Chapter 4: The Element. Thirteenth to be exact.
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I'm very sorry, but I am being pressured to give them a body. Hope that makes you happy, certain someone.

So, I don't know what I expected, but I should have seen this coming. The OS is still going as expected (that being basically nowhere) so don't worry. The problem is the solar. I'm still waiting on the manuals, but the blueprint is here, and I can't make it. Well, I Can make it, I just can't assemble it. In order to make a Meter by Meter panel (what was I thinking) in my half a meter printer, it split it into 16 chunks. That's not the problem, my nanobots can somehow carry them despite their size. The Problem is the fact that I have to fuse them together outside of myself. You might think, 'Why not just use the repair nanobots?' Well, they can't actually leave me. They are so sensitive, that even slight cosmic radiation would work as an EMP for them. My shell is apparently made from a lead alloy to make it impenetrable to any signals. The only place any radiation can get in is the modem, but it is boxed off and there is a sorta "flap" at the bit of me that houses it that can open and close to allow signals through when needed. (Don't ask me how they survive with my EM waves bombarding them, I don't know) So, after making the panel itself and the supports for it, I directed one of the fixers to come out, and it died on the spot. So now I have solar panel bits laying on bare ground (not even grass, as I mined it all out), a dead fixer, and no idea what to do. Well, I DO have an idea, but I don't like it. A construction drone. The first problem is the fact that I don't have the blueprint, and second being the amount of resources it needs. I already striped the entirety of the clearing of all its grass, and slowly digging down, but whatever. So, in 2 more days I will request the drone info starting from the builder, and start the fabrication after downloading it. Meanwhile, I will prepare the materials for a portable nanobot HUB, as that is what pulled up info about drones when I was downloading about nanobots, and I feel like they would use the same resources.

So, it took 7 days to download the construction drone blueprint, and I need to wait 4 more days for the manual. Thankfully, all others will take faster as I have the base it would work off of, so the rest will only take 27 days. But on the bad news, I was only partially correct about the resources. I should have expected that, but it needs a battery, converter, and even a storage device. I already have most of the resources for the hull and for the battery, as it is quite smaller than what I was making for myself, but I will also need to make a charge port to boot. That means I will only be able to get me a robot with a changer in 12 days. Those storage boxes are expensive. But, what can I do, except grind my teeth and wait? So, I wait. I made a background for my OS in the meantime. It's nothing but solid light blue, but it's progress!

Finally! The panel is assembled, I have a knee-deep moat around myself, and my converter can now run for 16 hours with one of the batteries. All is going well in my opinion! Well, except the moat part. I now started making aluminum plates to cover the hole. Might as well start the construction now if I have to stay here! With the converter running so much, it would only take 5 or so days, so it's not a big deal, I AM still waiting on the drone download after all.

15 days later and we're done! The hole is covered, and the download is complete! I am now thinking of ordering info on a better router, so I do that, and let's look at the drone list. Aha, uh, yup. Like a quarter of these I don't understand, and half I can't make, for the account of them being too big, and at the same time being too precise to use the builder drone. BUT! Scout drones! With flying variety! And, I apparently can even possess them! On the other note, mining drones. I Do need more resources, but they are just not as exiting as flying. There are a Bunch of other useful ones, but I can't use them now. Also, what I'm really excited about is customizable chassis. I can only make the smaller ones, but it also provided me with a bunch of stuff I can (pardon the pun) stuff them with, and it even came with an update to my CAD that automatically arranges it all into an optical configuration, though I can move parts around as needed, and it will try it's hardest to accommodate. So, four cameras, one mic and speaker combo, a small solar panel, a big battery, a one-meter storage space, a tiny nanobot storage, and a small com array. I would need to also install a radio tower near myself, but that's not a big problem. Oh! Fun fact about radio! It specifically says that it doesn't interfere with UMAA communication! That means that something will, and I don't like those prospects. I have a feeling having two routers probably wouldn't work, but we'll see. Speaking of the router, how long unti- FORTY TWO DAYS?!?!? AND it's loading the software and instructions first. It better at least double my speed, you hear? Anyway, let's begin building that radio tower. I already have large amounts of aluminum for the structure and some copper for the wiring, so it won't take long. Imagine if it didn't give me the radio tower blueprints and I had to wait until the router finishes to download it, that would awful. What's that? How did my construction bot work without the tower? You see, the charging dock comes in many variants, and some have antennas on them. I picked the twenty-meter one as my glade is fifteen, so no, I'm not as stupid as that. Anyway, the construction will take around 7 days, purely by virtue of being so much to print, so this will be the firs time when recourses will not be the limiting factor, all that's left is to wait, and make the resources for the robot.

