Chapter 1: Left-overs, cursing and reinventing oneself
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This is my first attempt at writing for the masses. Let me know if I've made any critical mistakes and give me your opinions in the comments.


Chapter 1: Left-overs, cursing and reinventing oneself


“Pitiful, those greedy insects don’t deserve divine assistance if this meager offering is all they will give.”


“Huh?” Hearing a disembodied voice immediately after waking up is somewhat disturbing. And...why can’t I see anything?!


“Oh, you’re conscious. Actually, you’re the one without a body, which also explains why you can’t see.”


“...” Great! She’s reading my mind! Wait, what did she just say about my body?


“Well, you can think things through slowly on your own later. Let me give you the highlights and speed things along. The reason that your memory is somewhat fuzzy on the specifics of your life before is to prevent cultural contamination and harmful advancement of my world. Vague ideas of what you use to know are still there, however, you will need to ‘reinvent the wheel’, so to speak. You died and were randomly selected for soul transmigration to become a summoned hero in a fantasy world. Or at least that was the plan. Unfortunately your soul potential is too lacking to become a hero on your own and what’s left of the offering after the first five were summoned is only enough to give you a single lowest tier blessing. Since I won’t be giving you the standard package and you’re the one stuck with it, I will give you temporary control over your transmigration profile so you can decide things for yourself. Take your time to decide. You won’t hear from me again. Just hit the finalize button when you’re done and enjoy your new life.”


“Hello? Anyone there?!” Seriously, she just left, just like that! FUCK!


There was a classic ‘ding’ sound and a screen popped up in my mind. Yeah, my mind. Don’t really have any eyes as a soul now do I? After scrolling through the menus for a little while, I realized that she actually gave me complete control over every aspect of my profile, not just the blessings menu and if I think of wanting to know more about something in the menu, it tells me. There are menus for attributes, cultivation stage, bloodlines/traits, appearance, skills, blessings and…curses? Interesting. Curses actually cause an increase in soul potential due to the decrease it causes to the subject’s ability. Perhaps I can work with that…


A little while later and I’ve managed to gain a fair amount of SP by extensively cursing myself.




I’m speechless, who wants to talk to you anyways

Glass cannon(+20sp)

doubles efficiency of raising int stat while taking twice as much to raise any other

Slow learner(+50sp)

10x difficulty acquiring/raising skills naturally; does not affect intellect/knowledge

Destined to serve[Master: tbd] (Attribute control is locked at 1 until master is decided)(+100sp)

The servant must dedicate oneself entirely to the master, always being close-at-hand(100m). [Orders] must be followed, [Punishments] received, and [Empathic link] established to share the master’s burden. This curse will transfer to the master if the treatment of the servant is abusive.

Servant’s attire{Linked: Destine to serve}(+0sp cheaty free clothes balance by having no choice)

Curse will automatically link to any other that contains the servant’s [Orders] command sub-skill. Adds sub-skills for the servants clothes, accessories and other related things.


Yeah, those last two might seem somewhat really bad, but I’m planning to sneakily designate a young princess or another girl as the master because I really don’t want to fight for the people who summoned me with such an inadequate offering that even that indifferent goddess seemed to pity me. With the sp from the curses and the whopping 13 sp I got from the left-overs, I now have a grand total of 203 sp. Just to give you a stick to measure by, the ‘standard hero package’ cost 500 sp. Now to get some serious benefits for myself…“OUCH!” Damb, that hurts!


Probably the most genius idea I’ve ever had hurt like a bitch! First thing I did was give myself Eidetic memory for 20sp and hit the update soul button. Which. Hurt! A. Lot! This opportunity is seriously way too good to pass up. The freaking complete list of skills with descriptions, acquisition requirements and basically the whole outline for the power system of my soon to be new world is literally right in front of me. Of course, I’m totally going to memorize it.


