Chapter 21: Celebrating dungeon conquest
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Chapter 21: Celebrating dungeon conquest

The dungeon wound up being forty-three floors deep and we didn’t wait for Sophia to get to stage four. At her current speed, we were much too eager to wait until she could advance. It was pretty easy down through floor thirty-nine, from floor forty and on, it took us an entire day. The whole trip took ten days total, there and back. We ended up with lots of crystals, including two new skill crystals. One of the skills we got was a perception type called second sight and the other was synergy. I took second sight that gives me a panoramic perception of my surroundings as though I’m looking everywhere at once even when my eyes are closed. Sophia took synergy which gives her a boost to her energies from the surrounding energies when using skills, techniques and casting spells.

“Ah, fresh air at last. This was a good experience, but let’s not be doing this again for a while.”~Sophia

“Sure, Mistress. Shall we return to your aunt’s residence?”~me

“Not just yet. Let’s check into an inn for the night and return tomorrow. I want to vent and I can’t help but feel a little stifled at my aunt’s place, especially with my mother there as well.”~Sophia

“Excellent idea, Mistress. Since it’s nearly dinner time already, want to head over immediately or have dinner first?”~me

“We’ll have dinner first. Can’t have us running low on energy while having fun.”~Sophia

After eating dinner at another restaurant, not the Dragon’s Roost, we made our way to the same inn we had been staying at in the past. We might have run into Ellen if we went to that restaurant after all. We just finished cleaning up in the bath when...

“It’s my turn this time, after searching through the list, I’ve found just the right items for the occasion.”~Sophia

“Just exactly how much thought have you given this?”~me

I’m ordered to do nothing but allow myself to be manipulated after taking out the catnip oil and enhancing oil from my inventory. After mixing the two together, Sophia laid me down on the massage table and thoroughly rubbed it in. She mimicked my deep tissue massage technique fairly well for her first time. By the time she finished, I’m already feeling euphoric and I don’t think my muscles would work anymore, even without the order. Taking a little time to caress my ears and tail, she lifts me up and takes me to the bed. There, I’m equipped with items she has never used before. Before I knew it, I’m wearing a very strappy leather body harness with cuffs on my upper arms and ankles. I’m lifted up into a seated position and my arms are placed through leather loops on my back. The arm cuffs on my upper arms are secured to the body harness along my side, preventing me from pulling out my hands. I’m laid back down on the bed while Sophia once more goes into the attire menu. When she’s finished, my world has become much smaller. Checking things out in my equipment tab, I found out something I hadn’t known before. Apparently my makeup is also a function of the attire menu. I’m now wearing some earrings on my ears which have a silence effect and eye-shadow which has the blindness effect. Just as I closed off her senses during my last fun time, she decided to take revenge on me during her turn.

“Getting revenge?”~me

“Of course, and then some. You are ordered to shut off your perception skills except sense danger and sense intent until I’ve freed you.”~Sophia

She starts to tease my body, slowly tightening the various straps on my body as I became more pliable under her hands. My legs are bent back alongside me and the ankle cuffs are secured right next to the cuffs of my upper arms. Now splayed open in my full glory, my clit is given special attention. She begins with gentle touching which quickly degenerates to licking and sucking. It doesn’t take long before I’ve been thoroughly eaten. I’ve been exhausted and Sophia has had her fun after a while. I find that a ball gag has been pushed gently into my mouth and secured behind my head. The effect is...sensational taste...which along with making it tasty, causes my body to experience spontaneous pleasurable sensations. I can’t help but gulp deeply when I finish reading the effect description. My saliva enters my stomach, turned into a warm energy and spreads out to seemingly random places in my body causing ripples of pleasure to spread out from the affected areas. I realize that this is the ‘and then some’ she had mentioned before as I start to writhe around in my bindings. After an unknown amount of time in oblivion, I’m stirred from my mindless bliss when my legs are repositioned around up near my head, tied to the straps over my shoulders.