I'm... not liking what I'm hearing. Namely, nothing. Full radio silence. Only static. And it's not the case of being out of frequency range, as I splurged a bit and I can now receive and transmit from 3 Hz all the way up to 3000 GHz. I will probably go as low as I can, both on frequency and power, and raise them as the distance increases, so I'm not too loud, maybe there is a reason why it's silent. That scary thinking out of the way, the first thing I tell the robot to do is climb the radio tower. It was built on the ground and then raised, so I don't know how it looks from the top, and although it isn't much higher than the trees, it does have around five meters on them. Aaand, nothing. Just a forest of trees, not even smoke on the horizon. Oh well, that just means I can expand every which way I want. Oh yea, the robot only took 4 days to make. Turns out I accidentally ordered some of the required resources when making the build-a-bot twice, and some of those resources were the ones needed to make the storage box, so I'm golden. Anyway, it's time to explore and finally answer that nagging question that I had since day one. Is there a stream to the left of me. And the answer is, YES! I know it's not very exiting, but hang with me here, I have heard that sound all the time since I first woke up, but I've never actually seen it, so of course I'm hyped. It's about a meter deep, one and a half wide and fairly quick. Oh, also my robot is apparently waterproof. Don't judge me, I was exited, and the grass is too tall to properly see. I should probably cut it. My iPod-nanos can work at ranges up to 50 meters from me without any relays. Well, they can technically work further, but the response speed and accuracy rapidly deteriorates after that, so I'm not gonna count it. Anyway, I can scan with the MaDAR up to 25 meters, so I just tell the bot to scan the surroundings as I splurged on it after all, so it has a built-in LiDAR, RaDAR and even a tiny MaDAR. So off- and it's being attacked. Or, explored would be the better term. I didn't give it any commands, so it was just standing still, and a squirrel decided to check it out. It's having the time of its life, running and climbing all over it while cutely chittering. 'Sorry little squirrel, but I need that.' As soon as it starts moving, the squirrel is already in the tree, curiously watching it, but it doesn't interfere, so I leave it going in slowly enlarging circles around me while using MaDAR.

Welcome back! A couple thing happened since the last record. The squirrel now rides on top of the bot. It's a bit annoying, as it is sitting on the solar panel, so I have to charge it using my own power, but it's cute, so I allow it. I cut gown some trees, so my 30-meter circle forest clearing, is now a 30 by 30 square covered in aluminum plates, the corners are only 42 meters away, so the bots still reach. I also have two more solars, so I now have four thousand Watts at my disposal. I now have 5 more batteries, so the converter is now always running, and there is cabling going in four cardinal directions under the floor. You heard that right, floor. I am planing on building. Not too high, as I still don't know what's out there, but a roof would be good, and yes, I know that my panel would be useless, but safety comes first. I am also starting to run out of memory. That router design was a doozy, with both complicated electronics and also the weird magic symbols, and as much as I would like to deny it, those hieroglyphs confirm what the code said. It's a MAGICAL (well, magickal) modem. I can barely wrap my head around it, but whatever. And yes, I did say was, the download is complete. It actually surprised me, how complicated it is to set it up. First I need to make it, then make a special wire, connect it to my existing router, and then send some special mumbo-jumbo over it. Magick stuff, I guess. Anyway, I already have the materials, so it would only take 4 days to- and done. The magic of being able to write whatever you want, whenever you want. So, first things first, it's big. Not supper big, but it won't fit into the old slot. Well, it doesn't need to. I am planing on keeping my old router, just in case. So, I made 2 of those special cables that use quicksilver for some reason, and install a short small one from my modem to my outside with a mother socket, have a meter long one to connect it to the outside one (the length is just in case) I "glued" it to my side by fusing its legs to me and connected all the wires in a similar fashion. So, looking at the walls around me, and noting down that I should install some cameras, I send the comma-

2000 words! Woo-hoo! If you see something wrong, please tell me, as I'm too tired to reread it for the second time.