Chapter 69: Familiars
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Chapter 69: Familiars

“Lily, you’re a masochist aren’t you?”~Az

“Nah. I prefer to call it ‘thrill seeking behavior’ or having ‘potentially dangerous hobbies’.”~me(note)

“Close enough. Want to explain these bangles next? The charm bracelet is fine, but why would you put cursed items on me?!”~Scarlet

“I checked with some others who used them. At level one, they only take a week or two to adjust your movements to them. After you adapt to it, they unlock on their own. Considering how bad your writing is, the calligraphy one will probably take longer though.”~me(note)

Thessa gave me a thumbs up while commenting that her writing was indeed pretty bad.

“You got in a lot of trouble with your previous mistress too, didn’t you?”~Scarlet


“Hurry up and save me already! Thessa is gonna rub my cheeks raw at this rate!”~Scarlet

Easier said than done. Thessa seemed to have some sort of fanatic power related to lolis, much like the ‘furry shunpo’ I’d seen before.

I did manage to distract her a bit when asking the reason for her visit. It turned out that she had managed to tame a familiar and brought it over to show us today. A small, pure white fox that had been previously hiding came in from the doorway.

“This is Luna, a spirit fox. Their kind are good with spirit and mind magic, specializing with illusions.”~Thessa

“A good choice. Confused enemies will find it difficult to hit you in the first place, a good alternative to getting a big tanky familiar. It’s a bonus that it’s cute.”~me(note)

“Oh, Scarlet, I just thought of something you can use to get revenge for your sister’s cuddle attack. Want to hear?”~me

“Yes, tell me?!”~Scarlet

Once the details were worked out, I made an excuse to go into the bedroom and came back with a box in my hands some minutes later.

“What’s that?”~Thessa

“Something I bought for Scarlet last night.”~me(note)

“What took so long and isn’t that the box with the living armor necklace?”~Scarlet

“Right. Here, use this tamer skill crystal first. I took a little longer because I decided to try something with the living armor first.”~me

“Tried what exactly? And what makes you so sure that I’ll want that to be my first familiar?”~Scarlet

“I wanted to see if I could use my blood abilities with it, it actually worked! I’m just going to ignore the second question. The excitement radiating off you because you’re about to get one of the most sought after familiars is a dead give-away.”~me

I got a ‘hmph’ in response, but it’s fine since it was cute. Scarlet then proceeded to gain the skill and tame the living armor. She then went to lay down on her bed before wearing the necklace, allowing it to send its tendrils throughout her body.

Since Scarlet was now in-disposed, Thessa and Az decided to excuse themselves. I discreetly handed Az a box on her way out. Inside are the loli-pops and a note:

Hey Az, it’s Scarlet. I had Lily prepare this note for you along with the rest of her loli-pops. Though the first day was super embarrassing, whose childhood isn’t? Anyways, I figure that you two have had some difficulties being together with the size difference and these might be the answer. Plus, since my sister seems to have a loli fetish anyways, so she might as well be one. Looking forward to seeing my little sister.
    With lots of love,
        Scarlet & Lily
P.S. from Lily: These were pretty cheap and overstocked. Probably wouldn’t be a problem to ensure a continuous(lifetime) supply.

They say that good things should be shared. Plus, my suggestion worked well to distract Scarlet from other things.

Since my earlier experiment with the living armor was a success, I decided to extract some blood from the slime that had recently finished evolving as well. It had evolved into a purity slime and Rose would be coming over tomorrow to collect it. Pulling the core out from its jelly layer and making a small cut on it to let the blood drip into a small vial. I gave it a buff for blood regeneration and then healed it afterwards.

The slime blood ended up giving me the absorption trait, unlockable with 100sp. I also got the assimilate and remodel traits earlier from the living armor’s blood. Though the latter’s traits are greyed out for some reason. I decided to ask Kat later, ignoring it for now, and started to cultivate while waiting for Scarlet to finish up. The living armor only finished integrating itself around dinner time.

