Chapter 71: Visiting the red light district
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Chapter 71: Visiting the red light district

The next morning I asked Scarlet if she could discretely inquire from some of her customers about Devora, and maybe ask about her club if the subject came up. We don’t want to accidentally offend someone by directly asking about the club because of where it is located, the red light district. It’s probably a sex club or brothel after all, given the nature of succubi.

Ten days easily passed by while I was getting acquainted with my new way to move my energies around. It’s actually much more efficient than previous. I can expel a precise amount from my core for each spell or skill instead of pushing an approximated glob or energy from my body, hoping it’s enough. 

Scarlet was also able to gather some useful information about Devora and her club. First, the club is basically a love hotel that holds a masquerade ball with a slutty outfits theme in the first floor ballroom practically nonstop and it even has a S&M dungeon in the basement. It has rules that are strictly followed by the workers and clients. The rules are enforced by a magic contract which is required to be signed to enter, along with a hefty fee.

The information about Devora hinted that my best chance of meeting her would be around the time for the evening shift to start. I could simply inform a receptionist at the entrance and they would pass along my request. One little quirk of her’s that has me feeling somewhat uneasy is that she doesn’t accept the usual currencies for her time.

We’d head over to talk with Devora tomorrow night. It wouldn’t look good after all if Scarlet was seen taking a child into the red light district. She’d decided to get even with me starting last Fireday evening. I’d been kept in my loli form for over a week now! Worst of all is that Scarlet would wait for the effect to wear off before giving me the next loli-pop, resulting in an almost constant childish attitude on my part. My mental blessing kept me conscious of my actions, but my body would still continue to act immature.

Scarlet took great pleasure in having me model various outfits for her over the last week. She even used the abundant ideas my childish side had happily supplied to open up a childrens’ section in her shop.

As for why she had me that way for so long? She discovered that my curse would actually become less restricted and allow her to do things for herself while I was impaired with the mental debuff. It became a sort of vacation from being looked after and she enjoyed herself by doing some of the things she had recently been unable to do.

Now that she had been satisfied, tonight would be the finale like how I did with Scarlet during the last night.

When the night came, Scarlet was not nearly as reserved as I had been with her. She took full advantage of my small size. I was folded up with my feet up by my head and my arms secured behind my back, locking my legs in place. Then she lifted my small body up and rapidly impaled me repeatedly with her strap-on. We did other things as well, but being treated as a cock-sleeve by Scarlet gave me quite a thrill!

Once I had turned back the next evening, we went together to the red light district to seek out Devora. Her place was very nice and the contract wasn’t at all bad. It just listed off some basic rules, mostly for safety. There was even a contract signed by Devora herself hung in the lobby clearly stating the rules that her staff had to follow as well.

I only started to feel a little uneasy when we started down to the dungeon where Devora’s office is. Some very unnerving effects had been placed on us the moment we stepped down the stairs. Talking to the receptionist that was guiding us, she explained that it was due to an item recently found in one the dungeon’s fifty-something floors. They used it to enhance their clients’ experience.

[Entered area of effect range of: Crystal Altar]

Checking my active effects log, I searched the details on the altar.

[Crystal Altar]
{Stage 4 - upgradable: 10000 full divine crystals - stage 5}
Socketed crystals(4/4): stamina regeneration(friend/neutral), sensory boost(friend/neutral), skill sealing(neutral/enemy), greater weakening(neutral/enemy)
Status: neutral

I was about as powerful as a mid stage 1 with my body under the greater weakening and my skills were locked to boot. With my feeble state, the sensory boost along with the stamina regeneration would definitely make any ‘dungeon torture play’ extra exciting. And the magical contracts made everything extremely safe for those involved.

*knock knock* “Some ladies are here to visit you. They’ve paid for the minimum time.”~guide

Yup, they made us pay for an hour just to meet with her. She’s expensive, but not an amount worth mentioning compared to my current funds.

