Chapter 31: All girls love dress-up dolls
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Chapter 31: All girls love dress-up dolls

It is already the fifth week of lessons and time to begin dance practice. The class is already proficient enough with their instruments to keep tempo, even if it doesn’t sound quite right. When it came time to decide partners, the girls all paired up the same as when we had our sleepover. Their instructor had tried to pair the three boys with the prettier girls and was thoroughly scolded by the angry ladies. I may have subconsciously release some killing intent as well. In the end, the instructor and three boys miserably danced with one another while us girls were having a delightful time frolicking around the dance floor. As soon as the boys had reached a passable level of skill, they volunteered themselves to play the instruments instead.

Jill and Tiff came over on Lightday. We ended up on a double date for most of the day, looking through the various shops and eating out for lunch. The topic of my never changing attire came up and Sofy ended up telling them more about my curse. Tiff’s eyes lit up when Sofy mentioned that I could be dressed in basically anything she could imagine. When we made our way back home after lunch, Tiff said she need to grab something from home, so we stopped by her house. She came back out carrying a large book and we made our way back home.

Tiff’s book turned out to be her sketch pad. Her hobby is designing clothes, but she’s never actually made any as she isn’t skilled at sewing. Three sets of eyes locked on me as they were discussing her designs. From that moment on, I became their dress-up doll. I ended up modeling the various designs in Tiff’s notebook and posing for her to sketch any revisions made. It got to the point that even nana had decided to join in when she had come to find me for her tea time. I had momentarily thought that I was saved when I saw her. Sofy’s mother seemingly appeared from nowhere and started to participate as well. Some of my clothing has been altered. My maid uniform now has a warm winter poncho made of black cloth with white fur trimming as well as black gloves with the same white fur cuffs. The winter gear is set to equip whenever I go outside wearing my maid outfit which includes the transformation of my heels into some thigh-high winter boots to match. All of my heels have also been promoted to four inches by Sofy, some additional revenge for my past misdeeds. I think she must have noticed that I’ve been slowly swapping out her shoes for ones with higher heels. I can’t help myself since she looks sooo much hotter when her sexy long legs are equipped with high heels. My hair has also suffered from her machinations. She found some sort of random mode for hairstyles that causes it to change every day. The hair ornaments change to match whatever I’m wearing. Black ribbons with white lace are typical for my maid uniform and come with an OCD effect, but only with regards to Sofy’s matters. I can’t quite make up my mind as to whether that’s a buff or debuff.

I’m finally saved from my dress-up session when dinner time arrives. Well almost, but not quite. The girls decided that I shouldn’t be cooking with long sleeves and that I needed a cute apron while working in the kitchen. I ended up wearing almost nothing except the apron by the time they were through with me. The apron is variations of pink with flower embroidery and is excessively frilly. Armlets on the upper arms and two slender lengths of frilly lace between the center of the top of my breasts and the frilly lace choker are all that hold it up over my upper body. It reaches down to mid-thigh length and has excess material on the left that wraps around my back to tie on my right hip, forming into a ruffle skirt. My usual panties have turned bright pink and stockings a sheer light pink color. I am wearing some heels that have flower decorations and my hair is done up with lace flowers braided into it. Most of my items have the usual effects. The hair decorations have ‘acquired palate’ which causes me to instinctively know what my mistress would like to eat and causes my own taste buds to mimic hers so I can prepare it just right. The apron has the yummy effect which is basically a combination effect of sensual and dress for success(cooking). Sensing that ‘eating me up’ had become Sofy’s number one choice through the acquired palate effect causes me to blush, adding even more pink to me. I end up preparing her third choice due to the fact that her second choice was my milk. It’s somewhat weird getting to know the flavor of things by someone else’s taste.

With my kitchen performance finally over, we get cleaned up in the bath and start our night, enhancing oil thoroughly rubbed in. Jill and Sofy take her double toy, slipping over to the second mattress we’ve prepared. I’m left with Tiff and take out the first strap-on that Sofy had bought. By the time I turn back to Tiff, she is already wearing the same double toy Sofy had taken. Noticing that there are indeed two of the toys, I can only assume she must have bought one herself and brought it over. This girl is not so innocent. We ended up rolling around in the sheets trying to find each other’s weak points. I eventually lost. This body was designed by me to be innately very sensitive and my erogenous areas are maxed out. She caressed my body until I could no longer compete, turned on the toy and loved me tenderly until she passed out from exhaustion. Sofy came over later and joined us on the bed, setting a sleeping Jill down beside her. Jill is wearing a brilliant smile on her face while drooling slightly, it's a kind of cute and endearing appearance for her.

“Mistress, I just had an idea. Want to surprise Tiff and Jill when they wake up?”~me

“What do you suggest?”~Sofy

“Why not tie them up while they are sleeping and give them something more intense the moment they wake?”~me

“Tiff isn’t as innocent as you thought or would like? She asked me about my purchases at that shop in private the last time she was here. You were making brunch at the time. We don’t have enough rope for both of them, plus there’s only the one gag and blindfold. Also, Jill doesn’t seem to be the type to like that sort of thing.”~Sofy

“Perhaps I can just tie up Tiff then?”~me

“Wasn’t that your goal from the start of this conversation? No can do. Tiff would find it difficult to get up tomorrow if I let you have your way with her and she told me that she had plans with her family for lunch.”~Sofy

“Fine. Let’s only invite Tiff next time for the whole weekend. I can get my revenge then and we can play during her repentance.”~me

“Oh, that’s a great idea. In exchange for my help, you can use her to model those rope tying methods you’ve been using on me.”~Sofy

“Deal. I’ll even try to write them down for you before then so you’re not totally lost.”~me

“Now that that’s settled, how about you tend to your mistress? Jill may be cute and fun, but she can’t possibly replace you.”~Sofy

“Right away, Mistress!”~me

I unstrapped the toy from Tiff that was still inside the two of us and strapped it to myself, removing it from her completely. Then I turned towards Sofy and began round two for the both of us while a beauty rests peacefully to each side. With this second round, we’ve each been both the giver and taker on the same night.

I woke up the next morning with my face buried in Tiff’s breasts while her face was rubbing up against my ears. Sofy was hugging me from behind and Jill had somehow ended up sprawled over us while adorably hugging my tail to her face.

“Good morning, Lily.”~Sofy

“Good morning, Mistress.”~me

“My, aren’t you popular. Want me to try to rescue your tail for you?”~Sofy

“Let me try something first. Though, we should probably buy a bigger bed.”~me

I hit Tiff and Jill with a lesser invigorate blessing to bring up their energy levels and cast a light spell just above us, slowly increasing its brightness until they’ve stirred awake. My tail was successfully rescued while Jill was still dazed while waking. We made our way into the bathroom and clean off last night’s residual fun. I gave each of the girls a light massage with mint oil and they returned the massage and helped me get rid of my frustration. Even Jill helped me out, her little hands were marvelous. At Tiff’s request, I brought breakfast for everyone to Sofy’s room. Sofy and Jill took advantage of the privacy to have milk with their meal, but Tiff had a different desire.

When they had finished eating, Tiff suggested that I model some nightwear for them, the one type of clothing that they had yet to have me try on the previous day. The other two quickly agreed and I ended up demonstrating every variation they could imagine until they had to leave near lunchtime. I’m pretty sure that Sofy saved no small number of the more embarrassing designs for later use. When we asked Tiff to come over the next weekend, she regretfully already had plans, but we did manage to invite her over for the following weekend.