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Thursday 26 January

Dean particularly likes meat with simple things like rice or paws. So when a dubious plate of vegetables is placed in front of him in the High School dining hall, he must study it so as not to be poisoned. However, by concentrating on it in search of something suspicious, his eyes are beginning to get tired.

"So Professor Fulster, are you ready for the next few days?"

Is there anything coming? Reading his look of surprise, the teachers surrounding Dean are just as surprised because when even no one would have told him, many internal notes were distributed for this purpose.

Never mind if he looks like an idiot again, Dean assumes that now all teachers are used to it. Dean, who cannot ignore the palpable unease that has just invaded the teachers' table, decides to speak.

"I admit I have no idea what you're talking about, but stop making these dead fish heads. Frankly, you scare me."

Near him, after having communicated his laughter to everyone, the 40-year-old man, who looks tough, hits him friendly on the shoulder, then shakes his head in despair at the young teacher who, according to the majority, has his head constantly in the clouds.

"I hope you're joking, Professor Fulster, because if this is not the case, I'm afraid someone's going to have fun depriving you of the information you should be receiving. It's a little embarrassing because if I judge by your expression, it seems like you're not teasing us. So that's a summary of what you should have learned.

At the end of January or beginning of February, depending on the year, the 10Grade students go abroad for a period of 1 month. These are by no means holidays, but it is a standard school trip concluded with high schools in other countries. Each class is accompanied by 2 parents and by its main teacher who is in charge of all this little world. In addition to leading the group as a whole, the head teacher has a duty to plan field trips, to learn the basic words of the local language, you see, a number of things that require both serious and very rigorous preparation.

This is regrettable, but in this school, the marks between administration and teachers are always distributed indirectly, as if the contact between ourselves and the school administration staff were obsolete. This is another subject, but to come back to the one we are interested in, the information we receive is always placed in our locker in the teachers' room. Mr Fulster, I do not question your words or your honesty, but I doubt that the administration is trying to penalize the 10b. Are you really sure you haven't received any documents to sign, information and other internal circulars?"

For Dean whose face is whiter than the table on which he takes his meals every day, the day rises in his brain long ago plunged into a deep darkness. So that would be the explanation? He'd have a record! Dean shamefully lifts his head towards his colleagues. He looks especially at the 40-year-old teacher who looks tough, then opens his mouth. What can he say in these circumstances? He opens it, then closes it. Besides looking like an idiot, what does he have to gain by talking? He opens it again, but deciding that this is not his absolute priority, he gets up from the table, then before the confused eyes of everyone, he rushes out.

Dean is really very handsome in the effort. At least that's the opinion of the students girls who look at the 24-year-old teacher who crosses the halls in a sprint. Dean really lacks exercise. At least that's his opinion when after less than 50 seconds of sprinting, he spits out his lungs.

The 40-year-old man with a tough face hadn't lied to him. In a corner of the teacher's room, Dean is sitting on the floor. Deprived of any determination after opening a metal locker with a key he thought was some kind of object that the school had offered him as a sign of welcome, Dean observes the 15 inches of documents contained in what turns out to be his personal locker.

(to be signed, perhaps read later, to be signed, to be signed, useless, perhaps read later...) According to one of the documents he is holding as we speak, the departure is scheduled for early Sunday afternoon. But in this case why didn't anyone from the administration come to ask him to hurry? Nothing makes sense in this story. He has only one class of 10 Grade, however, he has never heard the students of 10b talk about any school exchange. At this age teenagers are in excitement at such events and they constantly talk about it, except his students have never discussed such a subject.

His students... (Sea lion) has been in England for two weeks now. Will she participate in this outing or will she stay in London? He doesn't have enough time, but despite everything, Dean's spirit is no longer here. Without worrying about the rest, he travels between Big Ben, Carnaby street and the British Museum. She had teased him a lot that day, yet in some ways it allowed him to have fun like he hadn't been able to do in a long time. When to that evening....

"You idiot, pull yourself together. You're 24 years old, she's 15, 1 month's delay to catch up and 1 night to do it."

Thursday, Dean didn't sleep at night. His eyes devoured the documents, while he practiced signing his name without interruption. Faster, faster, he read and signed faster and faster.

On the morning of Friday 27th, after a rather brief body cleansing, Dean registered on a site that allows the learning of many languages but he had just started learning the targeted language in beginner mode, when after scratching his head, he closed his laptop.

After returning the documents to the Higt School, the Executive Secretary said nothing in particular to him except that she had already filled out identical documents in his name and that now she was inviting him to return to his class or he would be late. Bit..., slu..., many names came to the lips of a very angry Dean, but he kept quiet and left the richly decorated office silently.

Sunday 29 January 2012


What a speed challenge! It's all right, he's in time. At first doubtful because he would not find his students there, Dean walked through the vast hall of Los Angeles International Airport. After investigation, more precisely after Dean had checked with the reception, he was taken to a private hall in which his charming children were waiting for him.