Mr. Mori’s misfortunes
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When Mr. Mori opens the door of his classroom, he is very surprised that the Director and the Assistant Director both came in person. Believing that it would be a little embarrassing to stretch his neck to take a deep breath now, he begins to suffocate but he still bows down.

The 2 men in front of Professor Mori, smell the air and can't help but frown. Is there a sewer upflow in this room? How humiliating. They are receiving the children of very important people and this must happen today. Turning to the girl they have escorted, they know that they can not allow this young lady to undergo such ordeal.

"Mr. Mori, why didn't you tell us that you had hygiene problems in your classroom? In addition to our students who must not be able to study properly, do you think this is the best way to welcome our distinguished guests? Well, I'm listening to you, Mr. Mori."

What hygiene problems? It's your guests who are dirtier than flies. He would like to say it but unable to do so, Professor Mori, whose complexion turns blue, refrains from any comment in this sense.

"Forgive me for my lack of responsiveness to this major problem, Mr. Director. Indeed, I suppose that a dirty water pipe had to break, hence the nauseating smell that has embedded itself in the walls of my classroom."

The more the Assistant Director looks at him, the more strange this Mr. Mori seems to him today. "Mr. Mori? Would you be sick or are you faking any illness? We know that you were strongly opposed to the integration of students from the United States but still, from there to simulating a disease, you disappoint me, Mori. I'm starting to assume that you yourself destroyed that dirty water pipe. So Mori, am I wrong or are you a hooligan?"

Why did they decide to come after me today? I'm going to die of asphyxiation at this rate.] It is with a purple face and begging eyes that Professor Mori looks at his 2 superiors. The 2 men in front of him clearly suspect him, but Professor Mori, who is literally out of breath, rushes forward. His life threatening to end if he doesn't act quickly, he pushes the two men, closes his eyes and happily takes a breath of fresh air.

"What fresh air, I live again."

Now in great shape, Professor Mori opens his eyes again. He had indeed thought he felt something soft hitting his pectoral muscles. He had the feeling to send these 2 very pleasant medium-sized cushions flying and when he sees a tall and beautiful blond girl sitting on her buttocks on the ground, Professor Mori thinks he understands where this very pleasant but too fleeting feeling came from.

And it is claimed that the Japanese are calm, courteous and respectful people? That brutal man who threw him back 6ft after have crushed her breasts has indeed shown great courtesy by paying her his respects.

Frightened by the vision of the very precious Miss whom one of their own teacher has mistreated, the Director, accompanied by the Assistant Director, in turn pushs Mr Mori, who understood nothing of the situation. Why do these two incorruptible men put themselves in such a state for a simple teenager? Now that she is standing, they bow to her many times? Lost, Mr. Mori, turns around to look at the culprit of this whole tragedy.

He thinks he is suffocating when he sees the punk in question comfortably seated in his personal office chair. Not only did he settle there, but he fell asleep. Shameful, Americans are shameful.

"Mori, where are you looking? Do you think your position as Professor cannot be withdrawn? Apologize immediately to Miss Mason. Bow and pray that Miss Mason will accept your apology."

These words issued by the Director, which are clearly threats and the angry face of the Assistant Director, leave him no other choice. To bow down to this girl by force in order to preserve his position as a Professor, although humiliating is a small thing.

"Miss Mason, please forgive me for being such an idiot. My behaviour is certainly inexcusable, but I sincerely beg your pardon."

This man doesn't seem to be very good at apologies, but no matter what, she's not here to annoy him. However, her breasts are now very painful because of this brute.

"Director, I don't understand what he's saying, but his intentionshave been transmitted to me. I'm not hurt, so let's forget about this unfortunate incident. On the other hand, tell me if I'm wrong, but the smell here is unbearable, right?"

That moron Mori, in addition to almost killing Miss Mason, he puts them in a really uncomfortable situation. What a vandal! How old is he to have fun breaking the school's pipes?

"Don't worry about it, Miss Mason. We will immediately change the classroom students, so you will not have to suffer from this foul smell. Miss Mason, don't be too angry with Mori. He is certainly an excellent teacher, but I fear he has been a little tired lately, hence his anger when he destroyed the dirty water pipes.

Mori, in her great generosity Miss Mason has granted you her forgiveness. I saw that the next classroom is free. Gather all the students and get there right away. Mori, final warning. If you destroy another dirty water pipe or simulate another disease, you will be fired immediately. Another thing: Take good care of Miss Mason. Treat her like your Queen. Respond to her every wish and make sure no one bothers her. So Mori, why haven't you gone to gather your students yet?"