“Come in. Oh, two at once and both are girls as well? That’s pretty rare.”~Devora

Wow, just WOW! She’s TOTALLY worth it! Flowing straight black hair with red highlights. Large, ruby red eyes adorning her tender, yet distinctly shaped oval face. Her large breasts were fully displayed and emphasized by her shapely figure. The few leather garments she wore just helped to enrich her already mature and dominant presence. Black with red trimmings, arm length gloves and thigh high boots kept up by garders from her ever so tiny underbust corset.

If this world had a title system in place, she’d likely be the most eligible for ‘Demon Queen’. She’s also tall, mostly from her long legs! Her height, about two heads taller than me, firmly establishes an aura about her that screams for people to submit to her! And I like it…

“Why don’t we have a seat in my lounge and have a chat first?”~Devora

*GULP* I couldn’t help it! She made that come hither motion as she turned to lead us into a side room.

We sat down and got to discussing business right away. Well, Scarlet did. I’d become completely engrossed in the mood and had fallen into a daze, made worse when she started petting me.

I did manage to hear a few important bits of the conversation though. First, she didn’t accept direct payment for deals, only services. It was decided that I would be paying for the goods with my body. I would work for her as staff once every month for the last weekend of the month which is girls’ weekend. In return, she’d gather my potion ingredient from her acquaintances.

Second, my potions would only be allowed to be auctioned in Domoania’s internal auction that takes place the first night of every weekend, specifically auctioning them during the girls’ weekend. To help keep the recipe secret, she even suggested that the winners would have to drink the potion on the spot. She’d only take a five percent cut, which is many times smaller than the regular auction houses.

And thirdly, Scarlet had to wear a ring, but I didn’t manage to catch the specifics regarding it. There was a long explanation about it and it required a separate magical contract to be signed by her. Earlier, I had also signed a staff contract while barely lucid enough to ensure that it didn’t allow for me to serve any male customers. I would ask Scarlet to explain in more detail about the things that I missed later.

Our deal only took up the first half hour. Then Scarlet ended up discussing some things with Devora about our relationship, even some of our secrets since the contracts protected confidentiality. She did a lot of complaining about how unrestrained I had been lately. This, of course, resulted in me getting some ‘punishment play’ while Devora taught Scarlet the tricks of her trade and gave some advice.

It was a long night. I had still been in a somewhat dazed auto-pilot mode, being led by Scarlet when we paid for the time extensions and left the building. My mind fully came back to me though when I walked out into the morning sunlight. Slowly some things started coming back to me. Like the new accessory I was wearing down below.

[Band of Denial]
{Unable to be removed by wearer}
Effect: self-adjusting, chaste obedience(permission: intimate)

Self-adjusting made it fit snuggly and I could not remove it myself. The other effect made so I couldn’t cum without permission. Permission only being grantable by people I’m intimate with. According to Scarlet, the permission requirement is set when putting it on by the intent of the person placing it. Other items I was carrying in my inventory since we reached the ground floor, outside the altar’s area of effect.

[Woundless Tasseled Flog]
Effect: damage negation, shocking

This one was an old acquaintance I had before, but had been left behind with Sofy. Though, this time it had an added shocking effect.

[Woundless Paddle]
Effect: damage negation, tenderize

[Massage Roller]
Effect: therapy, piercing

[Domoania trainee guide]

Tenderize is an effect only found on cooking items for meat! It must have been transferred, but I can see how it’d be useful on a paddle, especially if used on a naughty child. Ugh, I think I just admitted that I’m naughty? Child? Who said that, not me! I am NOT childish! Anyways, the effect would probably loosen the muscles more and more until the pain is unbearable.

On the roller, the piercing effect just makes the therapy effect reach deeper. A great recovery item. The last item is just a small book with some job details. I also found my staff contract which I’ll read over later. Scarlet is holding onto her own contract for the mysterious ring she’s wearing, along with a book she has ordered me not to read.

[Domoania training manual]

If that’s what I think it is, I’m looking forward to seeing Scarlet be more assertive. Though, I can’t make up my mind on whether I’m excited or dreading the events to come?