The siren call
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[As I feared, (Sea lion), didn't come.] Not wanting to admit his disappointment, when he enters the private hall, before heading to his students who are divided into small groups anyway, Dean stops before the two parents of students who will assist him during this trip.

"Hello ladies, nice to meet you. I'm Dean Fulster, head teacher of the 10b and in charge of this school trip."

His sentence barely ends when the tall blonde and tall brunette, both very chic and approximately 5.77ft tall, turn to Dean. If the tall blonde smiles gently at him, the tall brunette looks at him with a contempt and hostility that make him particularly uncomfortable. As if to prove his feelings, the tall and beautiful brunette woman soon launched her verbal offensive.

"A teacher who just emerged from adolescence. I wonder what the principal had in mind when he recruited such a kid who was unfit to teach."

The sweet smile of the tall blonde woman who approaches him nevertheless slightly comforts Dean. Stretching out his hand to greet her, he is quickly sucked into a vortex of sweetness.

"Nice to meet you too, Professor Fulster. I'm Benedict Dempsey but we'll have to spend a lot of time together, so call me Benedict and I'll call you Dean, okay? Although she may seem a little aggressive at first, my friend Lily Garett is a very nice person. Dean, please ignore your first impression and give Lily another chance. Say, would you do me that little favor?"

"I don't want close contact with a kid who smells like cheap soap bought in a proletarian supermarket."

Sucked into this vortex of roses, Dean was also smiling at the tall, bewitching blonde who, without him noticing, walked up to him to tenderly caress his chest. Being pulled out by the force of his ocean of well-being, as if he had just taken two powerful slaps in a row, the tall brunette's acid mouth and her sharp words wake him up suddenly. When he returns to reality he realizes that the tall blonde woman caresses him, Dean panics.

"I have to go check if all the students are here, so excuse me?"

The young teacher's back being now the only thing that is allowed to see, the 2 women explodes with laughter.

"I'm tired of playing the mean Benedict, it's really not fair. Besides, he has a nice little ass this young Professor."

"We flipped a coin and fate decided that this time you would be the bad shrew again. I'm really sorry, sweetheart, but I'm going to taste this one."

"Will you save me a piece of it?"

"Do you want a thigh or a wing?"

"Hahahaha, silly, I'm serious."

What was that attack? Is this woman a succubus? No, she must attack with sound waves, doing penetrate subliminal messages into the brains of its victims as the sirens do. However, all this is not very scientific. He must calm his boiling senses, but how could he represent this mathematically?

Two very attractive women's laughter coming from behind his back add to his current ordeal and Dean, who can no longer hold on place, quickly decides to make the call in order to to occupy his mind tempted by this blond devil in a blue skirt.


Whether (Sea lion) comes or not, Dean must know it anyway and then send his oral report to this executive secretary, whom he only moderately appreciates. The person best able to transmit this information to him is unfortunately this sinister kid named Ryan Carlson. Not very motivated, Dean advances towards the group of 3 boys with in his center, a teenager with chestnut hair.

Medium-sized, son of the one who owns the Carlson hotel empire, if this Ryan is the closest person to (Sea lion) he would also be one of her distant cousins. Um, not to mention that he is also the meanest student in this class, which is made up only of small assholes at the heart of stones.

In front of the 3 teenagers who watch him condescendingly, once again, Dean has the impression that these kids from the highest background, crush him.

"Ryan, I can see that (Sea lion) is not here. However, I have to give the list of people present today in 5 minutes at the latest, so I would like to know if she will go with us or not. Do you know anything about it?"

When he sees Ryan raise his arm to silence his 2 friends who were about to talk, Dean finds it very funny. Not wanting these kids to feel offended and start a scandal here, he nevertheless does not show it and is content to wait for the answer that is slow to come.

"I don't know why you call Mary that, but since she has never protested herself, I will refrain from making any comments that are too aggressive about it. I just want you to know that I find this outrageous and irreverent. In addition, we all noticed the kitten look you had when you laid eyes on Mary. Today is a happy day, so I will simply tell you this: Never has the most vile toad been able to charm the most beautiful of Princesses. Finally, and to conclude this sterile exchange, I will answer your question. You don't need to know the details of Mary's movements. She does what she wants and you are not allowed to receive this kind of personal information under any circumstances."

Dean, who didn't expect much from Ryan, walks away from his students, who all look at him and laugh discreetly. Against all odds, for the first time, Dean see them shut up and then lower their eyes when Benedict raises her voice.

"Come on, Professor, to get over it, I invite you for a drink."

With his arm wrapped in the arm of the tall blonde woman who just joined him, Dean believes that the idea is charming. A simple friendly drink with a beautiful woman will certainly not hurt him.