Chapter 9: Irregular vs Demon General
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Year 395 of the Holy Calendar - Titan Castle back garden

(Maria POV)

"Make me proud, my little adventurer" Maria

This old castle has nothing else for me, so we may meet again sooner than you expect.


"!!!" Maria

"!!!" Alastor

Fire magic!

"Mom!!" Alastor

He starts running towards the entrance gate.

"Wait, Alastor!" Maria

That level of magic was something outside the ordinary level of Emerald, this could mean...



His headless body falls to the ground.


We were too late.

"...Mom..." Alastor

He tries to walk toward her, but my arm gets in his way.

"This place is not safe. Go inside, now!" Maria

Without taking my eyes off the enemy, I speak to him.

"..." Alastor

Ignoring me, he continues walking forward.

"..." Maria

He is in a state of shock, nothing I say will reach his ears.

"Sorry" Maria

I let him walk in front of me and proceed to hit him lightly on the back of the head.

"Ugh!" Alastor

Leaving him lying on the ground.

"Sebastian, take him inside and prepare the defenses" Maria

Having just recently come out of the castle, I ordered him for the first time in a long time.

"At your order, Madam" Sebastian

He takes Alastor and disappears in one second, leaving only two old ladies outside.

"Do you have anything to say before I burn you to ashes" Maria

I will make her pay for what she did.

"..." Blood Covered demon

Her black eyes are locked on me.

"...Comrade" Blood Covered demon


"Don't tarnish my name by associating me with you, crazy lady" Maria

"...Irregular" Blood Covered demon

I get my daggers from their scabs on my waist and take a big breath.

"COME AT ME!!!" Maria

Ignore the castle.

"IRREGULAR!!!" Blood Covered demon

She jumps at me with her right hand ready to grab me.

"!" Maria

She is fast.

"?!" Blood Covered demon

But not enough.

I cut her right wrist and neck in one motion while dodging his attack.

"Ah" Blood Covered demon

An uninterested sound left the mouth of the uninterested face, as I cast a close ranged magic.

"Fire skill..."

Or I intend to...


Her crown counters the start of my skill with a dazzling light.

"Damn it" Maria

It was a self-defense artifact.

"KnEeL" Blood Covered demon

I can feel her kick on my stomach.

"Kugh!" Maria

It fails to break my stance, but it throws me back.

"Fuuuu!" Maria

Being temporarily blinded by the light skill, I Change my stance to cover my face and focus on the sound.

"..." Maria

I wait for her to move.

"iiiIIIiiIIIIIIHHH!" Blood Covered demon

An inhuman sound leaves the crowned old lady, making it easy for me to localize her.

"Fire skill..." Maria

To the right.

"Fire lance!" Maria

An Rank A adventurer skill, fast and powerful.


"..." Maria

I can't hear her scream anymore, so it should have been somewhat effective.

My eyes start to recover.

"!" Maria

And I got to see why she can still fight with two mortal wounds.

"HeE...alll" Blood Covered demon

A white light covers her body lying on the ground, recovering the burns in it.

Healing magic... and chantless at top of it. Only the legendary hero companions are said to be able to achieve that.

Who is this lady?

... No, it doesn't matter.

"I don't care who you are and what you want, what you did here is unforgivable!!"

Let's end this.

"Wind skill..."

This world has a set of skills that are invariant among everyone, the people of Gaia can only use the skills provided by the Holy System when leveling up.


The body of the still recovering murderer gets inside the wind embrace.

"Fire skill..."

But, some people are capable of creating new skills by perfectly combining their affinities.

"Fire Wall"

A firewall appears in the surroundings of the tornado.

"Take this! the reason for my nickname!"

The fire combines with the wind, creating a...

"Crimson Wind!!"

These people are usually called...

Rank A+ adventurers.


Maria, The Crimson Wind

Lv: 80(Limit)

Pedigree: Noble (Former Commoner)

Title: Honorary Grandmother

Adventurer Rank: A+

Affinities: Fire and wind.

HP: 99%

MP: 45/100

Physical Force: 82(-4)

Physical Defence: 37(-4)

Magical Force: 84(-4)

Magical Defence: 42(-4)

Charisma: 23

Luck: 22

Condition: Old age (All stats-4)