Ugh! That probably took years to completely memorize, though I have zero concept of time in this place. Wonder if I’ll overshoot my summoning ceremony by a few decades, that would be nice. I have a feeling that time just isn’t a thing here though. Next up is to choose my bloodlines, gonna pass on human though since they’re the bitches who summoned me and I’ve done that once already. After much tweaking and fine tuning…


Race: {Vampire(50%)}{Blood demon(25%)}{Dragon(20%)}{Dryad(5%)}


Vampiric Bite

User may suck out victim’s qi and mana; some other uses may be discovered

Agility Boost{locked/sp required: 25}

2x effectiveness of agility on speed/reaction(vampire bloodline)

Regeneration{locked/sp required: 50}

quickly regenerate from any wound using qi(vampire & blood demon bloodlines)

Body Manipulation{locked/sp required: 100}

allows blood demon to assume any form that is female(restriction from dryad bloodline) & humanoid(restricted due to having primarily physically humanoid bloodlines)

Dragon’s perception{locked/sp required: 150}

perceives all energies and sees through illusions(dragon bloodline)

Adaptive Blood{locked/sp required: 200}

gain traits from prey whose blood is drank(blood demon bloodline)


Vampires are cool right? And they have some great abilities among the immortal humanoid races. At 50% they are perfectly balanced with having only benefits from their race, but none of the demerits. Blood demon complements the vampire bloodline really well and gains the adaptive blood trait I wanted at exactly 25%. The rest is just filler, but who would say no to being descended from a dragon. Any higher than 20% and I started growing scales on my body model though. Threw in the dryad bloodline just fill the left-over and don’t really care about the restriction it added to the body manipulation trait. Best part is that the bloodline traits can actually be unlocked later as long as you apply the appropriate amount of sp. I quickly used up 10 sp to unlock my bite. Girl has gotta eat. 173 sp left. Gonna do the appearance next…


After a ridiculous amount of time that I won’t specify, I’ve finished my Ideal body. Golden ratio, short height at 5ft, ivory white sumptuous skin, nearly uncanny-valley level beauty, luscious pink pouty lips, delicate round lotus face, large watery eyes with golden irises, dainty nose, slender hands, small feet, firm yet soft perfect sized breasts(no painful ‘boing-boing’), and slightly iridescent silvery hair(no body hair). I now dread that that goddess might come back and foil my evi...ugh perfect plans. Moving on to the skills…




Soul Devourer 1(0%)(-50sp)

In the range of 100m, souls of the recently departed will be drawn in and stripped of 1% of total soul potential before ‘moving on’; skills not possessed by user are stripped first and gained, then the remaining is gained purely as soul potential




Just the one used up a large chunk of my remaining sp now sitting at 123, but this is absolutely necessary in order to offset that slow learner curse. Next is the blessings…



Eidetic memory

Don’t mind me(-100sp)

immune to mind altering effects(mind control, memory intrusion, etc)

Status Manager(-20sp)

allows user to disguise status and toggle skills & traits on/off


I’ve verified that there is no way to see through status manager disguised status unless you have access to the world admin system. This is a must since I will need to hide much of my status so I won’t be immediately killed or enslaved. My bloodlines are basically demons or monsters, and I’m about to get summoned in a human territory, probably in front of the king’s court and church too. I set up some default info for the status manager and made newly gained things to default toggled off. The don’t mind me blessing is necessary to prevent my master from irreversibly altering my ego with [Orders]. While I will not mind being told what to do by a pretty mistress, I want to do it as myself. With this, my sp bank is mostly empty and I don’t need this cheat to in order to improve the last two categories later: cultivation and attributes. Finalize!


By the way, this is the status those asshole humans will see if they appraise me…



Name: Lilia | Age: 20 | Sex: female

Race: Human

Cultivation stages: {body: 0}{mind: 0}{spirit: 0}{divine: 0}{law: 0}

Energy reserves: {qi: 10/10}{mana: 10/10}{spirit: 10/10}{divine: 0/0}

Attributes: Str: 10(10%) | Vit: 10(10%) | Agi: 10(10%) | Int: 10(10%)

1 attribute is equal to a baby; 10 is average for an adult who has never trained; ()denotes the amount or control a person has over that attribute normally; increases with training, decreases when adding points to that attribute until further trained

Soul Potential: 3

Soul potential is the available expansion of a person’s soul to acquire/improve attributes, skills, and traits. Max attribute values for each cultivation stage is 10*10^stage (0=10, 1=100, etc)












Eidetic memory

Don’t mind me



Glass cannon

Slow learner



“So, she finish. Wonder what took her so long to decide...WTF! Interesting! Let’s mark her for further observation to see how things turn out. This girl is perhaps the most entertaining thing to happen in the last few millennia. Hmm, let’s mess with her just a little bit. Tweak this here...and...a little over there. Heheheh. This will be FUN!”