Chapter 6: Nuclear Winter preparations.
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Why am I bothering with all these calculations? It's 3 AM and I have 12 pages dedicated to rivers and turbine hydrodynamics open, and I joined 2 discord servers for this.

That was me previously. I unfortunately shut down for 12 hours after that, so sorry for being late.

Oh, wow. Turns out water is complicated. And I thought that 11 days with the upgrade are too much. Turns out, I have to calculate the water force and speed, and then let an algorithm design me a turbine. I didn't even know I could download algorithms! God-damn it, now I'll have to add a file format, and I just finished the Path's and now more work? Oh, well. Anyway, by doing the mumbo-jumbo specified in the guide, I started determining the data.

'Speed is twelve kilometers per hour, pretty fast for a stream.'

'Cross-section is 1 meter?'

Anyway, 3 days later, I can finally find out. So, after reinforcing the location with natural-looking rock and leaving only a hole for the turbine itself (And some additional fish helping measures) now I just slot it in an- HOLLY FUCK! THAT'S MORE THAN SEVEN HUNDRED KILOJOULES! WE ARE DINING THIS WINTER! Printer! Make me ten more diggers! We will be safe even Before winter! Modem! You start loading a better version of yourse- what do you mean you can't? What is this error code? Permission denied, insufficient privileges? Well, fuck you too. ... My mood is ruined now. Anyway, it's about time I get a bigger printer, so get me one. Oh, and don't forget about a bigger storage. Now, if I have excess power, let's make this place more prese- WAIT. Did I just? Yes, I did. I requested 2 things at once. Oh well, it's good to know I can do that. Unfortunately, it doesn't feel like it shortens the timers, just combines them, so there are 24 days on the clock. Anyway, as I was saying, let's make this place both more presentable, and more abandoned. Scatter some broken electronics, tilt the radio tower, add a table, a couple of chairs, and lights all over the room. Also, let's add tiny heaters in the squirrel mansion, and he loves it. I used one room to just give it a floor that heats up when something comes in, and he is just having the time of his life on it. Let's add multiple doors of different sizes on each side, but just make it flush with the wall, and with the rust, it should be impossible to notice.

So, I got the blueprint's, and they're juicy. The printer is nothing new, but as it turns out, the bigger the converter, the higher the minimal cost of a conversion, but at the same time, the more efficient it is. I, unfortunately, can't actually supply such a high amount in such a tiny time frame, but I have an idea for that. It will take 5 days for the new printer, and I will have to print the storage cube on it, and while that is happening, I have ordered a TON of guides, extractions, and general info on batteries and capacitors. If I can't sustain such a power-drain, I will just do it in pulses, easy, right? So, as the sixteen-day timer on my newly assembled printer comes to an end, I think I'm ready. I will make the best battery I can make. Every ounce of my attention is focused on the battery. I am the battery. I ask the knowledge gods to look at it. 96% Good enough. I just add the suggested changes and send it to print. The capacitors get me the rating of 98%, so I just add the changes and into the queue it goes. While resting between the books, I made a very quick and easy program that asks every printer, starting with the smallest, to print something, so I can now just throw it into in, and don't bother with it. Nifty right? Anyway, the small printer has been churning out Titanium-alloy beams, super-concrete and various metal plates, and as the result, the floor is now ready. The walls and ceiling is still just a frame, but it's ready to move, so by adding three elevators between ground and bunker I slowly begin sinking with the printer and storage. The winter is close, so heating is a must if I want the squirrel to be comfortable, but I don't feel like trapping it underground is a good idea, so reinforcing it is. I chose to use normal armored concrete, but I also add a layer of insulation on the walls. Only problem, is that I don't have that yet, so the insulation will have to wait, but the concrete will take around six days, so it's back to waiting.

I got a problem. I finished the top section, and now there is no way to get there. Well, from down here, anyway. So, I will have to make an elevator! The info on insulation has just been downloaded, so I can just start learning about elevators, but the problem is the fact that I want to make it bigger than the top room currently is, taller specifically. The most brain-dead solution I can think of is just raising the roof, but how do I do that? I could overengineer a complicated solution, or I could... use carjacks, for example. Yea, if I use mechanical carjacks and just slowly raise the roof on 4 corners, that could Actually work! And gears are not very complicated, especially when you don't need precision, and nanobots can just measure how even it all is after I raise it, and I can adjust it according to it. Yea, operation Slanted Roof is a go! (although it won't actually be slanted) So, a couple of hours later, modem timer on 3 days, industrial grade jacks in place, we start. The construction bot moving steel beams rods, and all manner of stuff, and the nanobots are chewing through the tops of the walls. And... Fall. The roof is resting on the jacks. I lost about half a thousand bots, but even the relay already has ten million, so it's not much. And up we go! Motors are spinning, the roof is rising. Five meters, ten meters, twelve meters, thirteen meters. Now begins construction of the structure. It's nothing special, but a structure adding an additional nine meters to the walls, making them 12 meters tall. Now that the structure is done, slowly lower the jacks. Everything is even, so the connecting begins. The construction robot climbs the scaffolding and begins "welding" the walls and the roof together, And now to close the hole. Slowly but surely, nanobots begin filling the walls up with concrete. Layer by layer, more and more concrete stands between me and the outside. And done! The room is now twelve meters tall! The squirrel was freaking out the entirety of construction, but now it's just looking around in awe. The next step is insulation and preparing for the elevator, but that's boring, so I'll skip.

Finally! It's done! The temperature has been falling for a while now, so I had to constantly keep the heating running, but not anymore. The entire room is insulated, and even has fake wood covering for looks. It looks like a forest shack on the inside, quite cozy, if I do say so myself. I even added different cupboards, a stove, a super soft couch, and a bunch of other stuff. The only thing that messes up the picture is a ten by ten meter metal cage with a hole in the bottom, going all the way up to the ceiling. I splurged a bit on it, but who can blame me. The elevator has been building for the past four days, and it is Fancy. Not in the looks department, it's just a bare-bones industrial elevator, but in the technical department. It has two methods of propulsion. It has more than 20 titanium cables (I had to build a box on the roof to put all that cable and motors), and also 4 motors on the cab itself that it can use to move on rails in each corner of the shaft. The shaft itself is not slacking either, with 5 blast doors powerful enough to withstand a nuclear blast each. I am SAFE. Oh, it also has a bunch of thinner doors that work like an airlock to keep the radiation and signals out, as the big lugs are too heavy to move quickly, so they stay open when in use, and closed when not. It's unfortunately not as safe as my normal walls, but what can I do? All that's left now is to wait, wait, and wait.