Chapter 28
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I was sitting by myself at a table outside of the café where most students hang out. Well majority of them were females due to the drink and meal choices they offered. I can't see a manly person coming here to eat pancakes. It would be a sight to see though

The place was slow compared to other days, I was relieved due to that. Sitting there and sipping on the chocolate milk I order, I felt relaxed for the first time in a while since coming into this school.

This is something I could get used to. This is something I could live for.

You know a school experience that doesn't include a brother with a vendetta against me, a homeroom teacher that is using me as a tool to elevate herself in the school, incompetent classmates who can't pull their own weight, vengeful people from the past with a score to settle. Like that is this? Season one of a tv series?

I could assure you that I am over and done with the drama and yet it keeps getting attracted to me

I exhaled and got up from my seat and walked towards the directions of the dorms

There was a crowd gathering. This can only mean one thing, somebody was playing an instrument or there's a fight brewing.

I'll take the second option for 200

Turns out that I was correct. Genji was about to throw down on the same two students from class 1-1

What an idiot. Can somebody please stop this before it turns into a potential issue for me?

Who am I kidding? These people live for dumb things like this so the odds of them intervening was little to none unless somebody was about to die but if somebody did die. They would probably post a tweet along the lines of "I just witnessed a literal death match, what a time to be alive #punintended. Ok fine maybe that was stretching it but I wouldn't doubt it.

The same girl from class 1-3 was there as well. Is she the referee or something?

Genji and the two males rushed at each other all three of them landing a blow each but Genji landed the first one

Then they were stopped by a male and a female teacher who was class 1-1's instructor.

Them being here at the same time means one thing. Somebody must have alerted the pair to what was happening.

"Oh damn, it's the principal, let's get out of here"

The crowd scattered as quickly as they gathered 

Mr Akira pointed at all three students involved and said "Come to my office"

Ok I hear boss music right now so that means one thing and I don't even want to think it right now

Asuka spotted me once again and approached

"So who did you have money on?"

I looked at her and said "Well that's certainly a different tune from the kumbaya you were preaching earlier"

Asuka laughed, "I am just messing with you but depending on how it turns out in the office. Something bad could happen"

She is right, it is two against one in the office. Who's word would Mr Akira believe? Not like they were going to use the camera footage unless somebody mentions it and I could see that slipping the mind of Genji so that's issue. Either way, Genji threw the first punch so that's the story they will most likely go with. Ah yes the good all excused called Self Defense.

"You seem overly familiar in regards to this type of situation"

She sighed, "Yeah I have an upper year friend who's class had to give up points due to his involvement with something stupid"

"That sounds rough"

Asuka looked across at the three students and Mr. Akira walking then said "I wish you the best of luck with the mess your class is about to get involved in"

"Thank you for your words of what I would assume is sympathy but the question is why are you freely speaking to me even though we're in different classes?"

Asuka turned to me then fixed her skirt, "I don't really feel any loyalty to a class which is starting to feel like a monarchy because of Jean Muto flexing his family's influence to secure the class's support. His authority was cemented ever since he won the last class clash and got us first place but I don't think it was all his doing"

So he finally secured the entire class. That's good but I'll have to topple his castle sooner or later if he decides to attack our class sooner than we agreed on

"Oh I feel for you"

Asuka said "Yeah it's basically hell right now", then left.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the next day

Everybody was present in class minus Genji and Miss Aiko

15 minutes later they walked in together. Genji with a disappointed look and Miss Aiko with a angry one

"Class, there seems to be an issue"

Yogi asked "What is it?"

"Due to an almost physical altercation between Genji and two students from the class 1-1 in which the principal ruled in their favor. Class 1-4 will be given a penalty" 

Yogi shot up from his chair in one quick motion, "What is the penalty?"

"The next amount of points you receive will be split with class 1-1 so if you were to get last place again you will only get 2.5 points"

The entire class looked like they wanted to kill Genji.

Sena laughed and said "Genji you just started filling in the hole our class currently occupies with dirt"

Genji snapped at her, "Why don't you try and put yourself in my shoes? Those guys wouldn't stop coming after me"

Sena sighed, "Yeah right, just remember it takes two opposing forces in order for a fight to occur. Even if you didn't initiate it, you still allowed it to escalate and now our class is screwed even more"

Yogi still standing, "Calm down, I am sure we can still turn this around"

Sena asked the question on everybody's mind, "How will we? Even if we get 20 points in the next clash, we will still have to give half it to class 1-1 therefore furthering their lead over us"

Sena's right, no matter what kind of math's we apply. Class 1-4 will still be in last place again

I excused myself from the class along with Minori and made my way to the principal's office

Minori said "So with that penalty in place, we should attempt to get last place to avoid class 1-1 gaining even more ground on us"

"If our class gets last place again. The board of directors may throw a hissy fit because it will feel like we're wasting their funding by being dumb. So just know that the only way our class is going to break into at least second place is if we offer a stake raise to whichever class is willing to accept it but we don't have the points to do that, so we will have to offer up a student or two when the time comes"

Minori said "I am surprised no class has attempted it"

"It's still too early for any of them so most likely they will build up enough points so they could experiment with it or there is the good old back against the wall praying for a Hail Mary by attempting it, which is what our class has to do"

Minori turned to me, "You seem to be aware of everything Dante"

I replied "I am not aware of everything, I just process things in real time then act without leaving any breathing room. You should attempt it at times and maybe you'll be more effective with your actions"

We entered the receptionist area and then approached the front desk 

After speaking to his secretary, I was permitted a meeting with him  

We entered the principal's office and there Mr Akira sat behind his desk

"Good Day Mr Sato, what can I do for you"