Special 3
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Zi Wei feels a little nervous as he sips his water. He keeps glancing at the entrance of the restaurant, waiting for Xiao Le to appear.

He knows he does not stand a chance with Xiao Le but… he just wants to try. Zi Wei had texted Xiao Le to meet him for lunch. He had been a little sly to use the fact Xiao Le owes him the drycleaning bill. When Xiao Le agreed to meet him near his company, Zi Wei was delighted. Zi Wei also wanted to use the chance to find out how someone so sweet and nice like Xiao Le ended up with someone so ruthless like Gao Tian...

Zi Wei checks his phone and realizes it is almost 12pm. Xiao Le should be here any minute…

Zi Wei is startled when the chair across the table is suddenly pulled back and someone sits down. But it is not Xiao Le…

It is Gao Tian!!!

Gao Tian gives Zi Wei an unimpressed, icy look as he leans back and crosses his legs. 


“Do you really think I would let you meet my man alone?” Gao Tian states coldly. 

Zi Wei is furious. This man!! “Where is Xiao Le? And how come it is you?”

Gao Tian purses his lips. He reaches into his suit jacket and pulls out an envelope. He sets it down on the table before him. Instead of answering Zi Wei’s questions, he says, “Take this and go to my tailor to make yourself a new tuxedo. This should be more than enough to compensate for the tuxedo Xiao Le ruined. Stop harassing my wife.” 

With those words, Gao Tian stands and walks away, leaving behind a flabbergasted Zi Wei. 

Zi Wei: I really do not have a chance at all…. But, where is Xiao Le?

For those who are curious too, our naive little shou, Xiao Le is asleep in Gao Tian’s office. This morning, Xiao Le had naively and happily told Gao Tian he would be meeting Zi Wei for lunch. When Gao Tian asked why, Xiao Le told him about Zi Wei’s tuxedo that Xiao Le ruined. 

Xiao Le, “I think he just wants to meet me to pass me the drycleaning bill.”

Gao Tian: You’re an idiot who can’t see he is trying to woo you!!!

But Gao Tian does not say his harsh words out loud. Instead, an hour before lunch time, he insists Xiao Le comes to his office. The moment Xiao Le stepped into his office, he pressed Xiao Le against the wall and…. well, Xiao Le ends up passing out in exhaustion again. Gao Tian makes Xie Min order food for them and while waiting for Xiao Le to wake up, he goes and meets Zi Wei to make it clear. 

And that is why Gao Tian is our possessive, CEO Gong. 

Maybe I will write Xie Min x Xiao Gui one day… But if you like this story, leave a review. Xoxo