Chapter 2: Cliches for dayz
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Chapter 2: Cliches for dayz


[Welcome Hero, to the world: Aetheria]

Two ‘dings’? And cue the poor suckers, three guys and two girls excluding myself, looking around confused after suddenly being transported to a fantasy world. Wait, why am I getting so much more attention than the rest? Something doesn’t feel right, so I start checking myself over. Yup, totally did not expect me to be wearing a very cute maid uniform right now. Opening up my equipment status screen I can see that I’m wearing a maid’s typical black pumps with a two inch heel, sheer-black thigh high stockings, garter belt and an excessively frilly maid styled knee length black dress. It has a lacy white apron, shoulderless sleeves with white lace trimmed cuffless endings at the wrists, seamless black leather waist cincher that extorts my curves, and a white top material extending from the apron that stops just above my boobs. The top is being held up by an intricate spider web pattern of black lace attached to a collar with more lace attached behind to hold up the back. Yeah, I said collar. One that looks very bondagy with a seamless strip of black leather over some black fabric trimmed with white lace that somehow makes it work with the maid theme. My stylish maid headdress has an addition of a sheer black veil that hides my face and I can see from the screen that I am also wearing some very risque black undergarments. And now for the accessories that seem to have wandered into some very inconvenient places....on second thought, I’ll just paste my equip details so I don’t have to say it.

[Cursed seal of voiding #1]
{Cannot be removed by normal means}
Effect: voids waste fluids

[Cursed seal of voiding #2]
{Cannot be removed by normal means}
Effect: voids waste matter

If I didn’t have a veil on, everyone would definitely see a very red face. Although that solves the whole medieval bathroom worries. Mmm, very useful equipment for a maid. Here’s the rest…

[Cursed maid’s pumps]
{Cannot be removed by normal means}
Effect: self-cleaning, comfortable(can be worn forever without developing blisters)

[Cursed maid’s stockings with garters]
{Cannot be removed by normal means}
Effect: self-cleaning, strengthening(can stand forever without cramping)

[Cursed maid’s uniform]
{Cannot be removed by normal means}
Effect: self-cleaning, dress for success(increased ability as a maid)

[Cursed maid’s veiled headdress]
{Cannot be removed by normal means}
Effect: self-cleaning, incorporeal veil(you can’t remove what you can’t touch)

[Cursed maid’s collar]
{Cannot be removed by normal means}
Effect: self-cleaning, tethering(instills an instinctual need to return to one’s master)

[Cursed panties of the succubus]
{Cannot be removed by normal means}
Effect: self-cleaning, yang drain(drains life force from any man in contact with the wearer)

[Cursed bra of support]
{Cannot be removed by normal means}
Effect: self-cleaning, fortitude(wearer gains extra firmness)

I did not add any of these items to [Servant’s Attire]. I tried before to add items with effects to it, but I couldn’t do it without it costing sp for each item. Ah, there’s another notification. So that’s why there were two ‘dings’ before.

[Why you sneaky little girl. I did not give you permission to make such drastic changes to your profile. Then again, I also never told you that you couldn’t. I will not punish you for my slip up, however, I’ve made a few changes of my own. I’ll let you find them on your own and I’ll be checking in on you from time to time. P.S. I marked you as one of my priestesses. Give me a prayer some time soon so we can chat.~Goddess Kat]

[Gained blessing: Priestess(Goddess Katherian)]
[Gained Priestess sub-skill: Prayer]

Somehow, I dodged a bullet there. Although my back was covered in a cold sweat, I’m happy to report that the self-cleaning function is working. Let’s unhide that blessing in my status, it seems like it will be helpful to deter some lustful gazes from doing something stupid. After thoroughly combing through my status, it seems that she only changed some cosmetic and semantics stuff. None of the vital parts of my status were ruined. To summarize the changes....

[Destined to Serve(Master: tbd)] (Attribute control is locked at 1 until master is decided)
The servant must dedicate oneself entirely to the master, even in bed. {Orders} must be followed, {Punishments} received, and {Empathic Link} established to share the master’s burden. The master is responsible to ensure the servant wears appropriate {Attire}. This curse will transfer to the master if the treatment of the servant is abusive.

She combined the two curses into one, changed ‘always being close-at-hand(100m)’ to ‘even in bed’ and updated the sub-skills. {Orders} is basically the same except it now keeps a list of all orders currently in effect and I cannot be ordered to share my personal information. There are now a lot more options in the {Punishments} menu, including many that are linked to specific items in a new sub-menu of {Attire} labeled as toys. *Shivers*. The {Attire} sub-skill now has a designer menu accessible only to the master and four preset outfits that auto-equip as appropriate. My maid uniform for everyday wear, night wear, battle dress, and ceremonial wear(for my new priestess occupation). She also fixed the {Empathic Link} so that the master can temporarily block thoughts from the servant and block the servant from receiving the master’s thoughts. From examining the intent of the changed line with the ‘even in bed’ clause, I’ve learned that an insomnia debuff will affect me if I try to sleep anywhere else. And yes, contrary to popular belief, even the immortal races of this world still need their beauty sleep.

“Thank you dear heroes for responding to our summoning.”~unknown

Ugh, the fat slob in gaudy robes with the beady eyes is speaking. Must be the king.

“I’m Conielius Draug the third, king of Parnam.”~king

Called it!

“I realize you must have many questions. Let us move to the throne room where we can be more comfortable and speak in detail of what is to come.”~king

By ‘we’, he means only himself. The throne room definitely only has one, maybe two chairs, none of them for us. If I could speak, my sarcasm probably would have already sentenced me to death. Arriving at the throne room, the pig continues to blather on and on about how we are destined to save his kingdom from the evil demon king, but first we need to train ourselves up to the task. As such it is only natural that we all have to use the status orbs to reveal all our secrets. Wow, standard hero pack is no joke. They all got [inventory], [rapid growth], and a few other skills that seem to match their personalities, yet still diverse enough from each other to make a well rounded hero party. Plus their base attributes are all at one hundred with cultivation of body and mind at stage two. Adding it all up, these fools must have at least fifteen hundred sp invested in each of them. So not fair!

Ah, everyones’ attention is once again drawn to me, or rather to my unusual status. The whole [Mute] thing seems to have them all in an awkward silence. I make some writing motions with my hands until one of the heroes figures out what I’m trying to convey and tells the rest of the gawkers who then provide me with writing supplies. Shortly after my ‘situation’ is resolved...yeah right...after the king expounds at length about how weak we all currently are, he finally makes the move he’s been building up to. After some concealed threats, a bit of coercion, and intimidation, he reveals that he wishes us to all sign magic contracts to serve the kingdom in return for all the resources that are invested in us. It’s undoubtedly a trap. Oh, that’s interesting. One of the girls is pretty smart. She started asking the right questions about how the contract works, what are the specific terms, what are the obligations of each party and what restrictions are in place to protect the interests of both sides. I can see the cold sweat dripping off the hands of the other four who looked ready to sign earlier.

We are swiftly told that discussion will resume tomorrow and that we should each get some rest until then. I quickly write a note to the smart girl. One word with a question mark, ‘library?’. She immediately understood my intention and asked if we could be lead to the palace library so that we might learn more about this world without troubling ‘his pompous ass’. They stalled, of course, with the excuse that they will ‘arrange it’ tomorrow morning and that we will resume discussion that afternoon. More likely, they just want some time to hide a few books they don’t want seen. The heroes bid each other a good night and we are led away to our rooms to rest.