacher withdraws crying.

Dean, who also attended this scene, feels terribly helpless but also very cowardly. Observing the girl in the centre of the 10b group, he cannot believe that the (Sea lion) of a moment ago and the (Sea lion) of yesterday are one and the same person. Feeling the anger rising inside him, he begins to move towards the 10b gathered a little further away. When a large hairy hand firmly grabs his arm and stops his momentum, already in a bad mood Dean wants to react, but when he sees the person at the end of that arm, he calms his anger.

"Professor Fulster, if you really to go and lecture them then I won't hold you back. Just know this. All you'll gain by lecturing them is to make them angry. If they are angry, they will go after the person you defended first. Unfortunately, this is what happened with the young teacher who preceded you. A student's parent went to them and defended her. The result was not long in coming and it was not brilliant.

Not to mention the obscenities that they were uttering against her, these little bastards had fun touching her in the middle of class. Naturally she talked to the school administration about it. Seeing that nothing was changing and that she was not being listened to, she went to the police station and filed a complaint. Behave yourself because we are reaching the heights of shame and corruption. Not only did the police blamed all the faults on her, saying that many testimonies proven that she was having fun tempting the students, but when the students have gone far too far, the police simply closed eyes.

Now, as I was telling you, if despite my explanations you still want to lecture them knowing that you are compromising Miss Bean's safety, then I won't hold you back. However, I ask you to think carefully about the consequences of your actions, because they will not hesitate for a second when they break her and at that moment, no one will come to rescue her."

Dean, under the shock of what he has just learned, nods as he sees the disillusioned but serious look of the 40-year-old man whose hard face is currently being replaced by a deep expression of loneliness. Silently, he replays this scene worthy of a film, but he nothing can be done about it, he cannot admit that the school administration is showing such favouritism. Favoritism or corruption? About to enter the main building, Dean thinks back to the words spoken last night by (Sea lion.)

"A crime is when you're discovered and no matter how you're discovered, the law doesn't apply to me."

At that moment there, he didn't really take it into account. He took these words for common nonsense pronounced by a little girl a little too sure of herself. However, today, after what he just heard, Dean is beginning to believe that in these words, unfortunately, there could be a big part of truth.