“Aunt Ellen and mother found out we already left the dungeon. I’m not willing to let our time be cut short, so I had the inn staff bring me a trunk to put my dungeon loot. I told them that I sent you out to sell some things already.”~Sophia

“Are you leaving me here then? You’ll come back to check on me later, is that why you put my legs in a more comfortable position?”~me

“Haha, I’m obviously taking my loot back with me. You wouldn’t be able to fit with your legs splayed out like that however. I’ll have you back in proper position in no time, just bear with a little stuffiness for a bit.”~Sophia

After our little chat, I’m loaded into a trunk and can feel the motion of being carried somewhere. We arrive and I get unloaded onto a bed and once again put into the more embarrassing position. My straps are checked and tightened as needed and I’m once again left to stew under the covers.

“My mother wants to take me out for some mother-daughter bonding. I can’t say no. My aunt has the day off and is staying home to read through some backed up paperwork. You’ll be safe where you are for a while until I get back, but if you start feeling bad, let me know and I’ll rush back.”~Sophia

“It’s kind of exhilarating being left so vulnerable by myself! Have fun bonding, Mistress.”~me

Some unknown time later, I can feel the sheets lifted from my body. A few seconds later, my body is gently caressed and my ears are rubbed in a familiar way.

“Mistress, Is my perception of time just that messed up or did you return from shopping really quickly?”~me

“What do you mean? I’m still out shopping with my mother.”~Sophia

“Oh! Well if the familiar way of rubbing my ears is any indication, I think your aunt found me.”~me

“Huh, she isn’t rushing to free you after finding you like that? I’ll rush back to explain things.”~Sophia

“No rush! Rushing back will only result in your mother finding me like this as well.”~me

“Then, are you just going to continue laying there in that state with my aunt rubbing your ears? Are you interested in my aunt or something?”~Sophia

“You know that is not how I feel. Her touch is starting to become uncomfortable however. I need you to please allow intimate contact with her before her touch starts to become painful.” ~me 

“Why would intimate touching ever cause pain. I don’t think my aunt behaves that way.”~Sophia

“Remember that bit in my curse dedicating my body to you? Making what should be pleasant into pain is the curse’s way of ensuring this detail.”~me

“I hereby declare that intimate contact between you and my, between you and other women is not in violation of your dedication to me, your master. Did that work?”~Sophia

“Mmm, I feel much more comfortable after that. Why not only allowing your aunt, why change it to women in general and not anyone? Ah! Ahhh!”~me

“I’m at least a little bit greedy. I’m not at all willing to share you with a man. What was that last bit?”~Sophia

“Your aunt got a bit more, Ahh, daring. She’s started to finger me now. Have fun shopping with your mother.”~me

After a bit more teasing, she tries to untie me only to find that she can’t. I can only imagine her astonishment and confusion as she tries. My current bondage wear has the subdued effect. It makes my body more pliable without causing any harm. All my attire from the curse has a restriction for the user, me and the only exception is that Sophia is able to manipulate my attire at will. I could sense her starting to use that perception skill of hers to start looking at my gear. She even fiddled with my earrings and took a long close look at my eye-shadow. Her breath was close enough to feel it on my skin as she held my head between her hands. When she stopped for a while, I thought she had given up and left. Some time later, I’m lifted up and moved. I still believe I’m somewhere inside her home as the time spent moving wasn’t long. Not long after, I start to feel a warm rag being used to wipe down my body. I’m left placed on a bed that, by the feel, has dry sheets, unlike the previous sweaty ones.

“I’m back, where are you? You weren’t in our room when I checked and it’s time for dinner.”~Sophia

“I think I was moved to another room in the house somewhere. Just have dinner with the three of you. Your aunt will probably mention something covertly over the meal since she hid me. Just go along with her if it doesn’t cause any trouble. You didn’t want to let your mother know just how close we are quite yet after all.”~me

“Are you sure you aren’t just having too much fun with my aunt? Fine, I really am not ready to let my mother know that her daughter is...intimate with another woman, one even that is supposed to be her servant.”~Sophia

After a while, I once again can feel someone moving my body around.

“So, how did dinner go?”~me

“It was a pretty normal meal. Aunt was looking at me with a wry smile from time to time. She said that she would be borrowing you for a little while, that she had already gotten your permission to assist her with something.”~Sophia

“Oh, she probably wants some time to research my attire. She seemed quite interested in it after she failed to remove them.”~me

“Let me know if you start to feel too weak. If what I heard from my mother about her magic research, she can get quite carried away sometimes.”~Sophia

Apparently I’m going to be spending some quality time tied up with Sophia’s aunt.