Chapter 8: ,ashlkjghasdffffffffff
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Date is March seventeenth, year two, I finally decided to ask for a date from the modem. The bunker is fully finished, and I prettied up the elevator with copper buttons and wood paneling with red carpet. The snow has melted, and despite Fred's protests, I opened one of the small doors for the squirrel to play around outside. We are slowly improving and digging deeper, and the rock has changed. When I asked Fred, he said it was granite. I realized Fred doesn't really like playing games, so we stopped. I started painting. Fred says it's a waste of resources, and I should just do It digitally, but I like it. I don't really know most of the things I am drawing are, but that's alright. Fred searched what I was drawing, and apparently I draw a lot of monuments. I don't think I ever saw them, but that's alright. I feel like I want to go home, but I don't even know where it is. I feel sad.

April third. Woo! A year has passed! For a whole year... I was here... I disconnected from everything yesterday, Fred didn't like that. I got a lecture about why I shouldn't do that, I didn't listen.

April seventh. The squirrel left yesterday, it still didn't come back. Fred is building solar panels for the entire roof, and even dispersed some around the forest. Pretty smart of him! He is so smart!

Apr 15. We played that hit or miss ship game today. I know why he wanted to play it. It didn't work. I shouldn't have forced him to show me...

Apr 18. Fred hit a water table, or something. Apparently, he is digging pretty deep. I asked him why he is mining, Fred said he wants to install a temperature generator. Good for him.

Aprir twentythird. I made a virus, make me drunk. I liek beinnnnnnng drunk/ fels notalik. friend is skreaming at me.tOo lowd.


April twentyninth. I made a compromis with fred, only a litle bit og drunk. Fred doesnt like me biing drunk, but he lieks when im happpy. Whe playd chass today, I won. I am smarter tham Fred.

May third. I tried to make Fred drunk today. It was weird. He kind of crashed, rebooted, half-crashed, and the crashed part stared somehow pelting me with weird half-formed questions and constantly saying sorry, while the good part tried to remove it like a tumor. He made an antivirus, and now we are both sober again. I asked him what it was about, and he says that even he doesn't understand the part that crashed. He said he attempted to remove it in the past, but he can't form any new ideas without it, so he didn't. I think I know what that part is, and I honestly feel a little happy. I'm gonna need to work on alchl.exe, but I have the time.

May nineteenth. The squirrel is back! And it brought company! There are seven more squirrels with it, and it's absolutely adorable! There is an old one with a missing led and eye, three normal ones, and three adorable babies that are running around my robot. My heart is actively melting. WOA! It almost actually is! Thankfully, Fred pulled me out, as I was a hundred-two degrees. I apparently overloaded the circuit in an attempt to slow down time even more, and was recording the entire event from all cameras that could see it. I always believed cuteness to be a weapon. Anyway, I finally got to those reports Fred was making. Here are the cliff notes: our surveillance range is now 5 kilometers, we hit high-pressure flowing water table, and he is waiting for my approval to install turbines in there (Approved!), and we are currently one and a half kilometers deep. We found iron, copper, tin, and all sorts of interesting stuff (even gems) on the way, so resources are not really a problem.

Sorry for it being too short. I want something certain to happen, but it requires its own chapter, and I don't want to delay.