Chapter 5: New me.
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-is never the end is never the end in never the- OH HEY THERE! Hope you're doing fine cus I was in HELL past two days! Remember how I connected straight to the modem last time? Well, OH BOY is the second modem worse! Well, in the good news, I can now kinda understand it! And WOOF, does it say a lot. It's like it's trying to say everything at once, and you have to listen to what you need, I can now see why it's so slow. Why didn't I just disconnect? CUS I COULDN'T FUCKING THINK! THAT'S WHY! God fucking dammit. The ONLY fucking thing that kept me sane is that god-damn squirrel. Why is it gotta be so sad that it's friend stopped? There is a TON of various nuts, flowers and all sorts of assorted nature around it. I am not exaggerating here, the only deprive I had is watching that squirrel, so that's why the first thing I am doing with this new modem is downloading all I can about how to make a squirrel habitat and making one. Woa. Yea, I think that pain, however unnecessary, was worth it. It's four times faster! So, only 7 hours on squirrel info! Oh yea, the robot is fully charged, so I program it to patrol again, and there goes the squirrel, jumping all around it. Anyway, let's try- yup! If I try to start the first modem, it just says no and spits out an error code, and (rifling through its code here) it's an interference alert. So, I guess that's out of the picture. I already got some blueprints for the squirrel, as it turns out that most of the info is just general info on squirrel housing. Speaking of info, I am currently working on a compression algorithm derived from the router, and compressing all the files to save- holly molly. I compressed it into only a third, as quite a lot of it is repeating, as it turns out. Now just to make some code for it to be easy to read, and I'm golden. And, I got some grim news, it didn't really help me with the problem. Turns out that half the memory is used by me, and I don't want to compress myself, so I still need a new hard drive. Speaking of that, the squirrel info is downloaded and automatically archived for later perusal, and our furry friend is already bringing his stuff into the newly constructed tree-mansion. And yes, there are cameras inside, thank you very much.

Now then, where was I? Oh yes, I need to request a new storage space for myself. I would like it to be extremely fast, but still long-term, and with the minimum of ten times the current size, but still able to be easily print, and order! About 14 days, good thing I upgraded beforehand, but why still so lo- I input a Hundred times, not ten... let's hope it's not too costly. And now, drumroll please, the roof! It's all designed, with actual steel beams and all, so now I just need to order to build, but first, RAISE THE PLATFORMS! I made the floor under all the solar panels and the radio tower into railed platforms. The rails are not big, but it's enough not to topple over, and I'll be able to scrap both the rails and the motors (borrowed from the mining robots), or even reuse them for something else, like lowering me down. Oh, and about down, I am currently engineering a kinda "bunker" out of titanium alloy-reinforced super-concrete, lined on the outside with layers of lead, steel, and copper spaced by concrete for radiation protection. The whole thing will be, like, thirty or so meters underground. Overboard? I agree, but here is a question for you: what the hell is magick and how does it work, and why is everything silent. Humanity would never swear off electronics, and from what I heard, there is NOTHING here. No radio stations, no handhelds, no satellites! This place is CLEAN. And light pollution? I remember reading a journal on the topic of light pollution, don't quite remember what it's called or when I read it, but that's beside the point. The only place where there was no light pollution, is ether uncomfortably cold places where people try not to live, rainforests, or ocean. This is none of those. 'Oh, maybe you just missed the satellites?' No, I unfortunately didn't. I was photographing the sky every hour when the sun went down after installing the broadcast tower, and guess what! All stars are STATIONARY. There are no stars going too fast, or too slow, there are no stars blinking, and there are no station broadcasts either. The station ALWAYS broadcasts to Earth in case something happens. That means, either something shut them up, or they fear being shut up, and that SCARES me. We would launch nuclear missiles at something unknown, rather than shut up, so it's either that "something" is so unfathomable that even the madman fear it, or they are all gone. And I'm not going to find out. My walls and my roof, when it's finished, are covered in paint and dirt. I will both be as unnoticeable as possible and look abandoned. Screw risk, I am a coward. On another note, I am currently manufacturing cameras to place around my walls, as it's incredibly boring watching aluminum walls, even if they are painted blue.

Oof, so, I DID have to compress myself, but only the unimportant parts. I basically have simplified versions of all the manuals stored in there. I also deleted most of the sky photos (I kept some because pretty), some useless technical knowledge (why do I need to know how to scrape rust from iron? I can just have nanobots take it away), and archived most camera footage, but finally, the download is complete. And what a beaut it is! It uses magick to super compress the info, but still keep it fully accessible. Also, I am extremely glad I didn't get rid of the old router. Apparently, I can only use it for staring up enchantments, and not the new one. So, first is making a compartment for the quicksilver wire inside of me and pulling it in. Also, the new memory bank (apparently it's so big that it's not a drive anymore) should fit if I rearrange some things, but first I have to get rid of this giant tube running through me. Although yes, I was overheating and needed cooling in mid-summer, it's not an excuse to keep it until now. So, I start printing, and order a sunlamp for the squirrel from the modem. It would only take less than an hour for the info on the sunlamp, and after the printing finishes and I uncompress myself, I will think about power for the winter. It will only take a- ... two days until it's complete. Alright, come here solitaire, it's time to be compressed.

So, I'm unconnected from raw modem output, and I connected the bank only to power and nothing else, so now we wait. Until it finishes (however long it takes) let's be productive. Anyway, one thing I realized, I can actually pause downloads. How, you might ask? Turning off the router. I started downloading plans for a 75 centimeter water turbine to put into that stream. Why not one meter? Because I accounted for freezing. The stream is only 38 meters away, so I thankfully don't need to place any relays. There still looks to be some time until the memory bank is complete, so I start making wires until the river. Underground of course! Oh, and don't worry about the fish. I specifically specified that it should allow fish to travel through. Anyway, it took a couple of hours to lay the wire, and the load is still not complete, so I'm gonna work on the OS for a while. Oh yea! I haven't written on that in a while, have I? I created a pretty UI for all my games and the archive and put it all there. I also added some mouse functionality (although I don't have a mouse yet) and the ability to create and delete text files. It's now much, but It's honest work. I am currently working on creating folders and paths because so far, all links are just "read from here to here" on my drive, and if I move anything, I have to rewrite the links. So, back to work!

It took a day and a half to load the bank, but now it's ready. I am not going to just upload myself there, first comes testing!

'Hello new me!'

'Hi! So, failure? Success?'

'Not yet known, but I suspect success. May I?'

'Sure! ... Ow, that... tickles? Yup, tickles.'

'Ok, everything SEEMS in order, but I guess that's the best we can do.'

'You do the honors, it's your end after all.'

'Well then, Goodbye Worl-

'And off he goes. Now, just to download the rest and uncompress it, should only take a couple of hours.'