“LILY! Explain!”~Scarlet

“Oh, Mistress, you’re up? Good evening. Explain what exactly?”~me

“Good evening my butt! Explain why exactly my living armor familiar is a vampire?”~Scarlet

“Well, because I turned it into one right before you made it your familiar.”~me

“Yea, figured out that much, but why? And will this turn me into one as well?”~Scarlet

“I didn’t give it my blood while turning it, so it can’t turn others. As for why…”~me

To demonstrate the why, I pulled up her familiar’s remodel ability using the parent-child blood bond and inputting the design for a classic gothic lolita dress. I also input a matching hairstyle and accessories, including the charm holding bracelet that the familiar had apparently already assimilated. It seems that it cannot eat cursed items however, so the bangles were still there.

“What?! Seriously, did you really just turn my familiar into a vampire so you could continue to dress me up?”~Scarlet

“Well, it will also make your familiar stronger in the long run. And I also acquired its traits during the process.”~me

She put up an unconvinced expression, but didn’t do anything else. The clothes I had chosen seem to have put her in a good mood too. Using my perception abilities, I even caught sight of her twirling around, admiring herself in the bedroom mirror while I was cooking dinner.

Since she was now a legal loli with no mental handicap, all bets were off tonight. We did have some unique fun, but it wasn’t as exciting as some people would have you believe. It might have been better if we were both small. There’s not really an advantage of tightness when two girls are doing it. If we want a tighter fit, we can just use a bigger toy after all. And our size difference made me self-conscious about hurting her the whole time. Given this experience, I think that Az is guaranteed to use those loli-pops on Thessa. Still, holding her small form while going to sleep is very nice!

Scarlet’s living armor familiar’s stats:
Name: - | Age: ? | Sex: n/a
Race: Vampire(Base: Living Armor)
Cultivation Stages: {Body: 1(0%)}{Mind: 0(0%)}{Spirit: 0(0%)}{Divine: 0(0%)}{Law: 0}
Energy Reserves: {Qi: 100/100}{Mana: 10/10}{Spirit: 10/10}{Divine: 0/0}
Attributes: Str: n/a | Vit: 100 | Agi: n/a | Int: 10
Soul Potential: 1
[Sense Mana 1], [Second Sight 1]
[Mana Control 1], [Mana Shaping 1]
[Assimilate], [Remodel], [Vampiric Body(Rank: Slave 0%)]
[Tamed Familiar(Tamer: Scarlet)]

My current stats:
<Status> +[disguised stats], -[hidden stats]
Name: Lilia | Age: 20 | Sex: Female
+Race: {Succubus(50%)}{Catkin(50%)}
-Race: {Vampire(50%)}{Blood Demon(25%)}{Dragon(20%)}{Dryad(5%)}
Cultivation Stages: {Body: 4(0%)}{Mind: 4(0%)}{Spirit: 4(0%)}{Divine: 3(6%)}{Law: 0}
Energy Reserves: {Qi: 32332/32332}{Mana: 90032/90032}{Spirit: 10809/11010}{Divine: 10000/10000}
Attributes: Str: 32332(33%) | Vit: 32332(35%) | Agi: 32332(40%) | Int: 90032(75%)
Soul Potential: 17
[Sense Mana 4], [Sense Presence 4], [Sense Intent 4], [Sense Danger 4], [Second Sight 4], [Synergy 1]
-[Soul Devourer 3]
[Shadowmeld 4], [Mana Control 4], [Mana Shaping 4], [Inventory 4], [Tamer 3], [Contract 1], [Assess 1]
[Agility Boost], [Exquisite Fur], [Regeneration], [Love Serum], [Finesse], [Strength Boost], [Feline’s Grace]
-[Vampiric Bite], [Body Manipulation], [Dragon’s Perception], [Adaptive Blood], [Pure Yin Essence]
-[Assimilate(grayed out)], [Remodel(grayed out)], [Absorption(unlock: 100sp)]
-[Longevity(unlock: 500sp)], [Thread Manipulation(unlock: 500sp)], [Mana Affinity(unlock: 1000sp)]
-[Glamour(unlock: 1000sp)], [Green Thumb(unlock: 1000sp)], [Multi-Form(unlock: 2500sp)]
[Eidetic Memory], [Don’t Mind Me], [Assisted Body Contortion], [Subdued Grace]
[Priestess(Goddess Katherian)]
-[Status Manager]
[Mute], [High Energy Body], [Monster Bait]
[Destined to Serve(Mistress: Scarlet)]

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