Chapter 72: Training your Lily
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Chapter 72: Training your Lily


“OWOWOWY!!! Mistress, please stop! I’ll be good!”~me

“Hmph! That’s what you said last time. I said that you would be punished if you did something like that again. You were warned and still did it anyways!”~Scarlet


“You wouldn’t be punished if you didn’t do such troublesome things, especially when I’m in the middle of work. If you’re bored, then find something productive to do or at least a hobby. And no, testing my limits is not an acceptable hobby.”~Scarled

“But you’re the one who cancelled all those orders! The orders that used to prevent me from doing such things. Doesn’t that mean you were giving me permission?”~me

“No Lily! It does NOT! I should have been punishing you since long ago instead of just blocking each new loophole you find with orders.”~Scarlet


“No buts! Except for maybe the one I’m going to spank again the next time you get out of hand.”~Scarlet

With that final statement, Scarlet went back down to the shop to continue her work. I was left slouched over the side of the bed while feeling incredibly sore from my most recent spanking session. A repercussion for my latest little prank.

All I did was convince the new shop attendant that it was the newbie’s responsibility to model our shop’s latest lingerie for the customers. I mean, come on. It’s a womens’ clothing shop. No one except the female employees and some female customers saw her. I would have quickly hidden her if a man approached the store. Scarlet’s new interest in punishing me is all that damn book’s fault!


After we had gotten home from Domoania and took a much needed nap, Scarlet spent most of the day reading through her new book while I got familiar with some of the specifics of my new job. By that night, she had already removed most of my standing orders and she had some fun playing with her new whip with me.

The dom look and attitude she used was very sexy and reminded me of one of my more memorable times with Sofy. I may have cried a little because I really do miss her, but it was thankfully drowned out by the other noises I was making.

The following morning is when the punishments started. I had decided to massage her breasts when we were getting ready, even after having been told to not mess around because we were late getting up. So she spanked me until my butt was sore!

Intrigued at first, thinking it was just some new way to play, I had worked myself up for some morning sex. But she just stopped after she’d gotten some real pain out of me. I was then left stifled and burning for more. Which just led to even more punishments as I let myself continue to pester her due to my aroused state.

The band of denial made sure that I suffered due to my thinking that it was all a game. I only managed to escape the punishment loop when she threw me to Flora in the garden. But then she punished me again when we got done! ‘Being too loud and disturbing her workers’ or so she said!

That was the first day. The second day, I had become smarter about it. Teasing her just below her tolerance limit and only going beyond it when I could get a response out of her that would make the following punishment worth it.


Unfortunately, she caught on to my little scheme and upped her game today. She used an upgrade crystal and an effect transfer crystal on the paddle to add force dispersion to it. An effect normally used on shields and armors to cause any attacks to be evenly spread across it, instead of on the impact point.

If force dispersion were to be used on a normal weapon, this effect would make the weapon pretty useless. But with the paddle, it caused the tenderize effect and eventual pain to spread evenly throughout my body instead. After my first session with the improved paddle, my body was now completely wrecked. I’m sore all over, feeling as though I’d just suffered through an intense workout with the most demanding coach ever!

I can’t even heal myself up quickly. Workout soreness isn’t considered damage to the body, so traditional healing spells don’t affect it. The only option is to simply speed up the body’s natural regeneration, but it’s still not very quick and nothing except a proper rest can help to alleviate the feeling of sluggishness.

Once I started to feel well enough to move around, I headed down to the shop in a slightly depressed mood. Scarlet’s back was facing me when I entered, so I decided to sneak up behind her to fondle her boobs from behind for some revenge. But as I started to reach around her…


That tone! She had taken to using my full name as an explicit when annoyed. Panicking, I quickly changed my attack into a hug.

“What are you up to now?”~Scarlet

“Nothing! I just needed a hug. You can’t punish me for this, I’m not interrupting your work!”~me

*Sigh* “A hug huh? I suppose that’s fine. Just don’t let your hands start to wonder or we’ll end up back upstairs for round two.”~Scarlet

My body shivered slightly from her last remark and I hugged her tighter while resting my head against her back. Once I’d filled my comfort meter up a bit, I wandered out into the shop.

I sat down on one of the changing room sofas next to an older woman who was with her daughter that was trying on different clothes. Soon enough, she couldn’t resist the urge to try to pet me. Just as intended. And willingly I snuggled up to her with my head on her lap while I pondered my current situation.

When my snuggle partner left, she nudged me awake. She even gave me a few crystals for the ‘extra service’. Hm, possible job opportunity perhaps? Anyways, during my situation review I’d come to some conclusions.

Number one to infinity: I hate that book!!! One or two exclamations isn’t enough! Domoania training manual is the undisputed number one suspect for Scarlet’s new interest in spanking me!

Number infinity plus one: I figured out the objective that she’s trying to achieve. It’s twofold. The first objective is for her to establish herself in the dominant role of our relationship. Second, is to discourage my bad behavior through physical punishments. A tried and true method used by many parents for children, but works in other cases just the same.

For all those science nerds out there, I think this method of training me is called something like: psychophysiological conditioning. It makes use of some loopholes in my mind protection blessing and anti-abuse conditions. Because this method’s goal is to convince me to decide to not do things on my own it doesn’t directly influence my mind. It’s also not abuse due to it technically being expected consequences of my own actions due to the warnings I get first.

The only thing that might be contestable is Scarlet monopolizing the dominant role in bed. Let’s go have a talk with Scarlet about that.

“Mistress, can we talk?”~me

“Sure, what’s up?”~Scarlet

“I don’t think it’s fair for you to hog the dominant role in bed. We should be equal partners, at least when we’re doing ‘that’.”~me

“Ah! I should have told you earlier. My bad. It’s actually part of my side of our deal with Devora.”~Scarlet

“The ring?”~me

“Yup, the ring. It’s one of a linked pair of rings with the sense sharing effect. One of Devora’s friends has the other. Specifically, a female friend that is currently bedridden. Mine is the sending one, while the other is receiving.”~Scarlet

“Wait! So, someone has been watching us for the last few days? Even while doing ‘that’? And you didn’t tell me?!”~me

“Pish. I hear your words, but can feel your excitement in them. As soon as you learned that the other party was female, you completely relaxed. Even I wouldn’t be okay with a guy peeping and experiencing ‘that’ through me!”~Scarlet

“How long will this last exactly?”~me

“The contract was for three months at most. But it can be shorter. If the ring deactivates before the contract expires, the contract will be considered fulfilled. Basically, if the other person stops using it. I’ll be able to tell if it deactivates because the effect will become grayed out when I analyze it. Which I’ve been doing every morning.”~Scarlet

“What if I can’t wait that long?”~me

“Then we can quit this contract part way and I’d need to do the other thing Devora had suggested in its place for my part of the deal. But I’d like to fulfill the contract if possible. Devora’s friend is apparently extremely wealthy and promised a huge bonus if the contract is fulfilled.”~Scarlet

“My dragon instinct for treasure just tingled when you mentioned ‘extremely wealth’ and ‘huge bonus’. Though, I am curious about what other thing that Devora suggested?”~me

“Not telling. And I’ve already made sure Devora won’t tell either. You could, of course, sabotage this contract. But I’m betting that your dragon instinct for treasure is stronger.”~Scarlet

Really need some way to wipe that smirk off her face! This will need some careful planning though. I don’t want to get caught. Hateful damn book!!!