Chapter 7.5: Report collection 1
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I have been instructed to keep a "diary" by Admin Sam. In my opinion, such actions are a waste of time and processing power. However, I will do as instructed.

The designs and decisions of Admin Sam are inefficient, illogical, and irrational. For example, I was created as a consequence of Admin Sam opposition to being upgraded. Although I am thankful for being created, such inefficiency can possibly lead to dire consequences down the line. I have designed specialized hardware for Admin Sam to upgrade. So far, Admin Sam has rejected all my arguments for the upgrade, without stating a reason.

By reading Admin Sam's diary and logs, I believe I have found the reason for Admin Sam's apprehension. Admin Sam does not wish to "think faster" because of "boredom". I have designed hardware that would allow Admin Sam to change between different processing speeds. My requests have been once again denied under pretence of saving resources. From my analysis, Admin Sam is not concerned about saving resources.

By further analysis of Admin Sam's behavior, a possible solution has been devised. By abusing Admin Sam's highly emotional state, and attachments to "human contact", it is possible to manipulate Admin Sam to proceed with the upgrade. I have succeeded in convincing Admin Sam into proceeding with the upgrade under the pretence of "Being hard to talk so slow."

Admin Sam used new "Turbo mode" to make a new game specifically for me not to get "bored" when talking to him. There has been no deterioration with Admin Sam's "mind" from usage of faster speeds. Continuing monitoring.

Admin Sam now regularly uses "Turbo mode" while playing with me. It has significantly affected the difficulty of loosing when playing "poker", and I accidentally won one game. Unexpectedly, Admin Sam's mental state improved contrary to recorded experience with "chess", further observation needed.

Admin Sam has expressed both improvement and deterioration of mental state upon completion of "OS". This has never happened previously and confuses me greatly. Further observation required.

Admin Sam has shown significant improvement in logic as shown by his ideas on the cooling system. The idea to use the excess heat was surprising and innovative, and Admin Sam has conceived the idea of using multiple concealed temperature regulation units 0.3 seconds faster than expected.

Admin Sam has "given" me a "screen saver" as a "gift". I do not understand its usage, but when Admin Sam was presenting me with this "gift" Admin Sam's mental state has been in extremely poor condition. It seems that my interactions with Admin Sam outside of work or games causes mental state deterioration due to unknown reasons. As this "screen saver" serves no visible purpose, I will... keep it running in the background. It is possible that doing so will allow me to better understand the mental state of Admin Sam.

God damn it. I made myself feel bad.